Gamecredits Announces MobileGo Crowdfund

  • As you are probably already aware, the GameCredits Mobile Store is set for launch in Q2-Q3 of 2017. Over 300 mobile games and gaming developers are already signed on to the launch of the mobile store. Gamecredits will be the featured currency for all in-game content purchases with the mobile store.

    MobileGo tokens will allow us to use smart contract technology to do the following:


    1. Build a decentralized virtual gaming marketplace where gamers can trade in game content and items.
    2. Create decentralized tournaments where gamers can participate and receive rewards based on gameplay results.
    3. Build an advanced affiliate system.


    In addition, MobileGo token holders will be eligible for discounts and rewards when using the Gamecredits Mobile Store. Gamers who use the mobile store will have a profile. Discounts and rewards will be based on the status of that profile, how often they use the mobile app, how many games they play and how many MobileGo tokens they acquire.



    In our constant effort to innovate solutions for the gaming industry, we are announcing the creation of MobileGo tokens (MGO) to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens will allow us to build several decentralized gaming solutions in our mobile platform.

    We are also pleased to announce MobileGo has gotten the support of several key partnerships, including Waves, BraveNewCoin, Newsbtc, Incent, developer support from the Ethereum community, and several cryptocurrency and business leaders in China.


    Funds raised in the crowdsale will do directly to marketing and to the further development of the Gamecredits Mobile Store. All believe all of these efforts will impact Gamecredits' value in a positive way.


    We are excited to introduce MobileGo, both as a way to build decentralized gaming products and as a tool to build further the Gamecredits brand. Our tentative date for the crowdsale is april.


    To learn more about MobileGo tokens and the crowdsale, visit


    From there, you can sign up for news and updates including bounties and early bird specials.



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