Darcrus [DAR] February Update

  • Long time no blog! As I stated in Slack,
    I had to attend a training exercise in Texas for about 3 weeks. While I
    was not able to use the commercial internet for most of the time, I
    still made headway with Darcrus, Jupiter, and Sigwo Technologies. I’ve been testing
    on NXT’s testnet for 2 months, validating my design of decentrally
    storing and encrypting syslog/authorization messages from my Linux
    servers. In my testing, I found increased fees were needed to be paid
    due to the complex nature and size of my messages. After consulting with
    the NXT Core Devs, Sigwo Technologies will be securing it’s own
    blockchain for building the future platform. Jupiter is the name of the
    base platform, and Jupiter will have plugins built for anyone or
    business that needs to store data for any reason. Governments, housing
    data, customer data, schools, medical, and almost anything can be linked
    and stored for provenance, accountability, and recoverability with each

    The reason behind creating Jupiter is simple…Using any other blockchain would not be economically feasible. One example of my encrypted syslog application would create 29 million messages daily. In NXT terms and today’s prices, that would cost this particular business $1,238,300.00 per day to store messages, not to mention needing to use 174,000,000 NXT each day. This demand would spike the NXT price, increasing the ~$1.2M per day to even more extraordinary costs. This is just one example application.

    Jupiter’s base is open source, and will be stored on Github upon completion. Jelurida is the company building Jupiter and have a proposed delivery date of March 10th, 2017. In this time I will be starting plugins (dappsheets) to showcase the flexibility of Jupiter while I wait. I still test on the NXT testnet for now.

    Jupiter will have non-tradable tokens that are included in software packages to create transactions and store the data on the blockchain. After a time period, tokens are recycled to the businesses to continue their use of Jupiter and it’s plugins. Data is always theirs, as simply having the passphrase will unlock all the data stored. The recycling period is akin to a subscription and support package.

    As for C3 Technologies, Stan and I are in contact for a proof of concept. He is on a business trip and upon return we will be meeting up to finalize the testing software and procedure. PoC will be coming soon, as I am working on the concept from previous discussions of what Stan would like to see. The roadmap is still on course, albeit a bit later in the months listed due to the Jupiter code delivery.

    Sigwo Technologies will be getting a website redesign in the coming weeks. I wanted to wait until our new logo was completed. Sigwo Technologies has also subscribed to Cision, a well known marketing, PR, and media introduction tool. Stay tuned.


    Steven Grove Founder, Darcrus

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