• Augmentors is an augmented reality turn-based battle game and is free to play! Once you have one of the portals, you can download the free app and summon your creature into the world and start doing battle.

    There will be two generic portals provided for download for players to print from the website. The two portals will represent “Player 1” and “Player 2”.

    In the beginning of the game, you will be greeted with a selection of free creatures to choose from. Tap on your portal to select one of the creatures to summon & call your own and begin your journey as one of the Destined.

    Goal & vision

    The vision of the Augmentors game is to launch the world’s first Augmented Reality cross platform (iOS & Android) game backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain where users will summon creatures into the real world to
    battle against enemies and foes


    We have created 100 000 000 (one hundred million) Databits in total, allocating 70% of that towards a Token Sale (which forms part of a crowdfunding campaign). The remaining 30% will be split and used to create awareness, promotion and development for the game. The Databits will be locked, meaning no more Databits can ever be issued thereafter.

    The exchange

    The exchange for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) will be 15 000 DataBits (DTB). People, who have bought DataBits (DTB) during the Token Sales or from another player after the end of the Token Sales, will be able to trade their DTB on the blockchain and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Or they can use them to purchase some of the Augmentors blockchain-based creatures, relics & skins. Our creatures will be sold via “swapbots” – automated trading vending machines – which send the chosen creature when they have sent the right amount of DTB. Then they can summon their creature in the Augmentors game, or trade/ sell them on the blockchain.

    Get rare creatures & relics 

    To acquire rare creatures and relics you will first need to have the Augmentors in-game currency Databits (obtainable through the crowdfunding sale) as well as a compatible counterparty wallet. You can then visit the online Creature Store or other creature resellers to purchase them using your Databits.

    Own your creatures

    Augmentors is backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain. Each creature and relic is assigned a unique Counterparty Token ID. Creatures and relics will each be issued in finite amounts that will be locked, assuring no more will be issued in the game. Once they are all sold, that’s it! All Asset IDs will be transparent and viewable to the public, showing issued amounts and the locked status of each asset. You can trade or sell your creatures with other players in the app or through the online Creature Store.

    Trade and sell assets

    You will be able to trade/ Sell creatures easily within and outside the Augmentors game app furthermore we will have a feature engaging special battles that allow users to battle for keeps — winner takes all (Like how marbles were played back in the day). All you will need is a compatible counterparty wallet that contains your DataBits or any other Augmentors game assets inside of them. Freely trade them on the exchange or at your own accord using your wallet or swopbot Game assets in Augmentors will all be assigned a unique Counterparty token ID. Assigning Counterparty tokens to game assets allows them to be traded/ sold freely within or outside the game on the Blockchain.

    The exchange

    The exchange for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) will be 15 000 DataBits (DTB). People, who have bought DataBits (DTB) during the Token Sales or from another player after the end of the Token Sales, will be able to trade their DTB on the blockchain and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Or they can use them to purchase some of the Augmentors blockchain-based creatures, relics & skins. Our creatures will be sold via “swapbots” — automated trading vending machines — which send the chosen creature when they have sent the right amount of DTB. Then they can summon their creature in the Augmentors game, or trade/ sell them on the blockchain.

    The Augmentors ICO aims to raise $1 million, required for completion of the game. During the 30-day ICO ending on 28 Feb 2017, DTB tokens will be available in a ratio of 15000DTB: 1BTC and drop by 1000 every 5 days. Even if the platform fails to raise the required $1 million by the end of the stipulated timeframe, all funds raised will be directly put to use for developing the Alpha version of Augmentors, set for release by the end of April 2017 on Google Play Store and the App Store.

    New ICO Calender







    Augmentors ICO – Sales Agreement

    Augmentors ICO T&C

    DataBits Distribution :



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  • Augmentors community update — November 3 2017

    Hi everyone,

    Today’s community update includes the next installment of our creature creation journey and name the creature competition, the next chapter of the Augmentors backstory and some more information regarding the game.

    Creature Creation Journey and Competition Update

    For those who missed last week’s update, we would like to take you all on the journey of creating a new creature. This journey will culminate in someone from the community naming the creature, winning a 3D printed model of the creature and a digital in game token of the creature! Runner up prizes are also up for grabs! See last week’s post for the full competition details and rules.

    And now, time to reveal the next phase of the creature. The black and white sketches have been brought to life in full colour and I reckon this will be one of our most popular creatures.

    Creature coming to life

    The armoured creature will now brave the 3D modelling phase of creation. If you want to get your hands on the first in game token of this creature you’ll need to get creative with names and get ready to enter the competition when it opens on November 10.

    The next chapter in The Datasphere saga: The birth of Solar and Rhule

    During the second age of the Realm something happened, something that would come to change the fate of the entire Realm. Below the Great Tree in the Amber Wood, a birth-portal opened. It was a strange portal, unlike any that had preceded it. It opened slowly; the usual blue light was more intense and contained sharp streaks of purple…

    Experience the Augmentors story as it unfolds.

    Game mechanics

    Thanks for all the feedback regarding the new mechanics announced in last week’s update. A number of members have asked some valid questions, and offered to help as we refine it over the coming months. Thanks for your support.

    I will try and answer one common question about how the deck-building will work by sharing the current thinking. Each creature will come with some standard abilities and players will be able to equip it with different spells (cards). Cards will have varying rarity, and come from booster packs (either from grinding in the game or bought from the store). Before every match players will be able to decide what spells they want to equip before going into battle.

    Also, we are working on a mechanism to get the community more involved in gameplay design through iterative feedback. Details of this will be announced ahead of pre-alpha.

    Have a good weekend and keep battling!


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