3.0 Fund — Portfolio Report Feb 2017

  • 3.0 Fund — Portfolio Report Feb 2017

    Portfolio performance and position summary

    Portfolio performance as at 28 Feb 2017

    Feb 2017 value change +31.7%

    Overall value change (since March 2015) +357%

    Portfolio positions as at 28 Feb 2017

    Ethereum (ETH)39.26%

    Bitcoin (BTC)36.37%

    Monero (XMR)8.65%

    Etherisc (RSK)2.74%

    Synero (AMP)1.98%

    Augur (REP)1.72%

    Factom (FCT)2.11%

    MaidSafe (MAID)1.24%

    Iconomi (ICN)1.07%

    Sai Coin (SC)0.85%

    Storj (SJCX)0.26%

    MaidSafe (MAID)1.24%

    Zcash (Zcash)0.25%

    Ripple (XRP)0.75%

    DigixDAO (DGD)0.26%

    Iconomi (ICN)1.07%

    First Blood (1ST)0.68%

    ArcadeCity (ARC)0.29%

    Golem (GNT)0.25%

    Vdice (VSL)0.29%

    About author, 

    Markham Thomson 

    Dad | Kiwi | Recovering Republican | Economy3.0 Investor #blockchain | Morning Plunge

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