ChronoBank Dev Update #6

  • TIME tokens were distributed to ICO participants

    We have successfully deployed our TIME token contract to the Ethereum mainnet and made first distribution to all ICO participants who entered the withdrawal address in ICO Dashboard.

    At the moment about 95 percent of all TIME tokens are distributed.

    Three security audits are over

    Security audit of our assets smart cotracts have been finished, you can find the final audit resume in our blog:

    ChronoWallet MVP is ready

    We make a separate ChronoMint branch which only hold Wallet and Exchange feature and is already connected to our production TIME contract and will be connected to LHAU and Exchange contracts as soon as LH token contract will be deployed and first LH tokens will be issued. Nevertheless you can play it in full feature mode taking the develop branch and running migrations on ethereum testnet, private-net or testrpc.

    ChronoMint repository location is —


    We almost finish our researches regarding LaborX. LaborX whitepaper is almost finished. LaborX technical architecture is also on the road. We glad to announce that as far as first part our MVP is done, we are expecting that funds that we collected will be released by our escrows. This funds we will be immediately pushed to LaborX development and ChronoMint finished and delivery to production.


    We are working on significant architectural changes. We have chosen IPFS orbit-db key value storage and working hard to move financially unsensitive data to hold in this database to IPFS. This will help us to decrease all ethereum transactions cost, needed to ChronoMint works properly. The same approach will be used for LaborX. Following that ethereum issues like are still unresolved in a suitable way, it could also help us to create more reliable data array access methods.

    Dev tools

    We have started to work on frontend codebase coverage with test. We choosed Jest as our main test tool. Most frontend business logic which have been delivered by this time to ChronoMint repository is already covered with tests. We are also playing with solidity test which have been announced in truffle 3. It could help us to avoid integration errors which web3.js our ether-pudding could hold.

    That’s all for now!

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