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    By,Frank PM, CEO & fund manager of Blue Magic Capital.

    First of all, I hope that you like the image of our company and the energy that it tries to transmit. Art, ethics, and promotion of good values represent a fundamental part of the company.

    As you may know, Blue Magic Capital is a digital asset investment company, with the focus on digital assets that belong to the “Blockchain Sector”.

    Blockchain sector has been steadily growing since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008-2009, and it has offered tremendous investment opportunities since then. Despite the considerable growth, we are still in the early stages of this new and revolutionary technology. It is very likely that numerous investment opportunities will keep popping up in the next 5-10-15 years while the tech is being developed and tested.

    Blue Magic Capital offers a series of hedge funds to invest in where each one has its risk level and return objectives. Movements, portfolios and news related to the funds will be public in real time. Additionally, there will be a weekly report and extensive free information section on Blockchain investment for investors, beginners or experts. Everything shared for free.

    Transparency, honesty and close relationship between the investors and management will be the theme of our operation. I’m not going to use “cordial business treatment” with investors and no one related to the company. And I expect you to do the same. I believe this promotes an environment to express each other’s view without worrying about judgmental looks. Blue Magic Capital communication channels will be always open to your questions, suggestions or complaints. If you want something, ask for it without hesitation.

    IMPORTANT: All hedge funds from Blue Magic Capital are considered as venture capital funds. That means HIGH RISK. Volatility in the markets where we plan to invest is very high and it’s the general trend to see daily movements of 5%.

    Do NOT invest money that you need, or money that you will need in the future. The objective of Blue Magic Capital is to turn a minor working capital into a much bigger one. We aim to bring huge returns for our investors in a reasonable amount of time (10-15 years). If you’re looking for a safe place to invest your savings this is NOT your place.

    Blue Magic Capital objective is to achieve consistent year over year performance during the next 5-15 years that can go from +50% – 100% annual performance in the most conservative fund, to objectives of +500% annual in the most aggressive fund.

    To put it bluntly, Blue Magic Capital’s goal is to turn every 1,000$ initial investor into a millionaire in 10-15 years. It may look like a dream, an impossible goal, a MAGIC goal, but believe me, IT IS POSSIBLE and I will work hard to the exhaustion to make that dream real.

    To round up the presentation, I have to say that I cannot promise you anything. Maybe Blockchain sector falls into oblivion, or maybe it rises and becomes a key player in humanity’s goal for achieving a freer and more descentralized society. However, everything seems to point towards the later direction. Think of the Internet in 1995. I believe we are in a similar state with Blockchain and here is your opportunity to get in at the ground floor. My point is, opportunities are much greater than the risk taken and Blockchain presents us with a once in a lifetime investment opportunity. There is not much to lose, but a lot to gain.

    I don’t expect you to be our client, I expect you to be our companion in this big adventure. It won’t be easy, bad times will come, objectives are very high, but IT’S POSSIBLE.

    “Dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable”. Mahatma Gandhi

    BLUE MAGIC Capital comes as a personal idea from the succesful altcoin trader/investor Frank PM (me). The idea is simple: Blockchain sector is evolving, altcoin projects are becoming more serious day by day, general liquidity in the markets is growing, and there's still almost any investor who treats the altcoin sector in a professional way. IT'S TIME TO BE PROFESSIONAL.

    BLUE MAGIC Capital will start managing three hedge funds with different risk level. For the moment, all them will be managed for me, but with time we expect more talented and experienced investors to join the company and launch their funds in BLUE MAGIC brand. Public hedge funds will be launched most surely in ICONOMI platform in some months, but funds are already working as if they were in the platform with private capital from the company.


    BLUE MAGIC Capital values are crystal clear and unbreakable: TRANSPARENCY, CLOSENESS & a COLLABORATIVE attitude with other investors, developers and anyone that desires to make the world a better place.

    We don't expect to be just another investing firm, we expect to be THE MOST AWESOME investing firm. Funds portfolios will be always public real time, movements and changes in configuration of the funds will be published every end of the day, there will be a weekly report and a big educative section for investors, begginers or experts. First I will be the only one to publish all this information, but with time I expect an implicated community of investors to collaborate in the education program as well. Apart from that, there will also be a section dedicated to review and extend the most promising projects to increase the general knowledge of blockchain investors.

    BLUE MAGIC Capital shares

    We don't really need any funding to launch the company, so for now there won't be any ICO and all BLUE MAGIC Capital shares will belong to the company. Blue Magic will obtain it's revenues with the commissions applied in the hedge funds. If there's a big community support during these months "pre-ICONOMI", we will consider to do a share airdrop so all community members can benefit from the company activity.


    Blue Magic Capital funds are managed through an “adaptive system” designed by Frank PM that is a combination of fundamental analysis (FA), technical analysis (TA), and most importantly, emotional analysis (EA).

    The “system” is optimized for highly speculative assets trading, although it could perfectly work in every other investing area. In the end, speculation represents a large part of financial markets. You can read the full system here.

    Blue Magic Capital investment style is focused in achieving long term consistent returns. We do not care about how much you won yesterday, last week, or last month. We focus our strategy in obtaining nice annual returns.

    It’s very important to have that in mind. VC markets are very volatile, and you could see your investments down -20% in just some days. Markets in short term are very irrational and unpredictable and you shouldn’t pay too much attention to short term movements.

    Blue Magic Capital will start launching 3 different funds: Retirement Fund, Dynamic Fund and Extreme fund. All them are based in blockchain sector and all them include only assets/coins with strong fundamentals. The difference is the methodology used and the type of assets traded mostly in each one. You can read about Blue Magic Capital asset classification here.


    As the name indicates, retirement fund is designed to be our most conservative fund. Retirement fund will only invest in A-type and B-type assets, with the main focus in long-term viable projects (projects with a great support, great resources and big chances to be alive and well in the next 3-5 years).

    Retirement fund invests mainly in those projects where “you wouldn’t matter to hold during 3 years”. Retirement fund also includes a dynamic management part that will try to maximize the benefits depending on the market conditions.

    To resume what is Retirement Fund in a clear way:

    “We invest most of our portfolio in the best long term projects, no matter what the current market conditions are. We’re looking through a 2-3 years perspective. We also have a smaller part of our portfolio that is managed actively as dynamic fund is.”

    Retirement Fund objective is an average annual +50% – 100% returns during the whole 10-15 years period.

    Retirement Fund is the ideal fund for those serious investors who are patient and are capable to keep their investments during years, and is the recommended fund to invest for larger capitals.



    Dynamic Fund is an improved and more risky version of Retirement Fund. It invests in A-class, B-class and occasionally some C-class asset. Dynamic Fund invests mostly in B-class assets with good growing perspectives in 6-12 months.

    Although assets traded are almost the same as in Retirement Fund, Dynamic Fund tries to optimize mid-term opportunities, by weighting more the projects with better short & mid-term perspective. For that reason, usually dynamic fund asset distribution will more concentrated and the performance will be more volatile than in Retirement Fund.

    To resume it in a clear way:

    “We invest our portfolio mostly in B-class assets, and occasionally in C-class assets if the market conditions are favorable. Our management is fully dynamic: If for example we have two monitored assets, and the first one is expected to grow sooner than the second, we will weigh the first asset substantially more than the second in the portfolio”.

    Dynamic fund objectives are annual returns between +200% – 400%, at least during the next 5 years. Obviously, as the sector grows, those returns will be harder and harder to achieve. For now, Dynamic Fund objectives are these ones, we’ll see if we have to change them in the future.

    Dynamic Fund is the one for those who really want to enter in the VC investing game. It’s the most actively managed one, and the star of Blue Magic Capital.



    Extreme Fund is a special fund designed for those who really like to risk. The main focus is in the C-class assets (highly speculative assets). Most of C-class assets are used for P&D schemes and the volatility is super high. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to profit from these speculative movements.

    To resume Extreme Fund:

    “We invest our portfolio in C-class assets when prices are low. While the prices are too high or the perspectives are negative, we don’t invest, or invest in “safe” assets.”

    Liquidity is generally poor, and the returns can be very variable from year to year. We cannot say a defined performance objective because it depends too much on the general market conditions. In a good year, returns can easily exceed +500%, but obviously opportunities will not appear every year.

    Extreme fund is the one for those “pirates” who love the pure financial speculation game. You will see a lot of market manipulation, mass manipulation and tons of irrationality in the markets where Extreme Fund works.If you want to learn deeply how speculation works, this is the place you have to look.


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