ARK A Platform for Consumer Adoption updated info

  • Technical Roadmap Update from ARK’s Head of Development

    From the desk of François-Xavier Thoorens, ARK’s Head of Development.

    Our journey started 6 months ago (21st of March 2017), and so much has been happening, that it is still unbelievable what has been achieved by the ARK team, and most importantly, by the community. For that, we cannot thank you enough. To name just a few things done in this half year of ARK’s life:

    • Client libraries have been implemented in most common programming languages and frameworks (Java, TypeScript, GoLang, Python, .NET, PHP / Laravel, Swift iOS, Ruby)
    • Ark desktop client with over 100 pull requests from the community
    • Ledger hardware wallet implementation and integration has been done (World’s first DPoS and JavaScript blockchain project to be on the Ledger)
    • First community projects launched (first SmartBridge implementation connecting ARK and Ethereum and different hardware testings for IoT applications)
    • Major ARK Desktop improvements, redesigns, and UI improvements.
    • Various tools that are helping delegates and new developers to contribute in different ARK projects.

    As head of development, I would like to personally thank you all for making this project yours.

    With the amount of work done in the last few months, we have gathered a lot of technical feedback. It became clear that we have enough information to make a BIG overhaul of the ARK protocol. The technical details are as follows:

    • Adding new features for next level of blockchain usability. With the increase of ARK price, the fees can be too high in many instances. We will enable market fees in 2 steps. Fortunately, a lot of work has already been done to include the fees in the serialization of the transaction, so we won’t need a hardfork to enable the new system, and changes can be done rather quickly.
    • Redesign serialization of transactions. The current implementation inherited from the original Crypti design does not fit the needs for scaling the blockchain as we envision in the future, so we want to get ready for higher network usage. ARK currently hits 200TX/block (every 8 seconds) on the devnet stresstests (currently still hardcoded at 50TX/block on mainnet so still a lot of room with current implementation). Limit is set mostly due to the overhead of current TX size on the network. An initial AIP draft was proposed from community member toons, but we discovered that in the actual design, the deserialization is CPU consuming in many cases. We expect this redesign will increase the TX throughput by at least 10x.
    • Redesign the transaction architecture. The current design makes it quite difficult to integrate future changes:   — lack of versioning  — unusable timestamping  — malleability issues in the calculation of ID  — lack of timelock  — missing capabilities to leverage several cryptography signatures.

    This will be addressed in our upcoming DevNet testings, before pushing updates to MainNet, so stay tuned.

    Upcoming DevNet Release

    We are working on the reduction of transaction fees, and also enabling a fees market. This process will require 2 releases:

    version 1.1.0: this is a soft fork, with the following fee structure and integrations:

    • ARK transfers (type : normal TX) : 0.01 ARK
    • ARK voting / un-voting (type : voting TX) : 0.02 ARK
    • 2nd passphrase registration : 1 ARK
    • Delegate registration: 10 ARK
    • Introducing an option to un-vote and vote for a delegate in the same TX making it more user friendly, negating the need to vote once for adding and once for subtracting a vote. Also negates the need to move funds to a new account and vote from there to save on a transaction cost. (This is NOT yet implemented in the Desktop Client)

    After we release the soft fork DevNet block for 1.1.0, all blocks forged on DevNet after that will start accepting transactions with this new fee structure. While 1.1.0 is in testing, we will be working on the 1.1.1 DevNet update.

    Plans for Version 1.1.1 DevNet update include:

    • Enable tools for delegate nodes to setup and manage their own fees. This will enable a ‘fees marketplace’. This will grant active delegates (Top 51 forging/validating a block) the power to regulate the transaction fees on-the-fly. Giving the delegates power to respond to attacks, network spam, or overloaded network transactions. They will also be able to modify TX fees according to ARK token price so transaction cost is never to low or high.
    • Increasing TX per block (TBD after initial 1.1.0 release, TX serialization redesign, and testing)

    Just wanted to share some technical thoughts and plans with the community for ARK’s 6 month anniversary. Cheers, Francois.

  • ARKNET Update Brings Major Improvements & New Features

    Development in the blockchain space by the big industrial players is moving at a blazing pace and ARK continues to evolve and expand along side them by following the best development practices and providing the latest client APIs for integration into any existing blockchain system.

    ARK-NET client API now supports custom build configurations for .NET Standard 2.0 and other .NET platforms, along with additional new functionality and improvements as listed below.

    So, What Has Changed in ARKNET?

    • Builds were added for multiple framework support.
    • Asyncronous implementation of all client API calls.
    • Added generic request structure for easier querying.
    • Autoloader configuration from peers implementation.
    • NuGet package creation for frameworks.
    • Sending transactions to multiple peers for faster confirmations.
    • Full unit test implementation of ARK-NET. That way we can grow with stability, and without fear of breaking any legacy code.
    • Wait, did we mention full unit test implementation?
    • Improved peer filtering and selection, based on quality filters.
    • Core services implementation refactored.
    • and much much more…

    Github release page:

    The code has been restructured, cleaned, and reorganized, so it should be easier on the eyes for new developers to get in and start using ARK-NET API.

    What is .NET Standard

    For the impatient: TL;DR

    .NET Standard solves the code sharing problem for .NET developers across all platforms by bringing all the APIs that you expect and love across the environments that you need: desktop applications, mobile apps & games, and cloud services.

    I want more info

    • .NET Standard is a set of APIs that all .NET platforms have to implement. This unifies the .NET platforms and prevents future fragmentation.
    • .NET Standard 2.0 will be implemented by .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin. For .NET Core, this will add many of the existing APIs that have been requested.
    • .NET Standard 2.0 includes a compatibility shim for .NET Framework binaries, significantly increasing the set of libraries that you can reference from your .NET Standard libraries.
    • .NET Standard will replace Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) as the tooling story for building multi-platform .NET libraries.

    You can see the .NET Standard API definition in the dotnet/standard repo on GitHub.

    Found an Issue?

    Submit an issue report at :

    Want to Contribute?

    Join ARK Slack : ( #net_development channel)

    Join ARK Gitter and talk with other developers :

    Special thanks to all of the community developers who helped with this great update — especially @sharkdev-j and @dnovacik and @kristjank (delegate Chris).

  • ARK Sponsoring IoT Hackathon at Princeton University

    The ARK team is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring and attending HackPrinceton. Major League Hacking’s Season 18 Student Hackathon runs from November 10th-12th 2017, at Princeton University.

    Students from all over the U.S. will converge on Princeton New Jersey for a weekend of coding, hacking, cracking, and dreaming up the world’s next great ideas.

    As a sponsor and a partner, the ARK team is presenting workshops, demos, technical support, gear, and prizes - even recruiting new talent for the ARK ecosystem.

    This is a fantastic way for ARK to explore opportunities in hardware, and IoT is unarguably one of the future’s biggest applications of blockchain-based technologies. Blockchain and IoT are a marriage made in heaven. Blockchain enables and augments a variety of application scenarios and use cases for IoT. No longer are such possibilities just futuristic dreams.

    The hackathon is also a wonderful opportunity to present our project to potential developers, makers, and enthusiasts - helping them better understand how things like IoT and blockchain work.

    ARK’s blockchain technology is well suited for securing IoT devices with its lean system requirements and speed. Man-in-the-middle attacks may be eliminated in communications among IoT devices and control hubs by using the blockchain to authenticate all of the devices on an IoT network and its connection to the rest of the internet.

    Data from IoT can be timestamped and logged with tamper-proof, decentralized, and redundant storage. Ownership of devices can be transferred, and permissioned access may be granted, validated, and revoked using the blockchain. Potential applications include manufacturing, shipping, storage solutions, environmental conditions, logistics, and device use and disposal. Everything can be tracked from start to finish for complete accountability. Whether for vehicles, spacecraft, or even nuclear weapons disposal, ARK IoT possibilities are vast and ever increasing. It is also likely that many more novel use cases will be presented for ARK IoT technology at the hackathon.

    To get you started we have prepared guides, libraries, SDKs, available hardware and general resources, and more information about the ARK ecosystem that will help you during the ARK Princeton’s workshop :

    What are some possibilities of IoT?

    • A private blockchain for driverless connected cars that enable secure and instant interactions from car startup to driver authentication; including the use of smart contracts to exchange insurance and maintenance/service information, and trackable real-time encrypted location data.
    • Certification of supply chain lines by improving the workflow and real-time visibility on the status of shipments, such as container contents, electronic documents, transit tracking, transfer/handoff of goods and other exceptional events (e.g. tracing famous Japanese beef to the local shop shelves; a certified and traceable supply chain line with a tamper-proof record of origin).
    • Building a campus mesh network of secure nodes relying on the ARK blockchain as a backbone for a fast, secure and tamper-proof platform.
    • Securing wireless science and industrial instrumentation and control networks from cyber threats while keeping indelible logs with an audit trail of their data and control actions.
    • Sharing a home or vehicle becomes a breeze to safely track, monitor, or reference anywhere in the world. Every day tasks — such as unlocking a door or protecting private property — become easily tokenized in a way that frees the user to spend more time on what matters.

    Ark and IoT are opening up a brand new world of exciting possibilities; all using the ARK Ecosystems innovative blockchain technology. The future has arrived, and we welcome you to board the ARK.

    Ark-IoT: Decentralize Everything — Blockchain challenge

    ARK will also be hosting a blockchain challenge for hackathon participants and will be providing prizes for best teams:

    New ARK IoT logo:

    Custom designed ARK IoT T-Shirts:

  • Re-Engineering of the ARK Core

    Almost eight months have passed since the successful launch of the ARK Network. It has proven itself to be reliable and fast, with an ever expanding community and gradually increasing transaction volume. Throughout this time period, and with experience gained during the development of ARK, we have been able to identify several key elements in the core design that could be optimized. Now, we embark on a new voyage to completely overhaul the ARK core code as well as the protocol as a foundation of our ambitious roadmap.

    The outdated Crypti/Lisk legacy code will be completely expunged and rewritten from the ground up to markedly increase efficiency and security. At the beginning of next year (don’t forget “ARK gives no dates, we just deliver!”) we will release a totally new ARK CORE v2 that will be the new beating heart of the the ARK Network.

    The new architecture has been completely rethought to decouple delegate forging activity, transaction pool management, and API interface on separate threads. Also, transactions will need to pass complete SPV (Simple Payment Verification) on a separate process or server before hitting the mempool, completely sandboxing the activity of the node against attacks.

    The database communication will be decoupled with an interface layer so it will be possible to use your own favorite technology like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, or MsSQL (so far). It will also be possible to override your own database interface and pass it to the node.

    Initial internal tests are already showing impressive results with lightning fast rebuilds using SQLite as backend, leveraging the multi-core capabilities of our test servers.

    The security will be hyper-enhanced using a completely independent transaction pool, responsible for keeping a list of unconfirmed transactions that could then be broadcasted or passed along to the forger, to forge a block.

    Finally, the forging process will be completely independent and self contained. It will be architected in a way to switch communications with other relay nodes if the original relay node is getting attacked or forked.

    We have designed the relay nodes to be as light and stable as possible and we recommend these relay nodes if you are building a business over ARK blockchain (exchanges, smartbridge, etc…) instead of a light client, since it will allow for more powerful computations such as Complex SPV Proof of Balance, or Batch Verifications.

    Initial Architecture of the ARK CORE v2 Prototype

    ARK CORE v2 will be AIP11 compliant and the communication protocol will be the object of a future AIP. ARK CORE v2 will also support the current protocol in order to manage the upcoming fork to AIP11.

    We have added this to our roadmap, named ARK CORE v2 ( ) so you can check tasks and current progress (%) at all times.

  • ARK Release desktop Version 1.4.2

    UI improvements, updated the price ticker API, better peer connectivity and various bugs fixed! A vast majority of the wallet code has also been refactored, standardized and further modularized. 💥


    • ARK News Feed #401
    • Custom Backgrounds #335
    • Implement Toast Service #350


    • Sort peers & fix bug with filtered peer status #354
    • Hover over ARK address #352
    • Show ‘Well Confirmed’ #351
    • Add accounts to list of addresses to send Ark to #372
    • Add extensions and settings file to .vscode #375
    • [Lint] Format code #376 #377
    • Add mocked dependency injection for unit testing #379
    • Split index.html into some more components #380
    • Refactor the HTML of the account section #381
    • Change Karma to use Electron for testing and add new tests #386
    • Fix the precision problem when sending some amounts of ARK #387
    • Updated to official api #400 #408
    • Theming improvements #402
    • Adding StandardJS #328
    • Added arktoshi constant solving #406

    Bug/Minor Fixes

    • Moved splashscreen css to css file #353
    • Exit ledger-worker process on quit signal #357
    • Hide 'Remove' button for a Ledger account #362
    • Removes deprecated method #365
    • Fix current account balance #370
    • Fix translate tag on public key tooltip #371
    • Disable screenshot protection setting if the platform is linux #349
    • Added libusb to Travis addons #342
    • Stop Import/Create account if no network #341
    • Fixes for virtual folders #339
    • Use single AddressBookController for account view #338
    • Make it more obvious you're not connected to the network #383
    • Minor UI tweaks #389
    • Languages now alphabetical fixes #396
    • Deal with signing/veryfing messages with addresses isn't on the blockchain #405
    • Force ledgerco to specific version #409
    • Fix Add Contact #410


    Thanks to @ckhatri @rbraunschweig @Ardeshir81 @noahgr @j-a-m-l @boldninja @alexbarnsley @krau612 @spresnal


  • ARK Release Desktop Version 1.4.3

    fixed the unvoting process, better management of currencies price and some bugs squashed! 🚨

    Bug/Minor Fixes

    • Add arktoshi to ark filter #414
    • Update account-transactions.controller.js #416
    • Refresh accounts on connect to network #419
    • Fix unvote #420
    • Market Prices updating caused an occasional error #425


  • ARK Creates a Unique Business Entity

    The Worlds First SCIC in the Cryptosphere

    ARK is now incorporated in France as a cooperative society (SCIC), ARK ECOSYSTEM, registered under n° 833 439 300, with a structure matching our open source blockchain organization. It is the first of its kind in the crypto world, and one of the first blockchain projects to incorporate in the European Union. We have been in close contact with the French financial governmental body and are keeping a very positive two way communication.

    Lets start at the beginning…

    From the very beginning, it has been the intent of ARK and the ARK Crew to create a legal business entity that would comply with the laws and regulations of the chosen country of incorporation. This process was initially slated for completion during the second quarter of 2017 as outlined in the ARK whitepaper.

    At the conclusion of the ARK Token Exchange Campaign(TEC), the funding target of 2000 BTC had not been reached (with BTC at a much lower valuation in 2016). Our total project funding amounted to approximately $750,000 USD after the TEC.

    Despite limited funding, the decision was made to proceed with the ARK Project. With the odds stacked against us, the mission was streamlined, with its focus directed towards software development of the ARK core and network. On March 21st 2017, the launch of the ARK network was a smashing success, and it has been running smoothly ever since.

    From the start, we were determined to push the envelope in the blockchain space, even if it meant working day and night. With our vision for ARK, and the dynamic progress of ongoing work, we confirmed the need for a legal framework for the ARK project. Not only was it needed for ARK’s progress and future vision as a viable blockchain solution for the masses, but also for future partnerships. We also knew the creation of a respectable legal structure was dependent on a successful launch of the ARK network.

    In search of the best legal framework…

    The ARK Crew, under the leadership of François-Xavier Thoorens, Mike Doty, Lars Rensing, Scott McPherson, and Rok Černec, investigated many options for creating a legal entity, which were thoroughly discussed. We knew that the Swiss Foundation had become a very popular legal solution for the majority of existing blockchain projects, and at the time of investigation, this well established path to incorporation seemed like a viable solution. Other options, including many offshore corporations, were also examined. Advantages and disadvantages of each were reviewed, with offshore options being rejected due to concerns of legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

    The Swiss Non-Profit Foundation was most favored, however the ARK Crew had the intuition that it was not the optimal solution. Indeed, it was not just a question of following the herd and copying other projects, but finding the right legal framework for the ARK Ecosystem vision.

    During consultations with legal advisers, several objective concepts drove the ARK Crew to realize the Swiss Foundation may not be the best fit:

    • The ARK token is not really compliant with the spirit of a non-profit organization. Regulators could potentially determine it as not compliant with the purpose of a Foundation.
    • The Foundation would be financed from the sale of cryptocurrency, and to imply that cryptocurrencies are not financial assets increases the risk of non-compliance and misuse of the Foundation status.
    • Moreover, the non-profit Foundation status does not necessarily apply to subsequent gains in market value related to cryptocurrencies.

    It became apparent that another solution was needed. There would be many restrictions imposed during the creation of a Swiss Foundation — and the bottom line is — A blockchain technology project is NOT non-profit.

    Choosing to investigate France…

    Next, the ARK Crew analyzed other traditional forms of companies that would allow for:

    • The governance of ARK, based on a Board of Directors and ARK community involvement. A main concern of the ARK crew is to avoid a fork of the main chain, and if a fork does occur, we want to have a large majority of the community in agreement.
    • A well defined structure without legal ambiguities related to capital gains and taxation. There can be no future interpretations that may compromise the financial resources of the ARK Project.

    After the initial investigation, François, as a French citizen, suggested focusing on the associative structures that exist in France. Following talks and investigation of this, we sought legal analysis from French lawyer Arnaud Grunthaler, a partner at Fieldfisher Paris.

    Fieldfisher is a European law firm with market leading practices in many of the world’s most dynamic sectors. They are an exciting, forward-thinking organization, with a particular focus on technology, finance, and financial services. They are a multinational law firm, with roughly 400 lawyers across offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Birmingham, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Turin, Venice, and Silicon Valley.

    Arnaud is also a member of “France Stratégie”, the think tank of the French Prime Minister’s Cabinet, and contributes to the planning of the policies enacted by the public agencies. This policy institute performs research and advocacy, assisting the French government in determining the major directions of the nation’s future, along with the medium and long-term objectives of its economic, social, cultural, and environmental development. Within this think tank, Arnaud is working on finding legal means to make France attractive for blockchain development.

    The SCIC — Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif

    In view of the legal solutions available in France, it appeared that a cooperative legal form of incorporation met almost all of our requirements: “Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif” or SCIC for short, also known as the “Cooperative Society of Collective Interest”.

    SCIC is the French acronym for “General Interest Co-operatives”. It is a new private, common interest co-operative which allows anyone — employees, users, volunteers, public bodies, companies, associations —to act together in a legal framework to govern an entity.

    All SCIC members are shareholders and will belong to of one of the statutory categories : Founders, Advisers, or Employees.

    The vote principle is : 1 shareholder = 1 vote.

    The ARK crew, being initial share holders, will choose the Executive Board of the legal entity, which permits ARK to continue the current board structure.

    Additional shareholders, except Founders, can be named by members of the Board. They can be appointed to the Supervisory Board, as provided for in the charter. The charter may be amended as often as necessary. In French Law, the SCIC format also allows public institutions to become shareholders if seen fit by the board.

    As a common interest benefit company, an SCIC must keep at least 52.5% of the company’s profits as legal reserves. In the case of Ark, there is no plan to do any distribution of profits to shareholders, so it will hold 100% of any profits for use in development, marketing, and operations.

    ARK chooses France and an SCIC

    ARK has been envisioned as an ecosystem from its very beginning. The 26 founders, from over a dozen nationalities, believe in decentralized blockchain technology — working toward a global and inclusive community. It is only fitting that our legal entity aspire to these same visions. Inclusion of all involved is the ultimate objective: companies, users, token holders, delegates of the DPoS network, technical staff, academic advisers, employees, as well as public institutions.

    The SCIC is a cooperative form of incorporation that addresses this objective. This type of legal entity offers the structural framework to achieve ARK’s innovative goals as an open source software project. The cooperative structure will naturally speed up development and adoption of the technology, and strengthen the value of the ARK Token.

    This ecosystem will focus on blockchain applications from IoT to logistics, digital identity, and any use-case that would benefit from using blockchain technology. This will contribute to the development of the ARK project and the European blockchain industry.

    This establishment of an SCIC in France is not only the first of its kind, but it will also bolster the credibility of cryptocurrency in France, the European Union, and the rest of the world.

    The prospect of ARK and its SCIC formation has attracted the interest and enthusiasm of some regulatory institutions. During this process, ARK was invited by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) —the French regulatory body for financial markets — and the Banque de France (National Bank of France) to present the ARK Project and explain the conditions of the ARK TEC. The discussion was in-depth and encouraging. Conversing with the AMF on how to best comply with French laws resulted in a positive two way conversation with the French government.

    We are proud to play a part in France becoming a crypto-friendly environment, and proud to be the leaders in this huge step forward in cryptocurrency adoption.


    With finalization of the SCIC, the ARK Ecosystem will now be able to expand and advance blockchain technology, providing opportunities for all. Welcome aboard the ARK, as we prepare the world for the future of decentralization.


    • ARK is now incorporated in France as a cooperative society (SCIC), ARK ECOSYSTEM, registered under 833 439 300, a structure matching our open source blockchain organization. It is the first of its kind in the crypto world and one of the first blockchain projects to incorporate in the EU.
    • As shareholders in the company, we can on-board any type of business entity — companies, experts, public agencies — to make strategic decisions for the future of ARK. The management structure is divided into “Employees”, “Founders”, and “Advisors”.
    • This structure provides the benefits of being a non-profit as long as earnings are not redistributed to shareholders, covering the cryptocurrency funds held by ARK.
    • We are advised by Fieldfisher law firm member Arnaud Grunthaler, who is a member of the French Prime Minister’s Think Tank, “France-Stratégie”.
    • In October we met with Autorité des Marchés Financiers, or more simply, the AMF. AMF is the French government regulatory body for financial markets, and we now have a close relationship with them for future regulatory compliance.
    • We are scheduling an initial meeting to on-board the first executive team members in the coming months.

  • LUARK : Powerful and Lite ARK API Client

    Another NEW client to interact with the ARK Blockchain! This newest client written in a very unique programming language called LUA!

    LUARK is the name of the newest addition to our substantive list of API clients and programming languages. The LUARK API was written by our community member Jolan Beer and we are truly grateful for this awesome upgrade — the more community developers we engage, the quicker ARK can prosper, and on-board new developers in a virtuous cycle of development.

    LUARK can be found on Github:

    LUARK module can be found at :

    What is LUA?

    Lua is a very fast and powerful programming language that is easy to learn and embed into your applications. It supports procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, data-driven programming, and data description.

    Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. It is dynamically typed and runs by interpreting bytecode with a register-based virtual machine. Lua also has automatic memory management with incremental garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration, scripting, and rapid prototyping.

    One of the main points of Lua is to be a lightweight, embeddable scripting language. Adding Lua to an application does not bloat it, it only takes around 300K compressed and 1.1M uncompressed. As this is a really lightweight client, it can be run on devices with minimal available resources.

    Lua builds out-of-the-box on all platforms that are equipped with a standard C compiler. It runs on all instances of Unix, Linux, and Windows, on mobile devices running Android, iOS, BREW, Symbian, or Windows Phone, on embedded microprocessors such as ARM and Rabbit, and even on IBM mainframes.

    Learn more about Lua at their official website:

  • ARK Signs Partnership With PR Release Firm Bitcoin PR Buzz

    ARK has signed a strategic and ongoing partnership with the world’s first Bitcoin press release agency — one of the biggest blockchain PR companies online.

    As some of you may know, we have used BPRB (Bitcoin PR Buzz) quite a few times in the last year, and as we move into 2018 we are very excited to make this an official partnership, paving the way forward for both teams.

    The Bitcoin PR Buzz team had this to say:

    “We are very excited to enter into an official partnership with Ark. Having been following Ark closely from its inception, we firmly believe Ark is a top tier blockchain project of integrity and innovation that will take its rightful place amongst the other giants in the industry. We are proud to continue our support in a more official capacity for the next stage of Ark’s journey.”

    This doesn’t mean hyping up ARK, but rather getting our name, news, and innovations out to a bigger audience way more often. BPRB will help ARK grow their web presence in various large online outlets and get our name known in other technological circles. Some additional information is still kept under NDA, but we can share some of what ARK will be receiving.

    • Top tier articles on some of the highest ranked, most respectable news sites.
    • Reaching 1,000,000+ real Bitcoin twitter users.
    • Constant submissions of press releases to BPRB partner network ( ).
    • Bitcoin PR buzz will display the ARK logo on the image slider located at the top of their homepage.
    • Bitcoin PR Buzz will also be accepting ARK as a payment method for any and all PR services in the future.

    What is Bitcoin PR Buzz?

    Bitcoin PR Buzz is the worlds first cryptocurrency and blockchain PR agency. With over 4 years experience and over 500 clients, their press release services include guaranteed publication on CryptoCoinsNews, The Merkle, Coinspeaker, CoinIdol, many international BTC news sites, and 200–400 other online news outlets including Nasdaq, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, International Business Times, Boston Globe, Forbes, Bloomberg, and much more.

    For more information please visit:

  • ARK Hires New Core Developer

    We are happy to announce the newest addition to our core team of developers — Kristjan Košič a technology/blockchain enthusiast from Slovenia.

    Kristjan is always hacking and tinkering with state-of-the art technology and has an impressive collection of experiences. He is also a teaching assistant at one of the largest IT universities in Slovenia and will stay actively involved in the university setting. He will be ARK’s very own Technical Evangelist — promoting and spreading ARK technology.

    Kristjan speaks engineering language, but he feels most comfortable with:

    • GOLang (he loves it)
    • Java
    • C# and .NET Framework
    • C/C++
    • Javascript


    • Certified Cloud Computing Engineer,
    • Certified Internal Auditor for Quality Management EN-ISO 13485,
    • Social Entrepreneur,
    • Risk management expert for software development EN-ISO14971, EN-ISO62304,
    • Graduated from two business accelerators (Eleven Accelerator, batch 2015; SK50 BootCamp accelerator 2014).

    Besides technological expertise he has also gained vast experience in various other fields like: strategic planning, setting goals and KPI, budgeting, negotiating, as well as entire product life cycle management. His passion is product innovations and delivering them to the market. He loves to be present in all phases of product development, from idea to final production and distribution.

    Kristjan’s background includes participating in large industry projects in various roles. After finishing his B.Sc. in computer science, he worked for the largest energy company in Slovenia (Petrol d.d.) where he was developing a mobile payment system for fuel solutions. After four years in the industry, he started his Ph.D. in the area of human computer interaction (ADORA project; ADORA Assistant product completed rigid medical grade certification according to European Medical Device Directive MDD93/42/EEC).

    Kristjan also received recognition for exemplary achievements at the University of Maribor and finished a Sprout Entrepreneurship course led by Taking IT Global (Canada) and received a certificate of completion for Social Entrepreneurship. His skills were further improved with two intense business accelerator programs (Eleven Venture Fund and SK BootCamp Accelerator). You can also review his extensive scientific academic articles at : .

    Kristjan fell in love with ARK and blockchain technology when he cloned his first ARK-node. He immediately started hacking on various projects while learning about blockchain and the ARK Ecosystem overall. As a community developer he contributes greatly to the ARK Ecosystem developing various client APIs, delegate helping scripts, and a listening relay node that can also be run on IoT devices.

    Checkout his Github page to learn more about his contributions and skills (

    We are thrilled to welcome Kristjan to the ARK Team. He is already familiarizing himself with the team and his first duties. In his first steps, he will be actively involved with the new ARK Core v2 development and helping organizations on board the ARK ecosystem.

  • OKEx to List ARK for Trading! (and 75,000 ARK giveaway!)

    We are proud to announce that ARK is being added onto the OKEx Trading Exchange. OKEx is one of the largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has a daily volume of over $1 Billion USD (at the time this article was written).

    The official trading pairs at the time of listing will be:

    OKEx will be opening ARK wallets for deposits on Dec 20, 2017 at 16:00 (Hong Kong Time)

    75,000 ARK Giveaway!

    We also proudly announce the OKEx listing 2 Stage FREE ARK Giveaway.

    STAGE 1: (10,000 ARK)

    Promotional period:December 21st — December 27th, 2017.

    OKEx users who follow OKEx throughout social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weixin) will receive a code. With this code OKEx users can join the free ARK airdrop lucky draw game on WeChat for a chance to win free ARK tokens. For more info follow OKEx on social media.

    *This is run by OKEx, ARK is not responsible for verification issues at exchanges.

    STAGE 2: Trading Incentives (65,000 ARK)

    Lucky Draw:December 21st — December 30th, 2017.

    During the promotional period, when total ARK trading volume on OKEx exceeds 10 million tokens, all contributors/participants to this volume (any amount) will stand a chance to enter our lucky draw. The total number of ARK tokens being distributed during the lucky draw will be 65,000.

    *These numbers are subject to change. This contest and giveaway are run by OKEx. ARK has no control over the distribution, final numbers, or start date of this contest. ARK is not running this giveaway, nor can we answer any questions about it. This giveaway is scheduled to start December 21st, 2017. For all inquiries please contact OKEx.

    About OKEx

    OKEx is a leading digital asset trading platform, offering token to token and derivative trading to users globally. They currently offer more than 40 token trading pairs and 5 futures pairs. OKEx’s industry leading BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume a day and is widely regarded as the gold standard for the industry. They have served millions of customers in over 100 countries, with about 60% of users originating from China.

  • New Partnership Formed: ARK + Blockport

    We are pleased to announce our newest strategic alliance with the team from Blockport.

    Blockport is a decentralized trading platform, which will be designed for both beginner and advanced traders. No prior knowledge of trading or experience with cryptocurrencies will be required when you use the Blockport platform.

    Blockport wants to make it easy for consumers to access the same great tools as trading professionals but with much less complexity, and this goes hand in hand with ARK’s vision of simple mass adoption.

    Blockport’s motto is: “Everyone should be able to trade cryptocurrencies”.


    In the previous weeks ARK connected with the team from Blockport and a synergy was formed through our shared goals of developing easy to use blockchain technologies.

    Blockport’s goal is to develop a robust decentralized exchange, which we feel is needed in the blockchain space. With all of the bureaucratic uncertainty that traditional exchanges encounter, Blockport aims to offer FIAT pairs for anyone who prefers trading directly with conventional currencies like EUROS but without the need to trust in a human 3rd party to control the funds.

    Lars Rensing, CFO of ARK, will be joining Blockport as an advisor to smoothen the collaboration and help them with any questions needed for a successful venture.

    In the coming weeks Lars will help determine exactly how we can leverage each others knowledge and networks to create a win-win scenario for both amazing communities.

    More details about the content of the Blockport partnership with ARK will be posted in 2018.

    To learn more about Blockport visit their website :

  • Mobile ARK Wallet — A Wallet for Everyone

    We are happy to announce another huge achievement, with the release of the much awaited ARK Mobile Wallet. That’s right, you can now vote for a delegate, send ARK, or just check your balance straight from the palm of your hand. No sync needed, just open the app and conduct your business.

    ARK’s mobile wallet is a hybrid application (using the same codebase for Android and iOS which helps with coordinated development). Created using Ionic framework and ARK’s TypeScript API to interact with the ARK network via your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection).

    The ARK wallet is still in a Beta version so you might encounter some quirks and bugs while checking it out. Give it a spin and please provide us feedback so we can improve our wallet in upcoming releases.

    ARK Android Mobile Wallet:

    Or go to Google Play store from your mobile wallet and in search field input ‘Mobile ARK’ — install. Requires Android 4.1+ to work.

    ARK iOS Mobile Wallet :  1. Install ‘Ionic View — Test Ionic Apps’ 2. Open and click the eye at the bottom 3. Enter the ID 0894ffa2 and “View App”

    The QR scanner is not compatible with ‘Ionic View — Test Ionic Apps’ so it won’t work on iOS.

    This is currently a workaround as we are still waiting on approval from Apple (they are very strict with finance and cryptocurrency apps). When we get final approval for the iOS App store we’ll let you know via social channels.

    Highlighted Features

    • Import your existing passphrase (import by QR feature or write/paste your passphrase).
    • Generate a new passphrase.
    • Encrypt access to your profile with a custom 6 digit PIN (AES256+PBKDF2).
    • Most transaction types are available: send, receive, vote, unvote, register a delegate.
    • Connects to both mainnet and devnet.
    • Option for additional profiles (separate profiles for different ARK addresses or networks).
    • Option to add contacts and easily transact with them.
    • Total balance of your combined ARK addresses.
    • Wallet backup — input your selected PIN to decrypt your wallet and gain view of your private data.
    • Change PIN — if you want to change your encryption/decryption PIN you can easily do so.
    • Clear Data — you can clear all your data from the phone (note: this will also delete all of your wallets so if you haven’t yet you should make a backup!).
    • Overview of network status with an option to change peer.
    • Current market value, along with weekly movements.
    • Support for showing data in different FIAT currencies.


    In the upcoming months we are going to be polishing up the ARK mobile wallet with input from ARKs community developers and users. We also aim to integrate:

    • Ledger Nano S support via On-the-Go (OTG) cable/adapter.
    • Dark theme.
    • Adding an option to add custom network types (eg. your own ARK-based chain or for instance Kapu, Blockpool, …) just from 1 IP address — use ARK wallet for any current or future ARK based blockchain project!
    • Ability to allow your fingerprint to act as a PIN to unlock your wallet (optional of course).
    • Notifications of receiving transactions.
    • Adding more localizations (you’ll be able to help in this regards to get ARK mobile wallet translated into your local language).
    • Saving your generated passphrase to .PDF.

    Some Screenshots

    Some Screenshots

    Thank You

    Thank You Special thanks to our core developer Lúcio Rubens for being lead on the development of the ARK mobile wallet. For the past few months he has been working tirelessly to oversee the development, follow best developmental practices, and make an easy to use mobile ARK wallet. Thanks to Alex Barnsley as well for lending help to Lucio with development and our designer Oleg Shcherbyna to bring his design renders to life. Found a bug or see a room for improvement? As with all new stuff there is bound to be bugs and improvements to be made so if you spot anything let us know on Github: We can’t stress this enough times, but here it goes :  SAVE YOUR GENERATED ‘PASSPHRASES‘ YOU WILL NEED THESE — WRITE THEM ON A PIECE OF PAPER (EXACTLY LIKE SHOWN), OR SAVE THEM ON AN ENCRYPTED USB DRIVE. DON’T HAVE JUST 1 BACKUP, MAKE A FEW FOR THE WALLETS YOU WILL BE USING. IF NOT SURE, FIRST TEST WITH SMALL DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS SO YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. PASSPHRASES ARE YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND IF YOU LOSE IT, NO ONE CAN HELP YOU OUT! THERE IS NO PASSPHRASE RECOVERY OPTION!

  • ARK is going to Miami — Miami Bitcoin Conference

    ARK is delighted to be a gold sponsor of one of the biggest blockchain conferences in the world, The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC).

    TNABC is taking place in Miami Florida on January 18th and 19th 2018, and ARK’s very own Dr. Scott McPherson will be speaking in a keynote on the main stage.

    The conference will cover a wide array of topics including blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Ethereum, ICOs, token sale mechanics, investing, regulation, startups, disruption, and much more. Blockchain industry speakers will be presenting throughout the two day conference in the main theatre in 15 minute speaking slots.

    A few of our team members will be there as well so if you can make it, make sure to stop by our booth, grab some stickers, and ask any questions you may have!

    Learn more at :

  • ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program

    ARK has some great news about the GitHub Development Bounty Program. We have decided that with the New Year, the ARK GitHub Bounty Program will now become a PERMANENT GitHub bounty. What does that mean for you, dear ARK supporter? It means that this amazing program does not end after just 1 year, but will be running from 1.1.2018 until ARK runs out of funds! (hopefully never) :). You can receive some nice bounties helping with ARK development. An added benefit is that we are always on a lookout for talented devs to join our team in a more official and full-time paying job. Our GitHub contributors are usually our first candidates from which we hire.

    Our GitHub bounty so far has been a smashing success! With more than 30 community devs participating in these bounties, we have also managed to hire 3 GitHub contributors on as full-time ARK employees because they showed dedication, skills, and, most of all, willingness to learn and be motivated.

    One of the major changes we want to update you on is our need to refactor our Bounty payouts display information into USD instead of ARK, and provide less volatile payouts pegged to USD, but paid in ARK equivalent. I know we are not all here to talk about conventional money, but it’s still a more tangible way to represent the value they will receive in a way that is readily perceived.

    We want to give every developer, hacker, and hobbyist who sees something special in ARK an opportunity to be rewarded for their valuable input to the ARK ecosystem. These funds will be awarded to any contributor who wants to further improve our code base, find critical bugs, or identify security breaches which might pose a threat to the ARK network.

    All GitHub bounties are paid at the beginning of every month for contributions accepted and merged during a previous month. We will contact you either via Slack or GitHub.

    How does it Work?

    The program consists of contribution rewards, monthly contests, and even a chance to get funding for your own project. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which you can earn ARK for your contributions!

    Pull Requests — $10 USD

    Each accepted pull request from our development team will automatically reward you with $10 USD.

    We value your time and energy finding areas for improvement within our code, no matter how big they are. While this is a small amount of ARK, the pull rewards can add up over time, and each one will automatically enter you into the second phase of our program — monthly bounties!

    Monthly Bounties

    On top of each accepted pull, we’ll be selecting monthly winners, based on accepted PRs from month they were accepted, and giving you a chance to earn bigger amounts of ARK depending on scope, of your pull requests. All corresponding $10 USD accepted pull requests will be paid out separately from the monthly bounty winners.

    Currently (last updated for January 2018 payouts) :

    1st : $2,000 USD

    2nd: $1,500 USD

    3rd: $1,000 USD

    4th–6th: $250 USD / each

    7th+ : $50 / each

    (+ all $10 merged PR’s)

    Please note that for ease of tracking, PRs count in the month when they get merged, and not when they are submitted.

    Custom Projects

    If you have a great idea which is not yet developed, and will help improve or make ARK better — it can be new API integration language, game, commerce plugin, other ARK related apps, hardware integration, … — get in contact with ‘boldninja’ on ARK Slack, before you start development, so we can talk it through.



    Want to chat with other developers and brainstorm on new exciting ideas or share your thoughts?

    1. Join ARK Slack
    2. Join room #development in ARK Slack
    3. Join ARK developers on Gitter

    Submitting PR (Pull-Request) is a tacit agreement of the ongoing terms. The decision of the winners is the sole responsibility of the ARK team, and no appeals will be taken. Every PR containing only typo corrections (eg. document with typo) will be counted only once per month per GitHub user, and won’t count as part of the sum of your total monthly PRs. We reserve the right to change any rules and rewards on monthly basis, so you will always know what to expect for the next month, as we want to make GitHub bounty as fair as possible for all developers, and consistent from month to month. All USD currency equivalents will be paid at the current exchange rate of ARK at the time of payout.

  • ARK Traveling to Cambridge University — Hack Cambridge 2018

    One of the goals of ARK in 2018 is to sponsor, attend, present, and educate the general public and budding developers via the most respected and known conferences + hackathons all around the world!

    First on the list of hackathons that ARK will sponsor this year is one of the most respected and well known universities in the world, Cambridge University. The hackathon will take place the 20th to the 21st of January 2018.

    Cambridge University’s, Hack Cambridge annual hackathon will bring together over 300 student hackers, programmers, designers and more from universities all over the world. For 24 hours they will scramble, build, break, and innovate to produce pop-up projects that may push the boundaries of technology.

    As a GIGA sponsor of HackCambridge, the ARK team is going to attract new talent via presentations, workshops, demos, technical support, and the always popular swag.

    (List of HackCambridge GIGA sponsors for 2018)

    A few of the ARK core team members and community developers will be available at the event. We will be assisting in many positive ways including motivation and brainstorming with the contestants and to develop new ways to put ARK and Blockchain technology into real world usable applications.

    The following ARK Team and Community Members will be attending HackCambridge:

    Kristjan Košič — back-end ARK team developer Alex Barnsley — full-stack ARK team developer Karel L. Kubat — ARK community developer Ruud Seegers — ARK community developer

    Learn more about HackCambridge at :

  • ACES Completes ARK Authentication Listeners for ARK, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin

    If this is your first time learning about the ACES project, feel free to read our intro post here.

    This release is an expansion and improvement to our existing listener protocol, providing high quality features that will support a robust blockchain service ecosystem. This release also includes deployment of stake-based listeners for ARK and Ethereum, which you can begin using immediately to build services. We will be deploying two additional listeners for Bitcoin and Litecoin alongside our release of services in the coming weeks.

    Services can be built leveraging the ACES listener data on a stake-based subscription basis. You may not need to download, sync, nor store as much blockchain data on your servers if you are using public listeners. The required stake will start at 100 ARK.

    The motivation behind authenticated listeners is that blockchains are typically very large. Running full nodes of any blockchain can be expensive and also cumbersome because of the requirement to sync and store the data. In order for those running listeners to have incentive, there needs to be a reward mechanism. We have implemented and deployed an authentication approach for API registration that allows providers of listener data to receive rewards.

    Listener Authentication through ARK

    API access will require registration through the ARK blockchain. API keys are used by blockchain services to receive listener data and will be associated with the ARK address that registered. In order for your ACES listener API access to be enabled, the ARK address that is registered must hold at least 100 ARK for mainnet, or 10 ARK for testnet.

    We have also added a feature for subscription-based listener fees so independent providers of listeners can be directly compensated for providing blockchain listener services. The subscription-based listeners create a special address for prepayment for listener registration. The wallet is managed by the listener application and depleted over time, and can be filled up as much or as little as the service provider desires. Consumers and developers can elect to use either the stake-based listeners or the fee-based listeners.

    For the ACES hosted listeners, we chose to implement the stake-based implementation over direct fees. Utilization the listener network is completely free for those with a stake in the ARK Ecosystem. Service providers without a stake in ARK can pay for listener data through other fee-based implementations.

    We will have listener deployment guides available for the community for each blockchain listener we build. Our set up uses Amazon Lightsail which makes launching a server and adding extra storage space very easy. The cost for the major blockchains is approximately $80/m per server at the time of this post.

    The stake-based implementation that we are using allows services to charge much lower fees to their customers, since they will not need to pay for data from listeners and do not need to download nor store the blockchains. While $80/m is not a huge expense, it could be a deal breaker for small hobbyist service operators. Economies of scale are introduced by allowing the existence of listener-specialists. We would expect to have many more service providers than listener-specialists. The monthly cost of running a service could be as low as a few dollars a month for all blockchain services from a provider. The low cost for hosting services will result in a robust blockchain service ecosystem.

    Here are some examples of how you can use the listener API authentication to subscribe to events.

    1. No HTTP Basic auth credentials sent:

    curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
    -d '{
     "callbackUrl": "",
     "minConfirmations": 2

    In this example, the response shows that authorization is required.

     "code" : "authorizationRequired",
     "message" : "HTTP Basic Authorization required."

    2. Register an account by giving a user ARK address and getting an API key (inactive by default until ARK stake is verified and ownership confirmed):

    curl -X POST '' \
    -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
    -d '{
     "userArkAddress": "ARNJJruY6RcuYCXcwWsu4bx9kyZtntqeAx"

    This creates a response that shows that authentication is pending. You also receive your API key that can be used in service applications. The response includes instructions on how to activate the authentication. In this example the user must send a payment of the desired amount to the payment ARK Address. Sending a transaction from [ARNJJ…] to [AbUSp…] verifies the user address. The funds added to [AbUSp…] are used for fee payment every 24 hours (the actual value charged is set in the application.yml config file).

     “id” : “p7FCGo3fJPXOXveFWAbB”,
     “status” : “pending”,
     “apiKey” : “7tqf3x0v4bMZgI8hBsx8prVFU1EOUERlOEkUX3I0”,
     “userArkAddress” : “ARNJJruY6RcuYCXcwWsu4bx9kyZtntqeAx”,
     “paymentArkAddress” : “AbUSp1ceHkkahtA97xgspZgy9WJST2JJXa”,
     “createdAt” : “2017–12–31T06:26:43.807Z”,
     “hasEnoughStake” : false,
     “hasPaidFee” : false,
     “userArkAddressVerified” : false,
     “arkStake” : 0,
     “paymentAccountAmount” : 0

    3. Use the Listener API:

    curl -X POST '' \
    -u token:7tqf3x0v4bMZgI8hBsx8prVFU1EOUERlOEkUX3I0 \
    -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
    -d '{
     "callbackUrl": "",
     "minConfirmations": 2

    The above example uses the apiKey to make a subscription request to the Ethereum listener with the callback URL of the service application. It is also specified that the application requires two confirmations before accepting the received data. The below response confirms the request. This portion of the listener service will begin to make more sense when we release the BTC/ARK service in the coming weeks, which is built to consume external listener data.

     “identifier” : “TwpEVgS64WKG4WalMgBk”,
     “callbackUrl” : “",
     “createdAt” : “2017–10–24T04:15:17.091Z”

    What’s next

    The listener authentication protocol sets the ground work for ACES blockchain services. Our next major release will include implementation of a two-way BTC/ARK service that receives its data from an ACES listener. This will be an open source project, as always, and can be run independently by the community.

    You can continue to follow our development and get involved through our Github at

    Reach out to us on Reddit at or on Slack in the #ACES channel.

  • ARK Release Desktop Version 1.5.0

    More user friendly way of voting and un-voting delegates, new features, UI improvements and various bug fixes! 🚀


    • Delegate Vote Refactor #491
    • Validate BIP39 passphrase when importing account #498
    • Validate the recipient address in send dialog #499
    • Get all transactions when exporting account #485
    • Added BTC / FIAT toggle on main dashboard 82116a1


    • 4 new languages added: Czech, Croatian, Norwegian Nynorsk and Persian 7b56c2b
    • Show the label of the account on the menu and the sending ARK dialog #504
    • Refactor and added some unit tests #493 #473 #471 #476
    • Unify passphrase input in the whole app #482
    • Call currency rates api periodically #452
    • Provide feedback when user refreshes account #451
    • Make Ark values in transaction tab selectable #448
    • Adding basic empty state component #445
    • Hides the window on Mac OS using Cmd+H #442
    • Add confirmation to warn user of the cost of second passphrase #435
    • Ignore middle-button clicks and refactor external links #430
    • Use filters amountToCurrency and formatCurrency #426

    Bug/Minor Fixes

    • Move utility functions to utility services #495
    • Fix wrong display of amount in transaction list #487
    • Unit tests now work on windows #478
    • Fix multiple bugs with fees & refactor #474
    • Account label filter moved to filters.js #469
    • Moved toastService into copy directive #468
    • Fixes add delegate mddialog error #467
    • Fixes couldn't set selectedTextBackgroundColor #466
    • Fixed income/expense labels in contact info #464
    • No more vertical scrollbar when this menu is open #463
    • Fix toggling btc didn't change market to btc values #462
    • Remove the changer service completely #461
    • Fix that qr scanner doesn't work correctly for 'To' field #456
    • Doesn't scroll to top of transactions on refresh fixes #457
    • Add border to QR Code on Dark Theme #446
    • Adapt the width of the transaction amount to deal with language support #443




    Thanks to @Nasicus @ckhatri @zillionn @perryhoffman @stevenhuijgens @jonaszuberbuehler @spresnal


  • ARK Deployer : First Steps Towards Easy Blockchain Deployment

    One of the key tenants of ARK’s business model is the Push-Button blockchain deployment. Our goal for ARK is to create the core experience and modular ecosystem that does for blockchain what Wordpress has done for websites and blogging. While we are not yet ready to debut our full “Point. Click. Blockchain.” system, today we would like to take the first step towards making our vision a reality. Today we are officially releasing ARK Deployer.

    ARK Deployer is a lightweight deployment script for creating your own ARK based blockchains. By utilizing the ARK Deployer, developers can create their own blockchain in a matter of minutes. ARK Deployer is just the first step in building a more robust ecosystem that will be user friendly, customizable, and will feature the same caliber of user experience you have all come to expect from an ARK project.

    The ARK Deployer script is being published for developers, hackers and tech enthusiast to launch their own blockchain based on ARK technology, start learning how the ARK ecosystem works, and get accustomed to the code. It will also be our featured tool for upcoming hackathons to allow our team to quickly show and setup custom blockchains for participants or for participants to set it up on their own.

    Installation instructions and code can be found at:

    ARK Chain is launched with preconfigured ARK blockchain parameters and can also be adjusted to fit your custom needs.

    ARK Deployer configures, deploys and integrates the following:

    1. Deploys ARK node in auto-forging mode on a single computer / server, with 51 forging genesis delegates ( clones the ARK node and sets their custom parameters, creates their own genesis file with auto-forging delegates ).
    2. Deploys ARK explorer that is already configured and talking with installed ARK node ( clones, configures, installs and integrates ARK explorer with the ARK node ).
    3. Configures ARK API for the developer to start exploring, hacking and developing solutions based on ARK Ecosystem technology ( REST API Swagger docs available at ).

    A Vagrant script is also available, where we even automated the deployer steps ( read instructions in GitHub repository ).

    Special thanks to our core developer Alex Barnsley for being a lead on this and Brian Faust for helping out.

  • ARK Desktop Wallet Update Version 1.5.1

    ARK QR-Code Web Component for ARK Payments & Minor Bug Fixes

    A New Desktop Wallet update is out! Featuring the addition of the ARK QR-Code web component as part of its protocol, and minor bug fixes.

    Already the second wallet update this year, the newest version 1.5.1 is now available for download.

    Click ‘New version available’ located in the upper left corner inside your ARK Desktop Wallet or download from the official Github release page: No need to uninstall as everything is taken care of for you during the installation process.

    Let’s go over the various improvements:


    • Added support for the ARK Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme [AIP-13].
    • Made it possible to access contacts / Read-Only accounts from Dashboard.

    Bugs/Minor Fixes

    • Fixed voting with second passphrase enabled.
    • Fixed bug ‘Cannot set property ‘scrollTop’ of undefined’.
    • Fixed refresh animation bug which never stops if you have no accounts.
    • Fix username being truncated in sidebar.
    • Small typo fix in README.

    A new web component (developed by one of our amazing core developers Lúcio Rubens) will be applied to generating custom ARK QR codes for ARK payments that follow AIP-13 URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) scheme proposal and protocol.

    This integration will make it easier for merchants or websites to accept ARK as a payment. Giving the ability to call to open your Ark wallet and propagate the payment and transaction for you. Similar to bitcoin website payments, all you need to do is confirm and sign the transaction.

    ARK QR-Code runs directly in the browser without the need for dependencies and can be used in any framework (React, Vue, Angular) and even in Vanilla JavaScript. ARK QR-Code is now also part of the protocol inside the ARK Desktop Wallet in 1.5.1.


    • Add a donation button on your website accepting ARK payments.
    • Request the specific amount of the product purchased from your e-commerce.

    Eg. this component in your HTML will generate a QR code for your address:

    <ark-qrcode address="DE6os4N86ef9bba6kVGurqxmhpBHKctoxY" amount="10.5" vendor-field="Hello%20Ark!" size="200" show-logo="true"></ark-qrcode>

    Will generate this ARK QR Code:

    However, if the user is accessing the website in desktop it will not be able to scan the QR code, so you can add a link to open the URI directly in the Desktop Wallet:

    <a href=”#” onclick="openInWallet()">Open Desktop Wallet</a>
      function openInWallet() {
        const uri = document.querySelector('ark-qrcode').getURI();

    URI = launch the wallet with pre-set parameters. ARK QR code = representative image of URI, to scan with the mobile wallet.

    Read the complete documentation in the Github repository:

    AIP-13 URI scheme:

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