New Coin Letltride ( LIR )

  • Coin Information:

    Algorithms: POS 3.0

    Total coin: 33, 500, 000

    POS reward: 7% per year till asset swap

    Maturity 8 hours


    Dev fund. 500K coin

    The Team :


    Blockchain Specialist
    [email protected]

    Lead coin development, blockchain specialist and all around crypto nutball. Crypto enthusiast since January 2014. Interested in researching various applications of technology for decentralization such as smart contracts and DApps


    Marketing Director, Media Mangement, Networking
    [email protected]

    Phoenix1969 was born in Hawaii and studied post-secondary at Ohio State University. He's a hard working entrepreneur who is a huge fan and supporter of the LISK project and hopes to work with Shogdite on finding applications of LISK relevant to the LetItRide project.

    Frank W.

    Risk Mangement Officer
    [email protected]

    Frank has 4 years of experience in risk assessment and management at both online and real world casinos. Frank is looking forward to bringing his knowledge and skill set to the table to ensure the profitability of LetItRide.

    Jigar S.

    Programmer / Platform Developer
    [email protected]

    Jigar is our core programmer born and raised in heart of India. He has a strong background in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and more recently C#. He will be seeking out additional teammates to form a team under him to lead the programming development aspect of our project including web development

    Mission Statement

    The number one goal of is to become the most popular, trusted, proveably fair gambling site with the highest bankroll therefore allowing us to take the largest bets. We approach our designs and implementations in an innovative and creative manner. For this reason, we will be working with the community and our investors to help refine our concepts allowing people to experience the thrill of gambling in a refreshing way. Early, we will be focusing on dice based games as well as regular casino games. By taking this trip with us you’ll be exposing yourself to lots of upside potential. Our ultimate goal is complete decentralization of our platform to which we will look to heavily utilize Smart Contracts and DApps in the future. It is important to note, we don’t limit our vision to what technology we can develop ourselves, but how we can use existing technology and technology that is currently being developed to better our project.

    Investment Rewards

    Buy-back Clause

    Each month, we will be dedicating 10% of profits towards buying back (the cheapest available) tokens on the open market / exchanges. This allows users to set the price at which they would like a return of interest at, as well as allows us to slowly reacquire our tokens sold as we become more profitable.

    Profit Sharing / Dividends

    Dividends will be paid using a total of 25% profits on a monthly period. 10% of profits will go towards our top 10 investors in the initial sale, no strings attached. The remaining 15% will be split between those that choose to participate in dividends by opting in on our site. Please read our thread for more details.

    Cashback Rewards

    Accounts that have sufficiently invested will be enrolled to receive a cash-back reward. Please read our thread for more details.

    Early investment bonus:

    As an early investor you’ll be receiving an extra deposit bonus in BTC to use to place orders in the LIR buy book. All BTC associated with that deposit and bonus must be used by the end of the crowdfunding. No bonus BTC will be able to be withdrawn at any point. At the end of the crowdfund BTC balances on the site will be set to zero so please make sure all your BTC is in the order book by then.

    Launch - 24h 30% extra on deposit
    24h - 48h 15% extra on deposit
    48h - 72h 10% extra on deposit
    72h - 240h 5% extra on deposit
    After this there will be no deposit bonus.

    We will also be offering a cashback reward where investors will receive 10% of their initial investment back after the initial sale is completed as a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, you can choose to receive this in BTC on our site which would allow you to partake in our gambling services. To be eligible for this, the value of what you sent in must be at least $500.00 (USD). Please note, due to varying Bitcoin rates, we will be using the rate of BTC at the end of the initial sale to determine the value of BTC deposits in USD.

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