ChronoBank Dev Update #5

  • Smart Contracts

    We have started version 2 of our bounty program which increased bounty rates twice! We took security audit of our tokens platform, and got a very good marks. Detailed audit protocol is available at .


    We merge all ChronoWallet logic to ChronoMint platform to keep all frontend stuff in one hands under the same coding standards and design principles. We consider EOL for ChronoWallet from this moment.


    We are continuing our experiments on interface layouts and presentation. We added a lot of new stuff regarding platform components monitoring and management. First set of business logic regarding LHT and TIME administration have been added. Exchange and Rewards UI are almost DONE. We are working hard on TIME shareholders voting feature and other community related features, stay tuned.

    Dev tools

    Last week we move all our contracts to truffle 3 which had just been released. It allows us more accurate and universal testing with tests on solidity language and more accurate code organization with packages feature. We have also discovered a bench of code coverage tools like SolCover by Colony which will help us to improve and secure our developments. We will share our experience in upcoming dev update.

    That’s all for now!

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