Factom | The Great Migration

  • ![0_1483240871078_fact Hands.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/ybnpybQ.jpg) By Tiana Laurence – CMO ## We will begin migrating the Factom Genesis network to the new Factom Federation network starting December 31th. The system is likely to experience some slowdowns over the next few days. Paul and Mahesh are ready with the duct tape and WD40 in case the network sputters and comes to a temporary halt (a possible scenario). ## We will be deploying eight federated servers and eight audit servers to the Federation network. This migration will usher in an era of censorship-resistant and global distribution. ## We are really excited about this upgrade.Once complete, we can start introducing all the new features and tools. ## If you are utilizing the Factom Genesis Network, it’s time to update your software. [Check out our new and improved documentation](http://docs.factom.com/). Please send any feedback or support requests to [email protected] ### Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community, ### The Factom Team

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