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  • PTRN - Crowdsale - Pattern Open Source Labs

    This is a crowdsale of the PTRN token, which exists in the Bitcoin blockchain as a Counterparty (XCP) asset. All proceeds will be used to pay for the development of open source software, with a strong focus on decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

    About The PTRN Token
    * Counterparty (XCP) asset name and symbol: PTRN

    Not mined, but inherits the security of Bitcoin (via Counterparty).

    Divisible to 8 decimal places, just like Bitcoin.

    * No "dividends" will ever be paid.

    * Asset is locked on Counterparty. No additional tokens can ever be issued. Fixed supply of 262,062,776 tokens. No inflation.

    On February 16th, 2017 all unsold PTRN will be burned.

    * The organizers and developers will not receive or hold any PTRN tokens during the crowdfund. No founder exit/dump.

    All PTRN tokens are currently available for purchase on the Counterparty distributed exchange (DEX).

    No pricing "tiers", just a single price for the initial sale of all PTRN.

    Potential Projects to be Funded by Crowdsale

    * decentralized software/app market

    * decentralized ride-sharing

    * decentralized room-sharing

    * cryptocurrencies as payment mechanism for above apps

    * augmented reality app and web browser extension to price everything in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency (e.g., standing in a store, augmented reality app uses camera to read dollar amounts and swap with price in Bitocin, in realtime)

    All software will be released as open source under the "3-Clause" BSD License (
    IndieSquare Wallet



    The PTRN token does not represent anything whatsoever (such as, but not limited to, any right, title, interest, equity, value, etc.). This crowdsale not offered where prohibited

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