Livecoin exchange partners with Chronobank to launch TIME token trading

  • The TIME token, which reflects a crowdfunded stake in ChronoBank’s time-based cryptocurrency project, will be added to the innovative and fast-growing exchange Livecoin.

    ChronoBank’s extended infrastructure continues to grow, thanks to a new partnership with the Livecoin exchange

    ChronoBank, which is currently holding its crowdfund, aims to disrupt the short-term recruitment industry by connecting employers with freelancers — disintermediating the sector in a similar way to how Uber revolutionised the taxi industry. Labour Hour (LH) tokens will be used to purchase work time from professionals, in an updated version of the tried-and-tested concept of timebanking. Holders of the ICO asset, TIME, will be rewarded every time these LH tokens are bought or sold by labour-hire organisations or traders on ChronoBank’s native exchange, LaborX.

    ‘We are very pleased that Livecoin has agreed to add both TIME and LH to their exchange,’ commented Sergei Sergienko, founder of ChronoBank. ‘It is very important to be able to facilitate liquidity for LH and to enable a strong secondary market for our investors’ TIME tokens. Investors expect this, and it is a vital step to allow ICO buyers to acquire more tokens or reduce their exposure, depending on market conditions, and of course to enable new investors to come on board as our project develops.’

    Livecoin — positioning for the future

    Livecoin, which is registered in London, launched in April 2015 — at the very bottom of the bitcoin bear market. Since this time it has steadily expanded its share of the market. At the present time, it has around three times the volume of Bittrex, one of the best-known altcoin exchanges.

    Livecoin offers a range of features suitable for beginners up to more experienced traders. Allowing both crypto and fiat trading, the exchange’s clean interface and low fees have made it popular amongst a growing segment of the crypto community. Additionally, it has implemented a number of innovative strategies to enable it to gain an edge over the competition, including a referral programme and supplying VISA cards for a rapid withdrawal of crypto funds.

    ‘Livecoin has shown themselves to be an astute and forward-thinking exchange that is very much positioning for the long-term as a fixture in the crypto world,’ continues Sergienko. ‘It is very encouraging to see this level of professionalism in the blockchain sector, and we are confident that the partnership will be fruitful for both parties.’

    To find out more about ChronoBank or to participate in the crowdfund,

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