ChronoBank announced partnership with Liqui exchange

  • ChronoBank adds a further partner to its already extensive list with the announcement that it will be added to the Liqui exchange.

    ChronoBank’s aim is to disrupt the short-term recruitment industry, in much the same way that Uber has disintermediated the taxi business. Currently recruitment firms charge heavily for sourcing suitable employees. ChronoBank will put employers directly in touch with professionals looking for freelance and contract work, using a decentralised reputation system as a means of quality control and to ensure that workers are rewarded in line with their skill and experience.

    The project is currently in the last fortnight of its crowdfund, and has so far raised in excess of $3 million. Investors will receive their TIME tokens, reflecting their participation in the initiative, once the ICO ends at 23:59 UTC on 14 February. Token holders will be rewarded with transaction fees from activity within the ChronoBank ecosystem.

    Liqui is the latest exchange to add ChronoBank’s TIME token. The exchange launched on 1 September 2016, and is still a relatively new but fast-growing entrant to the cryptocurrency world. Its team of seven are located in various countries and jurisdictions around the world, and in a short period of time have managed to build a strong business that has gained the trust of an increasing number of traders thanks to its user-friendly interface, commitment to user support and rapid listing of some of the most popular and promising Ethereum-based tokens — including Iconomi, Golem and Wings.

    One of Liqui’s unique features is its deposit accounts that allow users to earn annual interest of 24% for BTC and ETH, within a fixed limit. The exchange’s trading API has recently been implemented, and in the near future a Tether (USDT) market is expected. Liqui has established a reputation for pro-active cooperation with leading market-makers and businesses within the cryptocurrency industry.

    Liqui’s representatives welcome attractive new crypto coins as part of their business development strategy. ‘Our goal for 2017 is to take our place between Poloniex and Bittrex in terms of trade volumes, by offering traders the most popular and promising tokens — a definition that certainly includes ChronoBank. We will be happy to see TIME on our trading pair list as soon as the opportunity arises.’

    To find out more about Liqui, visit

    To find out more about ChronoBank, or to participate in the crowdfund, visit

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