ChronoBank ICO raised $5.4 million USD

  • The ChronoBank ICO is now over. Over the course of two months, ChronoBank collected a total of $5.4 million in a number of different currencies. This included:
    · 3,123 BTC

    · 14,385 LTC
    · 48,945 ETH
    · 33,043 ETC
    · 13,587,411 NEM
    · 385,963 WAVES
    · 416,566 EMC
    · $1,108,180
    The total as of the end of the ICO was$5.4 million, though due to the fluctuating price of bitcoin and other currencies, this is subject to change. At the time of writing, it is over 5,400 BTC.
    ‘We’re extremely grateful to the community for the success of our crowdsale and are excited about what this money will allow us to do,’ comments ChronoBank CEO, Sergei Sergienko. ‘We have the funds we need to launch a successful platform and forge the relationships to make ChronoBank a major disruptive force in the recruitment industry.
    Development to date includes extensive progress on ChronoBank’s smart contracts capabilities, hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain, as well as ChronoWallets for both Waves and NEM.
    TIME token supply and ICO bonus distribution
    Amount of tokens created during ICO (88%) : 624899.2735
    Amount of tokens reserved for the team (12%) : 85213.5372
    Total amount of tokens created during ICO (100%) : 710112.8108

    Distribution and exchanges

    Now that the ICO is over, there will be a full audit of smart contracts and security procedures on the ICO website ahead of token creation and distribution. Withdrawals will be enabled towards the end of the month.
    In the meantime, please log in to your ICO user area, set up two-factor authentication and add an Ethereum address for your TIME tokens. If you are not familiar with Ethereum then we suggest you use the MyEtherWallet web service. This allows you to create a new wallet, which you can then access using a JSON wallet file or a passphrase. For added security, you can also create and sign transactions offline, then submit them on an online computer so that your passphrase is never exposed to the web.
    Thank you once again for your support and we look forward to bringing you further updates in due course!

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