MetaGold Dev Update — February 21st, 2017

  • In this development update, we would like to introduce our project, highlight what we’ve been working on for the past month, and outline our plans leading up to our crowdsale. The start date has yet to be determined, but we are targetting sometime in March of April.

    Ethereum blockchain integration

    First of all, we fixed some bugs caused by the development of the games being frozen for a while. Some of us didn’t remember exactly where we stopped production, so we had to refamilarize ourselves with some intricacies. Once we were back up to speed, we began to work on integrating the War of The Magi game and the Ethereum blockchain. Since our servers are written in java, ethereumj made the most sense to use, and the process has been smooth so far. The pre-alpha is in a playable state already, but we’re planning to rework it greatly after the ICO, adding tons of new features and functionality.

    Development of Project X

    We are going through some tutorial-related items now to make it work better, as there are still some game-crashing bugs. We hope to be able to present a great demo to the community within the next couple of weeks.

    The launch of the website

    We’ve launched a website, containing a lot of basic information about our games and the goals that we’re trying to accomplish.

    Future plans

    We are planning to improve much of the in-game art and expand our gameplay, adding some more complex mechanics for characters, items and battles and increasing the overall scope of the games.

    People seem to be more excited about Project X, so we will eventually focus our long-term efforts there. First though, we’re planning to make the War of The Magi an example of what can be accomplished in game with the ethereum blockchain, and then move those accomplishments to Project X.

    Join us on Slack

    Want to learn more about our games and our team? Join us on Slack!

    Also, you can read more information

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