Bitshares (BTS) GUI Release v2.0.170201

  • New features

    • Charting revamp: new charts using [email protected]
    • Add brainkey restoration to create-account, improve brainkey restoration
    • All open orders, collateral and debt are now included when estimating total account value on the account screen
    • A 'Borrow' action added to the account assets table
    • A 'Reset settings' button added to the Settings page
    • Dates have been added to the Chat (requires implementation by other clients like Openledger also)
    • Hide 'OPEN.' prefix from Openledger assets
    • The dashboard market cards have been modified to be more clear

    • Hempsweet UIA symbol added ahead of their launch

    Bug fixes

    • Many tweaks and fixes to colors, positioning and more
    • Make sure transfer asset stays synced
    • Fix bug in CER input during asset creation
    • Move 'show hidden accounts' inside DashboardList, improve the layout

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170201_amd64.deb sha1: b2dcf9de1af5bd1faa183ccdddcc855d73fd87d9 sha256: 9e10561c5117e28fd75d4701d47aebae375af10053df6bed20c7ee5801a8b48b

    BitShares-light_2.0.170201.exe sha1: 1d141134b6d21b0eafb82d310a91c5e7bacb16ec sha256: 15fef4a09fada6634b21135385497abb25f34cae7a0ca945b83962432f4412f1

    Compiled html/javascript sha256: 3c777be6244f25816c01fea2bcbb3f922e3216e8d7eb7fad4be89aa507a3f98e Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration. sha256: a619609d46375391f65e6f39ec32f13f1c7bcd86366809c037e6de2014856568 Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), can be used without a server.

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