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    If you get "libeay64.dll" error

    I figured any day now there will be a Pascal Coin clone so its seems that if its going to be launched anyways its should be launched properly.

    Yesterday a poor attempt at a PascalCoin clone was attempted called Pascal Coin CLASSIC

    Aside from not actually being a coin coded in Pascal, not being the same mining algorithm, having no source code, friggin huge hidden premine, shady newbie dev, unreasonable high difficulty at beginning blocks, etc, etc.

    So I played around with the source code and seems Albert did a pretty good job keeping everything simple. If everyone agrees I could have it launched very soon. 

    However since I am not the developer of PASCAL COIN and if the original developer contacts me to kill this project then I will have no choice but to end it. However he seemed pretty open to the Pascal Coin Classic and even helped out the guy out by telling him which line to modify in his code.

    So if we want this coin launched properly there are a few things we should change in the code so its not an identical clone with a different name. So whatever you guys decide I would put it in the code.

    We need a new name obviously
    We need some new logos (maybe someone can help me with those)
    We can change the block rewards, block time, number of accounts created per mined block, block maturely count, etc.
    I can look at the algorithm and do a few tweaks and make it "CPU ONLY" again... at least for a while before the miner devs see what I did to the algorithm.

    There will be no premine and it will be launched at a time so everyone can join in and not get NINJA/INSTA launched.

    TEST VERSION IS READY! (Windows Only)



    If all goes well the MAIN LAUNCH will be VERY SOON!

    No Source Code yet because I am still making changes. Source Code will be released during offcial Main Launch.

    You have to trust me that there are no viruses, run on VirtualBox/VMWare if you don't trust me.

  • PascalLite [PASL] Version 1.4.5 Released

    Implemented: [critical] background broadcasting new blocks and operations
    Fixed: [critical] silently lost spending transactions
    Fixed: blockchain sync logic hardened
    Fixed: UI message box, networking
    Fixed: netdata instantiation
    Fixed: wallet crash on close
    Fixed: networking, warnings, atomic operations
    Fixed: server graceful shutdown
    Changed: new blockchain update request awaiting logic
    UI Implemented:: double click on account to add it to the list
    UI Implemented: ability to decode any user-provided payload
    UI Implemented: shortcut to send all available balance on the account
    UI Implemented: last N used destinations
    UI Fixed: invalid payload decoding order
    Added: print daemon version on start
    Added: RPC methods examples to README
    Added: RPC initial description to README


    Windows 32:



    Libeay 64.dil:

  • PascalLite Pascalcoin  based Cryptocoin to introduce a Mobile wallet.


    Today at 03:33:22 AM


    PascalLite was the first Pascal based Cryptocoin to add Network Adjusted Times (to prevent mining abuse)

    It was the first Pascal based Cryptocoin to add a working marketplace to buy and sell accounts

    And now PascalLite is the first Pascal based Cryptocoin to introduce a Mobile wallet.


    • Works with any smartphones. iOS and Android. Including Tablets
    • Works with any operating system. Mac OS X, Linux, Windows with Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Edge based browsers
    • Doesn't send your keys to the network/server. Private key is stored locally on your device
    • All encryption, transactions forging is done right in the browser
    • Private key is fully importable into the Windows wallet and vice versa

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