Chronobank Instruction to withdraw TIME tokens

  • Please note: Withdraw will be possible after Security audits are completed. This will happen after Feb 25, 2017

    We strongly recommend you to make these steps before 25 Feb, becausekeeping tokens at ICO web site long-term is not safe:

    1. Turn on 2FA in ICO Dashboard

    2. Go to and register a new wallet or use your old one. You can also use Mist or Parity wallets, but they will use many gigabytes of your hard drive and could be a bit complicated for new users. Using other wallets (or exchange’s wallets) is NOT RECOMMENDED and using them is at your own risk!

    Please pay attention to store provided private key securely. You will lose all your tokens FOREVER if you lose this key.

    3. Copy your new Ethereum address and paste it into the form at ICO Dashboard.

    4. After hitting Save, confirm your Ethereum address by email.

    5. Wait for the withdrawal to be processed in batches after 25 Feb. This may take a few days.

    After withdrawal, you will receive an email with detailed instruction how to use your TIME token with ChronoWallet as soon as we launch a final version of it.

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