Chronobank Development Update #4

  • Bug Bounty Program 2.0

    Our bounty program is active! The first tranche of bugs have been
    submitted and successfully resolved, with good rewards paid to the
    participants. We would love to see more hackers join us, and are adding
    detailed comments to our contracts code so that our sources are easier
    to review. Next week we are going to launch a security audit for all our
    smart contracts.


    We are migrating our UI design process to Material Design. Old views have been significantly improved and business logic has been refactored to meet our coding standards. We have taken the decision to merge ChronoWallet into the ChronoMint repo for upcoming releases.


    Extensive work has been carried out on internal logic improvements and code refactoring. The ChronoWallet repo has been merged with ChronoMint. All UI features for all user categories are now available via the same dApp. Contract management features for CBE users have been added and laid out. Voting and polls features for TIME shareholders have been started.

    Dev tools

    We are very excited about Truffle, especially the library feature, which can be distributed as a node package. We have found very several useful packages to use in our project (such as the Zeppelin Security library) and plan to make our own contract libraries available for the community. A library including features such as multisig contract action management and extended events tracking will be provided soon. We have found a bug in the truffle-solidity-loader package for webpack which affects our devOps integration logic. We are working to resolve this.

    That’s all for now!

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