ARK A Platform for Consumer Adoption updated info



    provides users with innovative use cases through the development and
    integration of technologies that power the blockchain universe. Highly
    flexible and adaptable, ARK is a secure platform designed for
    mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want.



    ARK's Core is configured to produce ultra fast transaction speeds approaching 200 transactions per minute. With scaling, higher throughput is possible.


    ARK provides a more decentralized voting system than other DPoS consensus models. Voting weight is divided across all votes instead of assigning 100% weight to each vote, making it nearly impossible for a takeover of the entire network.


    ARK aims to bridge well known blockchain technologies through the use of SmartBridges, thus achieving hyper-connectivity.


    The ARKShield program provides an extra layer of protection to ARK. A professionally managed Sustainability and Contingency Fund or ARKShield, will provide stable funding throughout development.


    Project Ark consists of five phases of development to be sequentially deployed over the next two years.  Each phase is constructed upon the foundation of the prior, with the endgame being an integrated ecosystem designed for ease of use and wide spread mass adoption.

    1. Atlas – ARK Token Exchange Campaign(ARK-TEC)
    • Starting Monday, November 7th and lasting till Sunday, December 11th 2016 with minimum threshold to start set at 2000 BTC.
    • During this time we are going to deploy ARK testnet.
    2. Atlantis – ARK Mainnet Launch
    • Full node software is openly distributed. Lite Clients for desktop.
    • Formation of business entities. We are currently speaking with attorneys from countries in our internal priorities list.
    3. Apollo – P2P Card Network
    • Research, Sourcing, and Development of various Smart Card/NFC materials.
    • Partnerships for NFC/contactless chip wearable devices with manufacturers.
    4. Aphrodite – Bridged Blockchain Support
    • Distribution of Smart Cards and POS Hardware.
    • Debugging and Feature building for current use cases.
    5. Argos – Partnerships, Integrations, and Ecosystem Development

    Integration of InterPlanetary DataBase (IPDB: Unreleased/Integration date TBD: potential for move to Aphrodite or earlier phases





    A diverse group of talented individuals uniting to realize the vision shared by our 30 members - all passionately devoted to collaboration and the development of the Ark ecosystem.


    Physical cards and transfer equipment accessible to people without traditional bank accounts. This also includes tools to manage off-chain transactions.


    Ark will bridge other blockchains via a vendorfield known as the SmartBridge. This includes, but is not limited to: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lisk.


    ѦRK coin. Fast, secure, and stable. Utilizing delegated proof of stake to secure the network.


    A peer-to-peer InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) integration will enable ARK to enter the future of media and hosting.


    A peer-to-peer InterPlanetary DataBase (IPDB), will be integrated into ARK. *pending IPDB final release


    Our developers are working around the clock making improvements to our core. Keeping it fast, secure, and stable.


    To increase the reach of the ARK ecosystem we are aiming to implement optional private transactions.


    We not only develop the tools bridging the virtual with reality, but also provide the unique services consumers want, understand, and are willing to purchase using ARK.


    ARK Social:









    ARK Team:

  • How do I Register as An ARK Delegate?

  • How To Setup a Node for ARK

    includes Cheat-Sheet for Quick Start at Bottom



    *Don’t forget to read How to Register an ARK Delegate, as you will need the passphrase of your delegate wallet later on in this installation : CLICK

    Minimum requirements for running ARK node (active or relay):  — 1 dedicated CPU core, x86 or x64 architecture (the higher the CPU clock speed, the better)  — 1 GB RAM (the more the better, we suggest at least 2GB),  — Linux - Ubuntu 16.04 (this is optimal, and this guide is written for it)  — 10GB free space (we recommend SSD/m.2, as opposed to traditional HDD drives, and we suggest at least 20GB)

    Recommended VPS/Cloud providers:  — DigitalOcean  — Vultr  — OVH

    For this guide, we’ll use DigitalOcean, but note that other providers offer a better price and hardware (such as Vultr or OVH SSD).

    #1. Get yourself a server for your node

    (for our guide we’ll use DigitalOcean)

    We will create a droplet via DigitalOcean interface, for the Linux distro we will use Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64, $10 per month plan (1GB RAM/1CPU). We will choose New York #2 (your preferred location can be anything, but we avoid Singapore and Bangalore for possible latency issues). Next, choose 1 droplet  and enter a hostname of your liking. After that, click create.

    Once your server instance is ready, you will receive all of the info in your email (username, password, and IP address).

    Once you have received this info on our email, it will be used throughout this guide. (replace with your info when setting up your node):

    username : root password : xxx (sent in email) IP : (sent in email) SSH port : 22 (this is default)

    #2. Connect to your newly created server instance via SSH

    Windows : you can use any SSH client. For our example we will use Putty (an open-source client you can download here : download Putty) MAC OS : open Terminal ( To start Terminal, go to your Mac’s Applications folder => click on the Utilities folder => then click on Terminal). Linux : depending on your distribution, you can usually also open it by pressing a combination of “Ctrl + Alt + T” keys.

    For terminal in Linux / MAC OS you can connect with this command: ssh user@<server-ip> example for our instance of server in Linux / MAC OS would be:  ssh [email protected]

    For our guide we’ll use Putty (Windows) — start it up:

    Under Host Name (or IP address) input the IP your server provided in the email and click on Open. To skip this step for future, you can click on Default Settings and Save to save this IP, so the next time you start, you can just click on Default Settings and load button. You can also give the session a name, like “ark-testnet”, save it, and load it in the future as needed for this particular server.

    When first connecting to this server from your computer, you will see a security alert (rsa2 key fingerprint). Click on “Yes” to continue. This will be shown only the first time, after that it will be stored for future sessions.

    Now the command line will be shown, asking you to provide the username that you received in your email, “root”. Type it in and press [enter]. After that, you will be prompted for your password*. Enter the one sent in your email and press [enter] to connect to your server.

    • when you write your password it won’t show any characters, but it has been recorded. As a useful tip, you can copy your password to the clipboard and then paste it in your Putty session. Simply right click and it will paste the data you have in your clipboard.

    As a security feature, a lot of providers have a mandatory change of the password they first assign to your root user, in which case, you will be asked to first input your current password (from the email), and enter a new one (we strongly recommend 16+ char one with a mix of letters, numbers, special characters).

    If your provider doesn’t ask you to change a password on first connection you can initiate this yourself. It is highly recommended that you change the default password with a new one) by entering the command passwd, followed by [enter].

    You will be prompted to enter a new password and then retype the same password.

    Save your root password as you can get locked out of your own server if you forget it. At this stage, you can do a test and type exit, and then reconnect to your server — follow the steps from the beginning of #2 to connect again.

    #3. Setting Up Regular User With Sudo Privileges

    Now that we successfully connected and changed the password for root it is time to create a new regular user with sudo privileges (sudo privileges allow a user to run programs with the security privileges of another user).

    How to add new regular user:

    adduser <yourusername> our example: adduser ark Enter a new password, enter it again, and press [enter] 6 times to accept all of the default values.

    Now that we have successfully created user with the username ark (you can choose whatever username you want except root of course), it is time to assign this regular user sudo privileges.

    How to add sudo privileges to our newly created regular user:

    usermod -a -G sudo <yourusername> our example: usermod -a -G sudo ark

    For terminal in Linux / MAC OS you can connect with this command: ssh yourusername@<server-ip> example for our instance of server in Linux / MAC OS would be:  ssh [email protected]

    #4. Installing ARK Node

    Now that we have our node ready, it is time to install ARK. First we will download the ARK installer called “Ark Commander” simply by executing this command: wget and then execute it with: bash

    Now the ARKcommander installation script will open. At the first step, you will need to provide your user’s password (in our example, the password for user ark).

    Since this is your first time running this installer, it will check for
    all of the dependencies and updates the ARK node needs to run — press
    [enter] to continue and be patient. It might take a while, so do not
    interrupt the process.

    (updating the system — don’t interrupt)

    (installing prerequisites — don’t interrupt)

    After this process finishes you will be asked to reboot your server — execute with the command:

    sudo reboot

    Don’t be alarmed by this message it simply states since you restarted your server, Putty has lost connection to it. Simply click on OK:

    Now open putty again, reconnect with your user, and execute : bash Provide your password if asked to enter the menu.

    There are a lot of options, and since this is our first installation, you will input number 1 and press [enter] to execute the Install ARK process. Now the ARK node installation will start — don’t interrupt, it might take a few minutes!

    After the node installation is done, you will be asked if you want to set the secret passphrase of your delegate (the password you are using to access your delegate’s wallet). By pressing [enter] you will be prompted to enter it, and if you do not want to set it, you can press N and [enter].

    If you pressed enter (and chose option Y), you will be prompted to enter your delegate passphrase — enter it (or copy from elsewhere and paste it with the right click in putty) and press [enter] to save it — you can also change it later with option 5 in the ARK command center. Now you will be asked if you are sure to save it to your config — [press enter] and your ARK node server will start after that — voila, press [enter] to return to the ARK command center.

    You will be returned to your ARK commander center.

    You can check to see if your node is running by pressing S + [enter] (*note that letters in ARK command center are case sensitive so small s won’t work, same with other letters).

    Check the ARK node logs by pressing L + [enter] — to exit log view press ctrl + C (to close the scrolling log text) and return to the ARK command center.

    You can stop the ARK node process with K + [enter] — that will stop your node.

    If you want to start it again press A + [enter] — this will start your node again

    If your node is stuck, usually a simple R + [enter] will suffice (it will automatically kill and start ARK node process).

    0 + [enter] will exit the ARK commander center and return you back to your home directory with a linux command prompt.

    Play a bit and get accustomed to it — and remember, you can always enter ark comander with the command bash (make sure you are in the correct directory where it is located, usually in home — you can get to your home directory by simply entering cd ~ )

    #BONUS: Cheat-sheet

    (you can also perform a lot of the tasks without the need of ARK commander):

    Make sure you are in ark-node directory by typing: cd ~/ark-node

    After that you can perform a lot of tasks with simple commands (commands are written in bold):  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Restarting your ARK node: forever restart app.js  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Real-time log of your ARK node: tail -f ./logs/ark.log  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Killing your ARK node process: forever stopall  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Listing your forever processes (ARK node): forever list  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —   — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Updating your ARK node : git pull After updating, you need to restart the node: forever restart app.js — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Still having issues? Join our Slack and a member of our team or one of the community members will be glad to help you out:

  • ARK Main Net Launch Date is Set — Get Ready!

    After five months of development, the ARK Crew could not be more proud of the community that has sprung up in support of ARK. After getting to know all of you through testing, contests, and just chatting about life, we really do feel like you are part of the ARK family. That is why we felt it only fitting to break the news to you, our dedicated testers, friends, and strongest supporters first.

    Our development team has given the green light for us to announce the official launch date of the ARK Mainnet.

    The ARK network will come online at 1900 UTC on 21 March, 2017. This marks a major accomplishment for both our team and our community and we want to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work on testnet helping us to create the most stable, secure, and feature rich version of ARK yet. We always felt that creating a stable core release was more important than deadlines and we now have a client that is ready for primetime.

    On March 21st everyone will be able to go to and claim their ARK tokens by withdrawing them to your own personal ARK addresses. All wallets will need to be updated to the mainnet release version prior to the launch and will be available at

    Bounties will be added to the TEC website or will be manually processed AFTER the launch of ARK Mainnet. This is to give the ARK crew time to verify that the network is properly functioning before distribution.

    While exchanges will be available during our initial launch period, we are unable to give additional details at this time. Please keep an eye out on ARK Slack Chat and our blog for exchange announcements during our mainnet launch.

    We would like to thank the community for being patient and sticking with us. This is just the beginning of what will be an amazing year for ARK. Mainnet launch is just the first milestone on an expansive development roadmap that we plan to continue to refine as we move forward.

    As always, thank you for being an ARK supporter. To keep up to date on everything ARK, read our Blog, hit us up on Slack, follow us on Twitter andFacebook and on March 21st, go buy some ARK!



  • Ark on CoinTelegraph:

  • First Annual ARK March Madness Bracket Contest — Your Chance to Win Some ARK

    To celebrate the launch of ARK Main Net, the ARK crew would like to invite our community to participate in the 1st annual ARK March Madness bracket contest.

    For those who have never heard of March Madness, it’s a collegiate men’s basketball tournament that starts on the second week of March through to the first week of April.

    The contest is free to enter with this great prizes amounting to 25,000 ARK total :

    1. Winner will take home 17,500 ARK
    2. Second place gets 5,000 ARK
    3. Third one gets 2,500 ARK

    If you want a chance to win, sign up and fill out a bracket.

    Bracket will be available this Sunday, March 12th. The tournament starts on Thursday, March 16th. Good luck.

  • Pre-Main Net Annoucement

    As we prepare for mainnet launch in just a few days (21st of March 2017 @ 19:00 UTC), we thought we would do a quick pre-launch update to go over some things for launch day. Just a few common FAQ to make it easier for everyone on Tuesday.

    First, you will need to update your ARK wallet before you visit the TEC site on Tuesday. As of the writing of this post, it is not yet ready for download. When the updated wallet is complete, everyone here, on Bitcointalk, and on Twitter will be notified.

    Second, at 19:00 UTC on Tuesday the 21st, you will be able to login to At that point in time, you will be able to withdraw your ARK to your new wallet, but NOT before 19:00 UTC.

    Third, yes, ARK will be on exchanges at launch, and more will be added as the day and week progress. NO, we will not divulge the names of these exchanges. That is entirely up to the exchanges themselves to announce at their discretion. But be rest assured, you can transfer your ARK to an exchange on the 21st.

    Fourth, all bounties that were claimed and processed will be added to your TEC account, or if TEC email was not confirmed, may be distributed manually. Not all bounties will be given out right away. Please give us time to process them as the week progresses so that we can focus on a smooth launch. Please bear with us. We cannot stress this enough — we will process all bounties, BUT must first focus on a successful and smooth launch.

    Fifth, community forging will be activated automatically in the block chain approximately one week after the mainnet launch. This will give us the needed time to analyze the network and make sure all is well. Community Forging is currently hard set to initialize at block 75,600. If all is well, this number will not change. This also allows you, the community, to set up forging nodes and be prepared for block 75,600. You will be able to vote your delegates up into forging position as soon as we launch but you will only receive transaction fees until block 75,600 when forgers will add an additional 2 ARK to each block they forge.

    Please make use of the ARK Commander Node installer and monitoring tool if you plan on running a forging node. It is truly spectacular. Instructions are available on the blog in the guides section :

    Now that we got that out of the way, how about some new goodies…

    We want to thank our community for making the ARK Ecosystem truly something to behold. We also want to give a special thanks to our testnet group. Without your tireless testing, and giving the devs crazy headaches, we would not be where we are today. As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving away all of the ARK generated via transactions on the genesis nodes before block 75,600 on mainnet. It will be split evenly between the magnificent 7.  Who are the magnificent 7 you ask? Slack usernames : Bcboilermaker, Dafty, Ghostfaceuk, Jamiec79, Michaelthecryptoguy, Sidzero, Toons.

    These guys were here almost every single day trying to destroy the testnet, constantly updating, constantly monitoring logs, and for that, the ARK Crew thanks you… by offering you some of the very thing you are trying to break.

    We also have a new iPhone app for everyone to try out — huge thanks to vrlc92 for providing a neat newiOS ARK Monitor APP for your iPhone.

    And special thank you to Gr33ndrag0n who provided Ark Monitor script found here : .

    Thank you to Toons who made a Python framework for ARK already available here :

    We have also redesigned the Merch Store, making it more aesthetically pleasing while maintaining ease of use .

    There is our pre-launch update. I hope everyone is now more prepared and less sleep deprived than us!

    Join our slack to always be up to date :

    Read our mainnet press release:

    More info on how to generate your Ark address for withdrawal and guides upcoming in the next few days!

  • How To Generate Your Own ARK Address (and Passphrase)

    As we near our main net launch (21st of March 2017 @ 19:00), you will need to set up your own personal ARK address, to which you’ll want to withdraw your tokens from the dashboard (scroll at the end of this guide for instructions on using the dashboard). There are 3 main methods on how you can generate your own address. There is a 4th option at the end for advanced users.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Save passphrases of ARK addresses you are going to be using — there is no “forgot my password” function and if you lose it, forget it, delete it, or it gets stolen, there is nothing we can do to recover any tokens on that ARK address — so make your backups and store them safely in more than one place (eg. on a piece of paper, USB drive, QR code, …)!

    #1 Ark Paper Wallet

    Visit :

    1.Click on “Create a new random wallet” (we recommend clicking on “download” button highlighted on the image and running it from your local computer for extra security)

    2. Move your mouse up,down,left,right till progress bar hits the end and generates new random wallet

    3. You will now be present with a random 12 word passphrase — COPY IT AND SAVE IT AND KEEP IT SAFE IF YOU LOSE IT WE CANNOT RETRIEVE IT! This is your Secret Key.

    4. Copy and save your Ark address in the withdrawal field on website (scroll at the end of this guide for instructions)*.

    #2 ARK Desktop Client

    Download the latest release from (depending on your operating system) :

    1. Install the ARK client and open it.

    2. Once installed and opened, you will be presented with the main Ark desktop client window. In order to create a new account, click on the button “CREATE ACCOUNT

    3. The Ark desktop client will generate a new random 12 word passphrase — COPY IT AND SAVE IT AND KEEP IT SAFE. IF YOU LOSE IT, WE CANNOT RETRIEVE IT!

    4. Click next — you will again be prompted to input the same passphrase that was generated on the 1st step. Write it / paste it and after you are done, click on create — this will create your new Ark address.

    4. You will now be redirected to your newly created Ark wallet. You can copy your Ark address that was generated with the passphrase in 1st step by simply clicking on it.

    5. Copy and save your Ark address in the withdrawal field on website (scroll at the end of this guide for instructions)*.

    #3 Ark Lite Web Wallet


    1. Click on new account.

    2. Move your mouse around (up,down,left,right — however you wish) until it fills the progress bar

    3. This will generate a new 12 word passphrase — COPY IT AND SAVE IT, AND KEEP IT SAFE. IF YOU LOSE IT WE CANNOT RETRIEVE IT! 4. After you are done, click on the button “YES! IT’S SAFE!”

    5. The system will ask you for one random word from the previously generated passphrase to verify the you have saved it. Write it in the field below and click on the “OK” button — this will open up the wallet and show you your Ark address.

    6. Now that you are in your wallet —Copy and save your Ark address in the withdrawal field on website (scroll at the end of this guide for instructions)* .

    #4 ARK CLI (for advanced users)

    Visit for more info :

    Open up the terminal of your Linux distro and install Ark CLI with this command: npm install -g arkecosystem/ark-client#master

    After you are done installing, you can start it up with this command:


    Once in ark-client mode you can generate a new account with:

    account create

    This will create a new account and provide you with a passphrase and the corresponding Ark address.

    *Where to Input Your Ark Address To Receive TEC ARK Tokens?

    Visit :

    1 Input Ark address you generated using any of the previous methods 2. Click on Save

    3. Once successfully saved you will be give the following instruction :



  • How To Install / Reinstall Desktop Wallet (v 1.0.1 MainNet)

    #1 FIRST INSTALL (if you haven’t yet downloaded and used any of the previous versions)

    1. Download version for your OS from:
    2. Install
    3. Click on +CREATE ACCOUNT (if you want to create a new account) or +IMPORT ACCOUNT (if you want to import your wallet that you already generated previously).

    *NOTE: Main net goes officially live at 19:00 UTC — you will need to login to and save your ARK address that you generated and want to withdraw ARK from TEC website to your address. Button for withdrawal will appear around 19:00 UTC!



    1. Download version for your OS from:
    2. Install
    3. As we need to clear cache from previous versions press CTRL+D to open debug screen on the right side

    4. Click on CONSOLE tab

    5. Copy + Paste this line into console box and press [enter]


    6. Click on +CREATE ACCOUNT (if you want to create a new account) or+IMPORT ACCOUNT (if you want to import your wallet that you already generated previously).

    NOTE: Main net goes officially live at 19:00 UTC — you will need to login to and save your ARK address that you generated and want to withdraw to. Button for withdrawal will appear around 19:00 UTC!


    You are set!

  • Post Launch Analysis — 24 Hours Out

    suc•cess (sək-sĕsˈ)

    • n.
    • The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.

    Indeed the launch of ARK was a smashing success — at 19:00 UTC on 21st of March, ARK MainNet went live with an extremely smooth launch. We have been relentlessly preparing behind the scenes to ensure the ARK community had no difficulties retrieving their tokens from the ARK-TEC site, downloading and configuring their wallets and firing up nodes to begin the competition for forging spots. Key to this process was the development of the ARKcommander ARK node tool that makes installation, configuring, updating and monitoring ARK nodes a breeze.

    Genesis delegates were quickly replaced by community members as they brought their nodes online, and in a very short time the ARK network was rock stable with 100% ARK community members from all over the world. A huge thank you to our community — you are awesome. And a special extra thank you to the magnificent 7 (dafty, michaelthecryptoguy, sidzero, ghostfaceuk, bcboilermaker, jamiec79 and toons). You guys have gone above and beyond in your efforts, enthusiasm and tireless testing during testnet to ensure we had a solid launch! For the first week the equal total of all transaction fees prior to block 75600 will be split evenly between the magnificent 7 who have earned every bit of it. And forging rewards will start with block 75600 early next week. At that point the network will be entirely in the communities hands…. And we will sleep like babies knowing our months of hard work is protected by such a great team.

    Soon after launch we experienced a DDoS attack that originated from Kansas (no place like home right Toto?) and the stress on the network far exceeded any of the stressors we had applied during testnet testing. And….the network held up brilliantly. Blocks kept cranking out on time and the few nodes that were knocked out were genesis nodes — the delegate nodes held their ground.

    Overall we could not be more pleased. Very few glitches, no forks and the Bittrex trading volume skyrocketed shortly after launch, with rapid transfers from ARK wallets to Bitrex without any issues. The first 24 hour volume on Bittrex was over 240 BTC — which is ahead of Monero, SDC and even Lisk! The price has been very stable since, remains above ICO price and has started to gradually rise over the past several hours. This stability in price is not usual shortly after a cryptocurrency launch and implies confidence in ARK and the network.

    Comments started to roll in about how this was the smoothest launch they had ever seen in crypto. There was also praise for our thorough and accurate documentation.

    “I had no problems with moving ark from the exchange and it arrived very quickly”
    “I’m running a node and everything went fine.And the linux software is really user friendly!”
    “The mainnet launch itself was very smooth. the delegates were in place ready to go with time to spare and took up the strain wonderfully and smoothly. you would almost think it was a quiet day…”
    “everything went fine and i have do the withdraw after 4–5 min of mainnet launch. very good jobs guys!!! congrats!”

    Also, it was wonderful to see so many familiar names from other coins jump aboard as ARK ecosystem members and delegates — we can not emphasize enough how appreciative we are of the ARK community.

    Have any questions?

    Where can I find ARK blockchain explorer?

    Where can I trade ARK?

    Bittrex: Cryptopia:

    Is ARK already listed on any market capitalisation sites?

    CoinMarketCap: CryptoCompare:

    How can I help ARK?

    Request coin to be listed on Polo: Cast us a free vote at NovaExchange: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

    Spread the word — and again thank you for your tremendous support and positive words!

  • How To Vote or Un-Vote an ARK Delegate and How Does it All Work?

    ARK uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus in order to produce / confirm blocks (read ARK voting explained to learn more).

    You can use your ARK to vote or un-vote a delegate. In this short guide we’ll show you how you can vote (cast a vote towards the delegate you chose — either be it yourself, other community member you wish to support, project, pool, …) or un-vote a delegate you are already voting for (eg. you want to change the vote to someone else). Voting with your ARK can provide you with extra ARK due to the forging rewards that are processed by delegates (rewards are awarded to 51st active delegates).

    First if you haven’t you’ll need to download and install Ark Desktop Client from here : and import / access the wallet you want to vote from.

    If you want to register a delegate yourself you should follow this guide first :

    Some basic voting info : - 1 ARK ADDRESS CAN VOTE FOR ONLY 1 DELEGATE AT A TIME (if you wish to vote for more than 1 delegate, split you wallet in more ARK addresses and repeat the vote process — eg. send the amount you wish to vote from the second wallet to the second wallet), - 1 ARK EQUALS 1 VOTING WEIGHT (the more ark you hold the more weight you hold in your possession — but note that if you split the wallet your voting splits with it eg. if you have 1,000 ARK your voting power is equal to 1,000 ARK, if you split that in to 2 equal wallets each having 500 ARK the voting power of the 1st wallet will be 500 ARK and the 2nd one 500 ARK), - EACH VOTE OR UN-VOTE COSTS 1 ARK (when you vote for a delegate it costs 1 ARK, when you devote the cost is the same 1 ARK).

    Don’t know who to vote for or support with your ARK?

    Read the proposals on our forum from our current list of delegates and vote according to your plan :

    #1 Voting

    • Open ARK Desktop Client

    Click on the account you wish to cast vote from (note that each vote
    costs 1 ARK and that the more ARK you hold in that wallet the the bigger
    your voting power is).

    1. Click on tab “Votes”.
    2. To add delegate to the voting list first we need to click on the green “Add Delegate” button.

    3. A pop-up will appear — in the first field named “Delegate name” input the delegate you wish to vote for (don’t vote for my delegate name I’m not going to be running a node :) ). 4. After you are done click on “ADD DELEGATE”.

    . Click on red “VOTE*” button - (note that the delegate you are voting for needs to have that red tick in the box).
    1 delegate vote per wallet address is allowed, if you’ll add more than
    one delegate to the list transaction won’t be broadcasted to the ARK

    6. Input (or paste) the passphrase of the wallet you are voting from.
    7. Click on “NEXT” button.

    7. Last step is to confirm your choice of vote by clicking on “SEND 1 ARK NOW!” — 1 ARK will be deducted from your wallet for that vote cast. You are done! Voting transactions usually gets processed in under 30 seconds, you can verify that your vote has been cast by refreshing your wallet (click on the ARK address in the left menu you are voting from to refresh it) a few times after said time (~ 30 seconds).

    #2 Un-Voting (and/or changing a vote)

    • Open ARK Desktop Client

    • Click on the account you wish to cast vote from (note that each vote costs 1 ARK and that the more ARK you hold in that wallet the the bigger your voting power).
    1. Click on tab “Votes” — this will open current list (the delegate you are currently voting for).

    2. Click on that red checkbox to get it unticked — it should be empty like in the picture above.

    3. Click on red “Vote” button.

    4. Input (or paste) the passphrase of the wallet you are un-voting from. 5. Click on “NEXT” button.

    6. Last step is to confirm your choice of un-vote by clicking on “SEND 1 ARK NOW!” — 1 ARK will be deducted from your wallet for that un-vote cast. You are done! Voting transactions usually gets processed in under 30 seconds, you can verify that your un-vote has been cast by refreshing your wallet (click on the ARK address in the left menu you are un-voting from to refresh it) a few times after said time (~ 30 seconds) and the delegate you once voted for shouldn’t be present in the list anymore.

    If you now want to vote again for someone else repeat steps from #1 Voting in this guide.

    Have any questions or need help?

    Join our live support on Slack :

  • Let’s Forge Some ARK — Rewards Kick in At Block 75,600

    The ARK blockchain will officially begin producing forging rewards starting with block 75,600. We expect to hit this goal on 28th of March 2017, at approximately 22:00 UTC.

    The start of forging rewards signals an exciting new phase in the ARK delegate cycle that will see our hard working node administrators compensated for operating a safe and secure network. We wanted to take this time to put out some important information to ensure that our community had all of the information necessary to create a successful delegation that we can all be proud of.

    What is Forging?

    For those of you who are brand new to ARK, the ARK blockchain uses an incentive mechanism referred to as forging rewards. Think of forging rewards as the equivalent of Bitcoin mining without the expensive and energy hungry server farms.

    Currently, the ARK block rewards are set at 0 ARK per block. At block 75,600 that number will change automatically and the ARK blockchain will begin producing new tokens to reward delegates who perform the primary function of consensus for the network. This consensus is formed by the Active Delegation, a group of 51 delegates who have been nominated by their peers (that’s us!). Anyone on the network may choose to register and campaign to be a delegate and anyone with at least 1 ARK can cast a vote (1 ARK is the required fee to cast a vote).

    Those delegates in the top 51 in voting are considered ACTIVE delegates and will forge blocks for the network. Those in positions 52 and below are considered relay nodes and will help to secure the network, but will not actively forge rewards.

    Each block processed by any of the active 51 delegates will reward 2 ARK to the forging delegate account for their role in running and securing the network. Along with the 2 ARK forging reward, the delegate will also receive the transaction fee’s that were processed during that same block. The following are the current transaction fee’s charged by the network:

    • basic transaction fee — 0.1 ARK
    • voting/un-voting — 1 ARK
    • second passphrase registration — 5 ARK
    • delegate registration — 25 ARK

    Rewards — By the Numbers:

    Each day approximately 10,800 total blocks are processed by 51 active delegates.

    -1 active delegate processes on average 211 blocks each day -1 active delegate forges on average:  * 422 new ARK each day  * 12,660 new ARK each month * 151,920 new ARK each year - 51 active delegates forge combine on average 7,747,920 new ARK each year!

    ARK forging rewards will maintain the same 2 ARK per block forging rate for the foreseeable future. Unlike some other blockchains, ARK will not lower the forging rewards each year or perform halving at any given block, but due to the same reward, inflation will go down each year.

    Being an ARK delegate can be a substantial source of revenue and should be taken seriously. Every single person using the ARK network depends on the server infrastructure you provide and is counting on you to outperform all expectations. Remember, you are only an active delegate due to the support and votes of your peers.

    Note that upvoting yourself into the active delegation is not enough to forge — you need to register a delegate and run your node on a capable server that can successfully process the blocks assigned to you and maintain a safe and secure infrastructure.

    Why is forging awesome? It provides incentive to secure the ARK network, keeps a lot of ARK off the market due to the need for ever increasing vote weight requirements, and it allows the network to reward its most loyal supporters.

    To help build up the excitement and immortalize our first forger, there will be a special reward for the delegate that forges block 75,600.

    This delegate will receive an additional 2000 ARK, personally funded by several of our ARK Crew members.

    As the delegate forging order is chosen at random by the network, we cannot predict who from the first 51 will be the lucky winner. If you want a chance to win, make sure you are in the active delegation at block 75,600 for your chance to go down in history!

    Join our official Slack if you haven’t and go to : to learn more.

    How do I become a Delegate?

    1. Register your ARK delegate 2. Setup your node 3. Secure your node (optional, but highly recommended-don’t forget to start the node after you are done via ARKcommander) 4. Get votes or upvote for yourself — great place to start is our Slack and writing a proposal on our forum .

    How much ARK will I need to become an active delegate?

    This will be a dynamic and an ever changing number, but one thing is certain — it will rise steadily with the demand and new supply of ARKs and influx of new delegates.

    In order to gain current picture visit this link : (updates every 2 minutes) and take the 51st number under column “vote ARK” to get the entry point on how much you need to get into active delegation.

    - I have ARK and don’t want to run a node. I still want to support a friend, vote for a pool, earn some additional ARK and vote for ARK community member that will bring value to ARK. What can I do?

    Upvote the delegate you wish to vote for. Follow the voting guide:

    If you don’t know who to vote for here is alist of ARK delegate proposals

    - I want to change my vote and vote for someone else what can I do?

    You can un-vote a current delegate and then vote for another — follow this guide #2 Un-voting (scroll down a bit) :

    - Do I need to have my wallet open to keep voting?

    No, once you vote you can close the wallet — vote will stay for as long as you don’t remove it.

    - Are there any restrictions on how many times can I vote or un-vote from any ARK wallet?

    No, there are no restrictions — you can update your vote for as long as you like, but remember that each vote or un-vote costs 1 ARK.

    - Can I vote with my ARK that is on exchange?

    No, you need to move ARK from exchange into your own personal ARK wallet and cast your vote.

    If you have any additional questions our doors are always open. Join our Slack and our fruitful and superb community will help you out :

    Thanks to travis w.

  • The ARK “Doty” Design Contest Win 1,000 ARK

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the first ever official ARK Poker Chip is now available for pre-order. If you have been with ARK for any amount of time, you probably know that we are obsessed with amazing pictures of our fearless leader, Mike Doty. In honor of the start of Community Forging Rewards and to immortalize Mike, I am officially announcing a contest to create an amazing poker chip design that will be forever named the “Doty”.

    Having the Doty will imbue it’s holder with immense power and respect, but before we can receive said power and respect, we must first have a Doty. So, designers, get out your tools! The competition will start immediately and run for 5 days. Because it is only fitting, I will choose the winner on April Fools Day (April 1st, 2017).

    I will send the winner 1,000 ARK for their winning design. If anyone would like to add to the pool, please let me know. In order for your submissions to count, you must tweet them at me on twitter in some witty fashion with some relevant hashtags and stuff. Also, post them on the ARK forum official competition thread.

    The Rules:

    • It must be all about Mike.
    • It must be a poker chip design.
    • It must be epic.

    UPDATE (3/27/17): As per request from an ARK community member, and a really great suggestion to make this even more awesome, I will send (5) Free Doty’s to the community members who submit the top (5) entries. So the first 25 made will go to our awesome community artists!

    Do a good job… He’s watching.. He’s always watching..

    Good Luck and God Speed.

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