BITSANE New Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • announces the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange, to be the most sophisticated platform the industry has seen to date.

    BITSANE is happy to announce the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange. The Ireland-based platform offers some of the best features to create a new industry standard for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. BITSANE is built keeping the needs of the global cryptocurrency community in mind.

    BITSANE.COM2 strives to offer a minimalistic, user-friendly interface.

    The cryptocurrency exchange platform BITSANE offers superior trade execution for a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin (with more currencies coming soon). Customers on BITSANE can benefit from a range of deposit and withdrawal options. The choices are currently limited to SWIFT bank wire transfer, SEPA european transfers, and OKPay with more options in the pipeline.

    BITSANE is very serious about the security features on the platform. In the wake of recent hacks and security breaches faced by many cryptocurrency platforms, our site has incorporated state-of-the-art security including network protection, up-to-date infrastructure, network backup, advanced monitoring and cold storage.

    At any point, if a customer needs help with anything on the platform, quick professional support is always within reach on Bitsane.

    In addition to conventional web-based trading and exchange platform, BITSANE also allows its customers to trade on their mobile devices. It also offers full-featured API access to developers, encouraging them to build powerful cryptocurrency applications using Bitsane’s tools and services. BITSANE will soon introduce a powerful investment platform along with margin trading and margin lending features and automated trading support on the exchange.

  • I started my trading experience with Bitsane and even it is being a little bit tough sometimes, I seem to be proceeding well. As to customer support, I had few questions answered within a day via the platform’s inner ticket system, got quite satisfied.  

  • Hey, you know Bitsane? want to buy crypto money! I register, what to do with bitsane now? how do i buy

  • @Amir-Grahandi

    Stap 1

    Kindly go to ‘Balances’ → ‘Wallets’. Choose the currency you would like to deposit, press 'Deposit' on chosen currency. Your deposit address will be generated automatically. Copy the generated address by pressing 'copy to clipboard', launch your desktop wallet (or else) paste the generated address and complete the transaction.

    PLEASE NOTE: your transaction has to be confirmed within the blockchain first. Confirmation of a transaction depends on a commission fee and a network status. Sometimes it may take up to a couple of days. We cannot influence on the time of confirmation within blockchain, therefore your patience is highly appreciated.

    Stap 2

    Visit the ‘Exchange’ page, choose the trading pair, set the order type, order size (how much you want to buy/sell) and then:

    if the pair is 'the currency you want to buy' → 'the currency you have deposited', kindly press 'Buy' (you will sell the deposited currency and buy the desired one)

    if the pair is 'the currency you have deposited' → 'the currency you want to buy', kindly press 'Sell' (you will sell the deposited currency and buy the other one)

    For Any query log:


  • @cryptoking thank you! how you know all about Bitsane? use it long?

  • How to trade here? Can anybody tell me, please? I have activated my account already but not verified. I need to deposit money and don't know how to do it. Please assist ASAP. Thank you in advance.

  • @Noémi1416 hey, there's no need to be verified to fund your account with money. they offer a couple of payment methods, so just pick one which does not request verification. but, if your documents are alright, just send them, they'll verify you - it's not a big deal. about how to trade - there's a lot to tell about, I guess at first you want to read their FAQ:

  • I have some troubles with withdrawal. Support team asked me to provide some information regarding the issue and resolved the problem within a couple of hours.  

  • @Michael-Cornby hey, sorry for flood, but could you please advise how to withdraw funds there? 12 hours gone and withdrawal is still "unconfirmed". what do I need to do to confirm it? i think you have some experience with such stuff 

    ps. sorry if it's obvious thing, i'm a really new to all of this things


  • I don't think all fresh reviews are fake just because most of them are positive. yeah, things constantly change, guys. it is hard to be such recently baked crypto adventurer as I am, you don't know who to trust (especially if it's money matter) and basically, you need to test each platform (their customer service, transactions with small amounts you are ready to leave as a gift to scammers and so on). okay, the conclusion is that bitsane has already passed my own tests and it is pretty nice small market with a lot of different cryptocurrencies that can be rarely seen on other exchanges

  • @wernerAAA I hate to be a buttinski, but since you brought it up..😌 you just need to confirm this withdrawal via email (you should have received the confirmation link to your mailbox by this time). it expires in 24 hours, so you definitely should get another one. good luck! ✌

  • hello everybody. does anybody know how to invest USD via bank to Bitsane? is it possible? or maybe some other ways to do this?

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