Byteball(byte) tor & Exchange news updates

  • Two news for today.

    TOR support

    Now all server based Byteball nodes can connect through TOR.  TOR support in GUI wallets will be added in one of the future releases.  TOR is supported in:

    - merchant

    Since Byteball merchants operate in chat interface (unlike web sites), they already don't have to accept incoming connections, therefore don't have to have a publicly known IP address, and TOR support means that they also can hide their IP addresses when making outgoingconnections.  This allows them to be completely hidden.  At the same time, customers don't have to use TOR to chat with the merchant bot.

    Being able to completely hide one's IP address is even more important for server based wallets that may store large amounts of funds online and be a lucrative target for attackers.  With the IP address hidden, the attackers simply do not know what server to attack, or it is much harder to learn.  So, for headless wallets, TOR allows to achieve better security, not just anonymity.  This is used in the new product which is the subject of our second news today.

    Exchange bot that allows to exchange BTC to Bytes and vice versa

    The exchange is as easy to use as ShapeShift.  No registration required.  To buy Bytes, you start the chat, send Bitcoins, and a few minutes later you receive the Bytes.  Same for selling Bytes.  You can also create a pending order and hope to get a better deal.

    The bot is running on testnet now, see the link at

    Please test the exchange on testnet by clicking its link at, any feedback is appreciated.

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