Viacoin [VIA] Release viacoin Core 0.10.11

  • Viacoin Core 0.10.11released

    0.10.11 Change log


    • 390449b Optimize and Cleanup CScript::FindAndDelete
    • 126df74 Improve worst-case behavior of CScript::FindAndDelete
    • a369575 Replace memcmp with std::equal in CScript::FindAndDelete
    • d08654c Fix replaypriority calculation error
    • 97546fc Change URLs to https in debian/control
    • 38671bf Update debian/changelog and slight tweak to debian/control
    • a2f2fb6 build: disable -Wself-assign
    • cf67d8b Bugfix: Allow mining on top of old tip blocks for testnet (fixes testnet-in-a-box use case)
    • b3964e3 Drop "with minimal dependencies" from description
    • 3ad96bd Fix locking in GetTransaction
    • 94b67e5 Update LevelDB
    • 5297194 Set TCP_NODELAY on P2P sockets
    • 0b3fd07 build: make sure OpenSSL heeds noexecstack


    • 3438795 Depends: bump to qt 5.5
    • 4693120 Fix a static qt5 crash when using certain versions of libxcb
    • 4cc1912 Upgrade native ccache 3.2.4
    • 51865ec Upgrade Boost 1.59.0
    • 4cc1912 Upgrade native ccache 3.2.4
    • bb309dc Upgrade miniupnpc 1.9.20151026
    • 3f40d1c OSX: bump build sdk to 10.9
    • b1130f8 Enable pre-compiled headers for qt
    • 301d47a Split qt config options to separate lines
    • 63721e6 Patch qt PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE patch
    • 4725aaa Qt/cctools: fix checksum checksum tests
    • d133f99 Fix Boost 1.55 build on GCC 5
    • 1af03b5 Bump Gitian date and copyright year
    • 20cc873 Build: osx builders no longer need 32bit compiler support
    • 9e0fc8b OS X: fix qt5 build yosemite patch
    • 3f40d1c OS X: bump build sdk to 10.9
    • 612efe8 [Qt] Raise debug window when requested
    • 8b3311f alias -h for --help

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