Age of Chains Development Update 02

  • Disclaimer: As mentioned before in previous Developer’s blog, we’ll be making periodic development updates to the community, to let you all know the progress of our game’s development and new features we are continuously adding to the game! In case you missed our last Developer’s Blog, you can find it here as well as a glimpse into our lore here.

    Supporters, players, enthusiasts everywhere! 2017 barely started and we already have some amazing news to share about our game’s development!

    First of all, the faction system has already been developed, the game’s rules and mechanics as well and we also are far in the card creation process for the game.

    Starting with the faction system, you will be able to choose in between four groups. As Age of Chains will be the showcasing an intergalactic war between a centralized system ruling the Andromeda galaxy, versus the decentralized communities of our Milky Way, you might already have a good guess on what kind of factions there will be — we will not spoil too much here yet.

    We are currently in the phase of creating cards and other customization systems to amplify the identification process that a player should have when it comes to the game itself! With the game rules set, we are glad to announce that at this point we already have created over 120 cards and are looking forward to start the technical playtesting phase of the game in some months as we are working towards a technical prototype wherein we are going to involve a hand selected variety of playtesters within our community and beyond to get us into the feedback loop that will enable us to develop an even more amazing game from the perspective of the player.

    Back to the customization matter, we decided to add even more layers of customization to the game. The goal is that whenever you create a deck, you feel like that deck is part of you, something that belongs to you not only in name, but also in soul — With that in mind, the Commander system was developed — But what is this commander system exactly?

    A Commander is a special type of card that defines part of the deck’s strategy by giving you options of customization, which means that whenever you start creating your own deck you choose first your Commander, then the factions accordingly. Cards such as Woodcoin’s GuardianL’ournTau and also Electrumare very rare and powerful commanders that shall add different and unique strategies to the game! Keep in mind that we currently plan on having more than 50 unique commanders at launch, which shall grant a seemingly endless number of customization possibilities to the game, making Age of Chains one of the most diverse card games to ever exist even before its launch.

    Furthermore, today we introduce you all to a new type of in-game customization: The game boards!

    Let us take a look at the just launchedGalaxyboard depicturing the Galactic Kiss between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy. In Age of Chains, players will be able to display a number of awesome cosmetics and today we are introducing to you with the most proud of all the gaming boards the Galaxyboard:

    The Galaxyboard represents the Galactic Kiss, meaning the pinpoint where the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies merge into one.

    Proud owners of the Galaxyboard are going to be the ones who were there are the very beginning of the game’s creation: Now!

    Another note on the fundraising progress we are currently in: We have successfully passed the first of three phases of the FounderX Founder Institute accelerator program that we are currently enrolled in, and currently are working hard on creating a targeted list of possible angel investors to get involved with us for closing our seed round with the goal of raising $800.000. If you happen to know someone that might be a great investor fit for us, you are welcome to reach out to us.

    I hope you guys are as excited as we are to make this game happen. We would like to thank you all once again for the great support we have been receiving from the entire community, you guys are the reason we are able to make such a fantastic game so stay tuned subscribe to our Medium and follow our Bitcointalk-Thread for more future updates — we will be seeing each other again very soon somewhere around the galaxy!

    Cosmic Hugs, The Age of Chains Team

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