Zcoin Lyra2Z GPU Miner pre-release binaries are out!

  • The move to the new transition algo Lyra2z for Zcoin is in slightly more than a day!

    Make sure you are ready for the jump at block 20,500! You can monitor where we are by checking on the block explorer.

    Both SuprnovaMiningpoolhub pools are ready to accept the new algorithm once the change happens. We have reached out to Pool.mn and MaxMiners but have yet to receive a response.

    Windows binaries compiled by third parties are available:

    Nvidia miners: https://github.com/djm34/ccmin... AMD miners: https://github.com/djm34/sgmin...

    Tourgasm, a community member has also has released 64 bit version of ccminer for Windows https://github.com/Tourgasm/xz...

    For CPUs, Aizensou our dev has released this but no official binaries: https://github.com/zcoinoffici...

    Wolf0, has compiled a basic Windows version of the CPUminer here.

    The usual disclaimers apply on using third party compiled binaries and are at your own risk.

    We thank everyone who has contributed their time and effort in this! Special thanks to aizensou and djm34 for burning the midnight oil and the various community members who have helped to test or compile binaries.

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