Bitshares (BTS) - GUI Release v2.0.170215

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    New features

    • New intro text has been added to the Dashboard for new users
    • Several settings and wallet related parameters have been made dependent on the chain id, and will thus switch accordingly if you connect to the testnet for example.
    • Windows light client installer will now remove personal data properly if checked

    Bug fixes

    • Fix Russian language selection
    • Fix proxy selection
    • Fix committee/witness pages
    • A bug when importing old BTS 1 balances has been fixed
    • App init flow has been improved
    • Fix asset creation precision slider
    • Fix HelpContent links
    • Only trigger MarketCard img onerror update once
    • [Blocktrades] Fix issue with 'calculating crashes' in Blocktrades Bridge
    • [Blocktrades] Disable 'withdraw now' and 'convert now' buttons if no funds
    • [Blocktrades] Move amount from output withdraw section to withdraw dialog in Blocktrades Bridge
    • [Blocktrades] Fix displaying MKR coin
    • [Blocktrades] Add ability to move balance to 'Amount selector' in withdraw dialog on mouse click

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170215_amd64.deb sha1: 2fcd8e980064c2d816309d87024ca9f7b877a9f7 sha256: 73bd9c4217c3b3163996ddc4037b32336641a5414029cd4e65d95111de1fdff6

    BitShares-light_2.0.170215.exe sha1: 33172dcbf045b47ebcb184bfab5168bada613426 sha256: a724cbfb264c229b481a6259213edeabd1a4e3b2ee7d10b2d63057c707345103

    Compiled html/javascript sha256: df85db810a717aa687857135db489b690cac5f69d3867bac6d25d7ea32c09185 Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration for HTML5 history API. sha256: 89baf501f4736cdd664a9bc54eebc491aa3145abe36753da161377d4e96263eb Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), requires no special configuration.

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