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  • What is the ARK SmartBridge, and how does it work?

    By now many people want to know the technical details of ARK’s SmartBridge but broken down into a less technical and everyday example. That’s what this article will focus on. This article will also assume for examples that most blockchains are already SmartBridge compatible.

    SmartBridge is the ability to connect and communicate between blockchains. By connecting blockchains, we can solve the great question of the last few years in the altcoin community. Which coin will replace bitcoin? The answer… none of them, and all of them. Let me explain.

    With ARK’s SmartBridge Technology every coin becomes even more powerful, every app produced on any blockchain has the potential to reach a greater audience and even bitcoin can gain the functionality of every altcoin through a simple blockchain token called ARK.

    Ark’s SmartBridge communicates between the blockchains using a special data section called Vendor Fields and special Encoded Listener nodes that comb through this data for tasks that it can perform.

    What does that mean? Let me explain…

    In order for ARK to become the medium/intermediary between chains, each chain needs a small snippet of code implemented. It is very easy to insert and not harmful to any blockchain, current or otherwise. Once this tiny code is inserted into the core code of any blockchain, that’s it. Now that blockchain is connected to ARK. We make it painless and extremely simple to implement, and will provide very easy to follow instructions with 24/7 support via slack chat.

    Ok, so what does that REALLY mean?

    It’s quite simple. If you want to trigger an event on a blockchain via a different blockchain, you check if that chain is SmartBridge compatible. If it is, then you can issue a SmartBridge transaction to any compatible blockchain via the ark wallet and the possibilities are endless.

    Example 1: If you wanted to trigger an ETH smart contract but hold ark, you could just send the instructions through ark SmartBridge, right in the wallet to trigger the event. The code embedded in the ETH chain is always listening for an ark SmartBridge transaction and will collect this info and trigger the function to issue a contract.

    Example 2: You want to issue a record entry in Factom, but you only hold ARK. So you would go to your ARK wallet, enter the correct info and instructions for the FCT chain via the SmartBridge tab. Then send it. That’s it, now the FCT chain receives the info and acts appropriately.

    Example 3: I want to send 10 ARK to my ETH wallet. This would require an encoded listener with a back-end ability to exchange currencies. (ie: Shapeshift, Changelly, or Coinbase) Once I send my 10 ARK to my ETH wallet, the encoded listener sees this TX (transaction) as an exchange function and acts accordingly. The encoded listener automatically picks up that this TX needs a conversion, so it acts as a relay node picking up the TX, converting it, and rebroadcasting the TX on its way to the ETH wallet. The encoded listener collects a small fee for processing the TX.

    (Example 3 would require Shapeshift to be its own encoded listener so that it is always looking for the next SmartBridge TX. Just like ARK, Encoded listener nodes set their own transaction fees. Which can be adjusted by the node operator but not ARK.)

    Encoded listeners:

    The Encoded listener node is a hub for listening to SmartBridge transactions. This transaction hub can be setup and run by anyone, Shapeshift, Changelly or even Coinbase. Anyone that wants to act as a medium to help the network can. And in exchange for providing this service they will be collecting transaction fees for passing data or exchanging currencies via SmartBridge.

    I hope this article made it easier for everyone to understand how ARK SmartBridge technology will work. We will be releasing a more in-depth and technical whitepaper for SmartBridge once we get closer to full SmartBridge release.


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    ARK crew

  • Meet Arky — The Pythonic Way to Work With ARK Blockchain

    ARK is happy to announce yet another official native library under the ARK ecosystem family (which is of course as always, open-source).

    The Python framework to interact with ARK blockchain, codenamed Arky, is a native implementation of cryptographic functions to create and sign transactions, read and write to the vendorfield, together with handy tools to grab information from the ARK network (account balance, pool management, delegate management, etc…).

    This opens yet another HUGE development market that ranges from big Fortune 500 companies, academic and scientific
     computing, e-commerce, aviation, manufacturing, governments, gaming, …— a lot of large institutions use Python as their main
    development language. You can look at some of the more successful Python
    stories on their official website : .

    Arky joins the ARK family of code and is placed alongside many of the already developed libraries for ARK like Javark (a Java lite client communications tool to interact with the ARK blockchain).

    If you have any questions about Arky or need help implementing it in one of the ARK related Python projects, please feel free to get in contact with the main developer of Arky on our Slack.

    1. Join slack :
    2. Direct message user ‘Toons’ : https:[email protected]/

    Thank you Toons, for developing this awesome library and tools for the ARK ecosystem.

    For additional information on how to use Arky please check Arky repo on ARK GitHub:

    P.S. If you are a developer, you can earn some some huge ARK bounties! Here are the events we are currently running for bounties:

    I. 200,000 ARK GitHub Development Bounty

    II. 10 for 10,000 ARK for ARK Related Projects

  • ARK Desktop Wallet version 1.2.0

    The ARK Crew has just released version 1.2.0 of their Desktop Wallet with several new features and bug fixes. The main focus of this update was improving the overall system for handling the broadcasting of transactions over the Ark network and a lot better peer management. This will fix the zero confirmation issue that some of you may have experienced in the past. You can find a full list of the included updates below.

    How to update?

    1. Go to :
    2. Download version corresponding to your OS (Linux/Mac/Windows)
    3. Install and it will automatically update
    4. Start ARK wallet.

    What has been fixed / added?

    Features and Enhancements:

    • New: Improving peer connection reliability
    • #72 Unconfirmed TX now has resend button
    • #70 Total fiat/bitcoin balance for all accounts on the homepage
    • #85 Fixing typo in deb synopsis and improving documentation
    • #67 Price when offline now isn’t set
    • #62 Added a Brewfile for OS X users

    Bug Fixes:

    • #84 Possible comparison bug
    • #79 Some initial suggestions

    Please continue to submit bugs using our official Github. As always, thank you for supporting ARK and please join us on Slack!

  • ARK GitHub Development Winners -April 2017:

    The 1st month of the GitHub Development Bounty (1st of April 2017–30th of April 2017) has finished and we are truly grateful and positively astonished by the number of Github Pull-Requests (PR) that have been submitted in only our first month of running this campaign. Without further ado, here are the winners for the month of April:

    1st of April 2017–30th of April 2017:
    • 1st place: 5,000 ARK Github User: 4miners for great PRs for Ark Block Explorer
    • 2nd place: 3,000 ARK  Github User: kristjank for PRs with Desktop Wallet and writing FAQ for GitHub users
    • 3rd place: 2,000 ARK Github User: luciorubeens for PRs with the Desktop Wallet
    Most Valuable Pull (MVP-ARK) : 2,000 ARK  Github User: Mrv777 for biggest pull request on Ark Block Explorer which took care of a lot of bugs

    Congratulations to all of the April winners!

    The amount of participation in the program has exceeded our expectations and we have witnessed a large number of new developers joining ARK and submitting great Pull-Requests. As such, we want to ensure that everyone is being recognized for their contributions. For the month of May, we are going to try a slightly altered reward structure that will reduce the reward for the top 3 winners to allow us to recognize even more of our awesome community developers.

    For the month of May, the total monthly ARK rewards for the program will still be 12,000 ARK, but we are going to increase the number of contributors rewarded from the top 3 to the top 10. Here is a breakdown of what the rewards will look like for May:

    1st of May 2017–31st of May 2017 :
    • 1st place: 4,000 ARK
    • 2nd place: 2,000 ARK
    • 3rd place: 1,000 ARK
    • 4th-8th place: 500 ARK /each
    • 9th-10th place: 250 ARK/each
    Most Valuable Pull (MVP-ARK) : 2,000 ARK

    Thank you for all that you are doing to push ARK forward. We have the best community in all of crypto and we wouldn’t want to be on this journey without you. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in May!

    Missed what this is all about?

    Read the full instructions here: 200,000 ARK Bounty for Developers in the 1st Year

    Are there any other development bounties going on?

    Sure, we also have: 10 for 10,000 = 100,000 ARK program

    And remember to join our Slack !

  • ARK Core Update — Get Ready for Multiple Network Support

    ARK is advancing and improving its core to prepare it for easily deployable custom blockchains and multiple network support, along with constantly improving the base code. Thus, we are happy to announce a new node.js core release moving from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1.

    What has been implemented in this new version?

    • Major upgrade on the core code to support multiple networks. This code upgrade does not change any API features, but enables the deployment of custom networks — ARK becoming the 1st blockchain made for easily deployable custom blockchains based on project/customer/startup/enterprise needs (delegate numbers, transactions per block, block times, … ). A video showing how easy it will be to deploy your own blockchain will be available in the coming days.
    • Resolved peers being broadcast forever, even when they are shut down, leading to lite clients having some transactions not entering the blockchain.
    • Resolved rebuilding from block 0, which caused a stop at block 93477 (read more here on this matter : )

    Hey, what do I, as ARK user, need to do?

    Nothing, the only ones that need to update are delegates or people running ARK main net node on their server(s).  If you are using ARK Desktop wallet be sure you are already using the latest version (1.2.2 as of today) of ark-desktop :

    Hey, I’m a delegate, or I have a relay node running, what do I need to do?

    You will need to update your ARK node with new  Follow these simple steps (once connected to server running ARK node).

    cd ~ rm wget  bash (input your sudo password if asked) Option ‘3’ Update ARK (press number 3 + [enter]) — wait till it completes press[enter] and you are done — easy right?  Now you can get back to monitoring with ‘L’.

    P.S. : Useful tip — if you are an active delegate (one of the 51st) before you update if you don’t want to miss a block look on ARK Explorer when its your turn to forge ( and do it in time before your turn (2–3 minutes should be enough for your node to update and get back to latest block).

    New as you can see has a neat feature when you start it if there is a new ARK core version it will let you know.

    Before latest update:

    After you update to latest version:

    Hey, I am a developer, and I want to launch my own private/public blockchain?

    Stay tuned as a lot of awesomeness is coming to help you get started!



  • ARK Community Fund (ACF) Has Commenced

    We won’t lie — we love our ARK community! At the time of this writing, our official Slack is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in the industry with over 1,900 members in just a few short months. One of our favorite parts of developing ARK has been watching the community grow and getting to know the immensely talented individuals who have chosen to join us on this journey. What our community has already done for ARK is mind blowing and were constantly caught off guard by the ingenuity and drive many have exhibited on a daily basis. Whether it be the huge pool of top tier delegates, the awesome YouTube videos, or our active developer community, we owe you a huge thank you! Hands down, you guys are our family and we love you for all that you bring to the table!

    Today we want to highlight an exciting new initiative being developed by several of our core community members. ARK delegates Jamiec79 and Sidzero have taken the lead in creating something we believe is going to be epic. It’s called the ARK Community Fund or ACF, and we believe it will not only help continue to grow our community, but bring some really great projects under the ARK umbrella!

    What is the ARK Community Fund?

    The ACF is an entirely community owned and operated vehicle for matching developers and entrepreneurs with potential seed funding through the use of the ARK Ecosystem. Potential projects will be able to submit applications to the team running the ACF to be considered for funding generated by an Active Delegate node as well donations from the ARK Community and Delegates. We want everyone to know that this effort has our full endorsement and we could not be more excited to see it get off the ground. So excited, in fact, that we will provide an initial donation of 25,000 ARK to help jump start the ARK Community Fund effort and help get the ball rolling on the first round of submissions.

    Where can I find out more about the ACF?

    You can get full details, rules, and access to the applications from the Official ACF Announcement Thread at the ARK Forums and Official ACF Forum Subsection.

    How is the ARK Crew involved in the ACF?

    The ARK Crew is not officially involved in the management or holdings of the ACF aside from being an initial donor and continued supporter of the effort. At no time will the ARK Crew or any official team member interfere with how ACF is running. This is 100% run by and for the community!

    How can I donate/help the ACF?

    You can donate to the ACF by sending ARK to the following ARK address:  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —  Ark donation address : ARKCFyhoCVadfhcSAAytfcHHe88EuetcP4 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    You can also vote with your ARK for ACF run delegate from which all forged ARK will go towards funding/projects:  — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Delegate name : acf

    Delegate address: AKzB7dWkCsYnt4u9P4Sch6iKyZ7QnDjBav

    Also read: ACF delegate proposal

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    For additional inquiries, please join the ARK Community Slack and join the #CommunityFund channel or message any of the currently elected ACF board members:

    ACF Papers & Templates

    ACF Initial Concept Paper

    ACF High Level Summary

    We have also developed two Project Templates, which the project specifics can be detailed within.

    The Ark Community Fund — Fast Track — Project Template

    The Ark Community Fund — Standard Approach — Project Template

  • ARK French Open Grand Slam Bracket Challenge — 5,000 in ARK Prizes

    Who doesn’t like sports and a chance to win some ARK? Ark crew member Khanh Vuong (thank you!) is sponsoring another bracket contest — this time it is tennis. And rules are quite simple.

    Prize Pool (5,000 ARK)

    1st: 3,000 ARK 2nd: 1,500 ARK 3rd: 500 ARK

    How do I enter the bracket challenge for a chance to win?

    1. Register an account with (third party site — not affiliated with ARK) 2. Send an email to [email protected] with your “My Profile” link (example: 3. Fill out bracket when it is ready. (Countdown clock is on the main page 4. For the tiebreaker, email [email protected] the total game count in the Finals match).

    • EXTRA BONUS : Anyone setting their profile pick to the ARK logo attached below gets 10 ARK bonus (should be done before you email [email protected] and attach your ARK address).

    And that is it — now lets enjoy some games!

    Need image to spread this contest?

    Have any questions regarding this tennis bracket?

    1. Join our Slack :
    2. Send direct message to Techbytes (Khanh) :

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