NiceHash Release miner


    UPDATE!!! Please note that CPUs without AES-NI extension are no longer supported.

    AMD DRIVERS VERSION INFORMATION: If you're having issues with mining on AMD GPUs you should try latest NON-ReLive version of AMD drivers, that would be version 16.11.5

    NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.0

    This is a minor bug-fix release and minor feature updates.

    To update from previous versions just copy the configs directory to NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.0 folder.


    • new CPU CryptoNight miner
    • AMD and NVIDIA X11Gost support (sibcoin info)
    • Updated 3rd party miners (Claymore Zcash and Optiminer Zcash)

    If the automatic initialization fails on your machine you can download and extract to NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.0 folder manually.

    Keep on mining! ;)

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