Radium Update #24 — SmartChain Mercury Technical Update & Beta 2

  • A big thank-you to those who participated and helped test the SmartChain Mercury Beta. Based on your feedback, some additional features and tweaks have been made to improve the overall experience. Because some of these changes required some larger protocol tweaks, we’ve decided to release a second beta, just to make sure all the bugs were taken care of before going live on the main net.

    Some fixes and features include:

    • Stopping the password prompt from showing when the wallet is not locked
    • Fixing a database insertion error on slow CPU’s
    • Fix some rounding display issues
    • Remove language and filtering selection options that are not yet supported
    • Add alerts for new client versions
    • Reduce SmartChain operation costs to remain price competitive
    • Various groundwork and encoding tweaks needed for future multi-language support

    For those interested in assisting with beta testing, the clients are available onGitHub. Do not hesitate to send us feedback, suggestions, and bug reports by contacting us on the Radium OfficialTelegram group chat. Testnet coins are also available from several active members, just message in chat and ask!

    — The Radium Team

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