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  • About CryptXC


    What is CryptXC?

    CryptXC is your next generation crypto-currency trading platform created with speed and security in mind. Given the recent and regularly occurring incidents with hacking/breaching exchanges we thought you the customer deserved better. At CryptXC, our mission is to deliver the fastest and most secure trading platform available.

    What makes CryptXC different?

    • Security - At CryptXC security is out top priority, as part of our security plan a large portion of users funds are stored offline in cold storage wallets. Two-Factor authentication is also available for users to add an extra layer of security to their account.
    • Fast Deposit/Withdrawals - We know you like to be fast paces, so here at CryptXC no more waiting for deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals are instant and deposits are credited as soon as the minimum confirmations are met. No waiting days on end trying to contact support for your deposits/withdrawals.
    • Fast Trade Engine - Our trade engine has been designed from the ground up with security and speed in mind. Our engine processes and executes as soon as they are submitted so no more delays or crossed order books.
    • Complete and detailed API - CryptXC was build with high frequency trading in mind and our complete and detailed API will help you with this. From depositing to withdrawing to submitting orders and cancelling orders it can do it all. Our API is fully documented at the link below.

    Who are the founders of CryptXC?

    Andrew Jones

    Andrew is a long time crypto-enthusiast dating back
    to when Bitcoin was originally launched. He is an active trader and has
    5+ years experience in stock trading. Programming is more of a hobby
    for Andrew, as he focuses more on the marketing/daily operation side of

    Raymond Jekel

    Raymond is also a long time crypto-enthusiast
    which has only recently taken a deeper interest in the last year or so.
    Raymond has dealt with building/testing/designing secure applications
    for banks in Australasia. With over 7 years in testing and designing
    Raymond has decided to join the CryptXC team in hopes to create the best
    trading platform ever.


    Withdraw Fees

    Below are the withdrawal fees for each currency available at CryptXC.
    Currency                                  Fee
    USD                               Coming Soon
    BTC                                0.0002 BTC
    LTC                                 0.0010 LTC
    DASH                           0.0500 DASH
    ZEC                               0.0001 ZEC
    STRAT                       0.0100 STRAT
    SDC                        0.0100 SDC

    Please note that miner fees may change, and bank withdrawals are subject to bank transfer fees.

    Trade Fees

    Below are the trade fees for each market available at CryptXC.
    Market                        Fee
    All markets               0.25%

    Commission is taken based on the percentage above, this is taken on each trade. If you are a larger trader please contact us to enquire about lower fees.

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