​TIDEX: New Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange​

  • TIDEX:Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange


    Tidex is a new bitcoin and altcoin exchange that will trade popular digital currencies, including several Waves assets. 

    We are based in Russia and the exchange launches as the regulatory situation in the country shifts. The authorities have determined not to take a harsh stance on bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but to understand the technology better and adopt a ‘wait and see’ stance. There is thus an opportunity both to open a new exchange and to show the way for regulators and other organisations by pioneering best practices.

    Tidex is run by an independent group of experienced developers and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs across Russia and the Ukraine. We are working closely with the Waves development team to offer the advantages of both traditional and decentralised exchanges in the same portal, and are exploring the idea of integrating fully with Waves’ DEX in the future.

    We are committed to providing a secure, reliable and cost-effective trading experience. Tidex will offer competitive fees and incentives for high-volume traders. As cryptocurrency moves into the mainstream, exchanges will be held to a higher standard by the regulatory authorities and the community. We are aware of the reputation of some altcoin exchanges and recent reports of their administrators buying up coins on smaller exchanges before they are listed, in order to manipulate prices and volumes for their own profit. Tidex will list only those cryptocurrencies and tokens that can demonstrate their legitimacy and have meaningful demand.


    Bug bounties

    Tidex is still in beta. We are offering bounties for replicable bugs discovered. To find out more, please contact us on the Waves Slack. Or/and check this info.


    Trading pairs:




    Official siteTwitter # Telegram #

    In due course we intend to add various fiat options and more info. Stay tuned!

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