Starbase Token Based Global Crowdfunding on Ethereum Blockchain

  • About Starbase

    FAQ + Information for Starbase Token (Symbol: STAR) Sale

    Q: What is Starbase Token (Symbol: STAR)?

    A: STAR is rewardable, inflationary, consumable token of Starbase platform. By using STAR, you can receive crowdfunding/sourcing platform service, and by holding STAR you will receive reward from Starbase platform. Here’s the detailed STAR token explanation.

    Q: What are the initial total number of coins?

    A: Total issued STAR at first are 1 Billion. And STAR is inflationary token, maximum inflation rate is set to 0.00685 % daily, roughly about 2.5 % annually.

    Q: What are the coin supply transition ?

    A: Starbase token is inflationary token, and the daily inflation is 2.5 / 365 = 0.0685 % per day and 0.5% * {total_reward_paid_out}/ {total_tokensold_amount} additional inflation when Starbase platform rewards distributed for STAR token holders. For example if Starbase platform pays out 3 times of fundraised amount of Ether and Ethereum tokens on ethereum blockchain to all Starbase token holders, then Starbase company can newly issue 0.5 % * 3 = 1.5 % amount of STAR token for the reward of reward payment.

    Q: I want to know the 1 STAR token price

    A:  500 M  Starbase tokens are on crowd sale, 50M for public marketing campaign such as paying for twitter, facebook, bitcointalk, mail magazine contributors. And 200M STAR for early purchasers bonus, 250M for founders & early contributors like developers, marketers.

    Q: How will the STAR holder be rewarded ?

    A: Every Starbase token holder will gain reward as Ether or Ethereum Tokens. Starbase has 3 way of revenues 1. Token sale fee  2. Token issuance fee 3. Work-payment fee. Token sale fee revenue is distributed by Ether form to every token holders, and Token issuance and Work-payment fee is distributed by Ether token form in 1 year or so from our initial launch.
    Ether transfer is likely to take 17 seconds to everywhere in the world and require just 0.1 cent level fee, this is fast, global, thin(can be small) model of rewarding for building platform supporters network. And current Ether market valuation you can see from here. And you can see, what is the examples of “Ether token” from this Etherscan token list.

    Q: Will purchasers need to have KYC done?

    A: KYC is needed to deposit and withdraw for fiat currency (governmental currency), but not for crypto tokens.

    Q: Will the client be available at the end of the ICO so that we can begin to stake immediately?

    A: STAR tokens are on Ethereum tokens. Ethereum is general decentralized blockchain platform. By using Ethereum, we can issue STAR as public immutable record, because once it’s recorded on Ethereum blockchain Starbase team itself can not modify the rule written there. Also core teams who will use Starbase also can do token issuance and sale on Ethereum.

    Q: How can I purchase STAR ?

    A: You can start from our crowdsale site to purchase STAR token by paying Bitcoin, Ether or fiat currencies like USD, EUR. If you are U.S citizens or residents unfortunately you are not allowed to buy STAR. We are developing Terms and Condition cautiously with Switzerland lawyer.
    These purchase payment transaction is recorded as USD value including a time bonus at the time, and after the crowdsale finished, then you will get token on Starbase platform. You can choose if you withdraw it from Starbase platform to your Ethereum address or remain to put on Starbase platform Investor

    Q: Why should be Starbase better then Counterparty or Waves like token issuance blockchain platform ?

    A: Starbase platform is not specific blockchain, more like user-centric application on the internet. Our focus is not to make our blockchain, but to make the best benefits as crowdfunding/soucring platform for many challenges to create new services and products. We would like to provide best crowdfunding/sourcing platform for startup-founders, artists, animators, entrepreneurs in big company, who wants to challenge or support to create new services/ products.

    Q: I am still trying to understand how the token holders get a ROI, revenue streams etc.

    A:STAR is a kind of prelicense of Starbase platform. If you have STAR, then you can use it for using Starbase platform as fundraiser/employer, or purchaser/job-seeker and get the rewards from the platform revenue. And also the STAR token is rewardable type tokens, if you have STAR token you will be able to receive Starbase platform revenue.

    Q: What is the schedule of Starbase Token Sale ?

    A: Starbase crowdsale will start from about between May and July, 2017. Here’s Starbase early purchaser, crowdsale, and the ICO schedule detail.

    Q: What crypto currency exchanges will support Starbase Token trades ?

    A: Starbase tokens will be traded on major crypto currency exchanges and Starbase team will convey our platform concept and token details to crypto currency exchanges. Starbase tokens are issued as ERC20 type tokens, which is like DigixDAO, Augur, SingularDTV, HackerGold, MKR tokens which are supported at many exchanges.

    Q: What blockchain is Starbase using for token issuance ?

    A: We use Ethereum blockchain for Starbase Token issuance, and it’s ERC20 type tokens which is most common form of token contract with some set of APIs.  One of the world biggest various crypto-currency exchange Poloniex also trades ERC 20 type tokens.
    We will support core teams’ token issuance for multiple chain from the 2nd year of operation.

    Q: How to become Starbase Token Early purchaser ?

    A: If you have interested in joining as early purchaser direct message to Starbase team member on slack, or send us email to [email protected]

    White Paper:

    Starbase Features as Crowdfunding/ Sourcing Platform

    Global Payment 

     By Bitcoin, or other major crypto currencies like Ethereum, fundraiser can raise money globally.

    Make Global Team 

    You can involve more engineers/designer/marketers/ from the internet by sharing long-term incentive.

    Increase Reliability By Transparent Value Management

    Members & Values of your project can be seen from public blockchain.

    Grow Global Community

    Global community members supports your interesting projects by working (allying) with you.

    Sharing Long Term Incentive Globally

    By using global blockchain, you can share flexible long-term incentive with your team members in a fast, cheap, global way.

    More Performance, More Earnings

    Traditional crowdsourcing platform is just negotiating with the amount of money, but by using Starbase platform you can earn more if you can make more performance for the interesting project you commits.




    Potential Core team users

    Yottacubelogo (1)

    Starbase Business Presentation


    Tomoaki Sato

    Founder & Blockchain engineer

    I founded blockchain tech community in Japan, because after Mt.Gox some people think as blockchain as dark technology, and there were few engineers in Japan. And did several works such as co-authoring a blockchain tech book, making research group at university in Japan, and having blockchain conference in Japan.

    I love the movement of blockchain community, and the philosophy of decentralization. And the tokenized way for people to challenge to create new global products/services are fairly awesome.

    I would like to make more people to know the technology and the movement power and use it easily. So I founded Starbase, and our vision is to make everyone easy to do global challenge.

    Yu Yamanaka

    VP of Engineering

    A man said “We are alive for next generations”. Yu Yamanaka respects the philosophy and his mission in life is “Improve the world for next generations by open technologies”.

    He was born in 1988, has 10 years of experience in enterprise and web technology, having held various positions in Japan.

    * Full-stack engineer * Chief Infra. Architect of HDE One, MERY * Agile Project Manager at Reactive Inc. * Co-founder of INGoT LLC

    He is confident about Starbase will accelerate human evolution through enforcing trailblazers. His responsibility is implementing the vision with great team.

    Bharat Jariwala

    FullStack Developer

    Fullstack developer working on frontend (AngularJS 2) and Backend (NodeJS/MongoDB) of the site. Bharat has 15 years experience working on Web and Mobile technologies. He is certified Azure Solution Architect with experience designing softwares and computer infrastructure.

    Bharat has been activily participating on open source development fullstack generator proejct using MEAN stack.

    Dongying Li


    In Student days , I Made the SNS, could evaluation Professor and Tuition, sharing past test in university as a hobby. thereafter, Joined IBM Japan as a business consolutant,engaged in Business transformation and system engineer. Now joined ”Starbase” project to make world more challengeable

    Takahiro Igarashi

    Director of Corporate Administration Group

    Takahiro has supported many companies’ IPOs(Initial pubulic offering with share) and BPR of accounting system as a member of consluting company. And has helped launch entrepreneurial companies of MOOCs to spread the latest technology at the time.

    My mission of life is “Quickly to deliver the latest technology to many people, to provide a comfortable environment”

    A DAO becomes the standard of the world soon, because of It’s smart and impartiality for using. And Starbase makes sure to increase to challenger of the people. Now joined starbase to accelerate for team.

    Ryosuke Shimizu

    Blockchain Service Engineer

    When I was young. I had beeen in Silicon valley. And I found the power of technologies. In Student days I tried to make some web services. It is chat-bot service and you can customize as you like. Now I joined “Starbase” project and movement for changing the world.

    – Blockchain Service Engineer
    Control the Starbase main system using blockchain technologies.
    – Backend Service Engineer
    Control the Starbase backend syste







  • Starbase★Development Status Update #1

    We are building Starbase!

    Hello, everyone. I am Yu, from Japan, am responsible for implementing Starbase’s vision and delivering the products to customers.

    We began our development last October, and now, we are building three products parallel by several engineers.

    1. Starbase platform
    2. Starbase Crowdsale
    3. STAR bounty

    1. Starbase platform

    Starbase platform is our main product. This is a platform to support Core Team to raise funds and hire skilled supporters by Token. (read our article for more detail)

    This product needs to have a lot of features,

    (In progress)

    • Create and manage secure wallets for users
    • Publish crowdfunding projects and about their contributors
    • Hire supporters and pay for them in cash or token


    • Issue tokens for every Core Team by Ethereum Blockchain
    • Accept purchases and transfer tokens on each crowdfunding projects
    • Automated reward distribution for token holders by Smart Contracts
    • Rating, Escrow system, Mobile app, etc… (some are planned for later)

    Currently, three engineers and a designer are working on this product, here are a few screenshots of the present one,

    Find Core Team

    ore Team Overview

    Work Overview

    Fortunately, we should be able to publish the alpha version in this February! (MVP of the platform is scheduled for completion in this Q4)

    2. Starbase Crowdsale

    So far, we can keep running thanks to raised funds from Early Purchasers. But since our vision and the market we focus on are huge, we plan to raise more funds from around the world by Crowdsale.

    Crowdsale Dashboard (just a draft)

    We think security is one of the most important requirements for our products. Especially for the Crowdsale website since it deals with funds.


    • A Smart Contract to keep track of early purchases

    (In progress)

    • Research & Design secure multi-sig BTC/ETH wallets
    • Build Starbase Value API to manage funds and issued tokens
    • Design UI/UX of the website


    • Smart Contracts for our Crowdsale
    • Build front-end application

    Our Crowdsale is going to begin this Q2.

    3. STAR bounty

    Since we are a small startup for now, cannot advertise like a giant company. But if you guys help to spread our vision on the internet, that must be a great power to let people all over the world know this new Financial/HR strategy.

    Of course, we will reward marketing supporters of our project, that is STAR bounty campaign exactly.

    Marketing supporters can claim for bounties we set, once it has been accepted automatically or manually by us, they can get STAR tokens as a reward.


    • Design UI/UX
    • Front-end application

    (In progress)

    • Build backend API to accept bounty claims manually or automatically
    • Build server infrastructure for production


    • A Smart Contract to keep track of STAR tokens are given supporters

    The 1st term of STAR bounty is going to begin on 18th March 2017. We are building the website quickly to make it!!


    Thanks to the great engineers and contributors, our developments are going well.

    Starbase can bring some fantastic cultures by token in the blockchain economy into non-blockchain economies. So we keep thinking about making good UI/UX for people who are not familiar with blockchain cultures too.

    If you are on the same page, give us your idea on Slack!

    Thank you, Yu

    P.S. We are hiring engineers and another kind of contributors!

  • Starbase Blog & Bitcointalk Bounty Program V 1

    You can claim bounty from Starbase Bounty Site !

    Join bounty from here ( )!

    STAR bounty

    If you have Any Questions Related to Bounty email us at:[email protected]

    and Join us in Slack:

    Starbase Project announcing its Bounty Program for All Starbase Supporters, Helpers and Contributors, now you will be able to Earn Star Token (STAR) for Doing Activities all over the web, Translating, Writing Articles, Creating Videos, Wearing Signatures on your Profile in Forum.

    In this post we will talk 1 STAR as $0.01. !  And all bounty is First-come-first-served basis !

    Blog and Media Bounty

    if you have a Blog, a Crypto related or a Technology Related News website, You can Participate in Blog Bounty and Can Earn a Solid Reward.

    and if you can create a good video using your Video Creation Skills, You can Earn a Solid Reward As Well.

    We’ll Pay Equal of 20 $ to 100$ in “STAR” for Each Blog Post Bases of your Blog Post Quality and Website Traffic, and We’ll Pay Equal of 10$ to 25$ in “STAR” Bases of Your Video Quality and Views.


    1: A blog Must be in Unique words, must have unique contents, copy pasted contents will not be accepted. 2: We Accept Blogs, in English, Chinese, Russian. for All other languages you must Send your Blog to[email protected] and Get approval. 3: An eligible Blog Post Must contains at least 500 Words(without spaces) to get Accepted. 4: Your Blog Post must contains 2 links of official website: 5: for video bounty your video must be at least 2 minute long. 6: Video must be descriptive and informative about Starbase Project, 7: Video must be Visible in the video sharing site till the end of ICO, any video will get removed due to any reason (copyright etc) will not be counted.

    Translation and Local Community Management Bounty

    Translate the Official Announcement thread, Whitepaper and Starbase FAQ in your Language, Manage the thread, keep that updated and active and Earn Star Token.

    Equal of 25$ to 50$ in “STAR” for Each Quality and Artistic Translation. Equal of 1$ to 5$ in “STAR” for Every New Posts, Updates and Announcement in the Local Thread.

    1: Announcement Thread, 2: Whitepaper, 3: FAQ

    Download PSD files of ANN Thread: (Link will be updated here)


    1:Translation Must be original. using google translator or any other translation tool will cause your submission reject. 2: You must finish Translation within a week of your reserving that translation. 3: Translators must be able to Manage their local threads with Posting all Important Announcements, Updates, News from the Main thread. and Answer other users’s questions and Support.

    Interested Translators PM @jamalaezaz in bitcointalk or Slack to Reserve their Spot.

    Signature and Avatar Campaign:

    You can Now earn “STAR” by Joining signature and Avatar Campaign at Bitcointalk forum by wearing signature and Avatar to your profile.

    Earn Equal of 100$ in “STAR” Wearing the Signature/Avatar of Starbase During whole campaign Period..

    Payment will be in the Following Ratio: (Per Month)

    Jr Member: Equal of 25$ in “STAR” Member: equal of 30$ in “STAR” Full Member: Equal of 50$ in “STAR” Sr Member: Equal of 75$ in “STAR” Hero/Legendary: Equal of 100$ in “STAR” Full member and Above can earn additional 10$ Wearing Avatar.


    1: Users are not allowed to remove the signature During the campaign period.. removing campaign in that period will be result of No Payment. 2: User must do a minimum of 50 posts. Less than 50 posts will not get paid. 3: Spam, Low Quality and Off topic posts will not be counted for payment. 4: One account Per User. using multiple accounts and cheating the bounty is not allowed, user found to be cheating with any form of bounty will be permanently blacklisted.

    Newsletter Subscribers Bounty

    Subscribe Newsletter in Official Website by adding your email address , and Earn Equal of 0.5$ In “STAR” for Subscribing the Newsletter.

    only one Email Per user. user found to be using multiple emails will be blacklisted and not get bounty payment.


    Jamal Aezaz

    A Marketing manager of World of Cryptos. Bounty manager of Starbase Project.

  • Starbase - Important Term Change of STAR

    For legal reason in Switzerland, Starbase platform reward mechanism for all STAR token holders needs to be written as different form for smart contract implementation. 100% of Starbase platform revenue needs to be distributed for STAR token holders, previously 25% of Starbase revenue planned to be distributed to STAR token holders. So the change is

    STAR token was  - 1 Billion STAR token holders rewarded from 25% revenue of Starbase platform 500M — for crowdsale 200M — for early purchasers bonus 50M — for bounty marketing campaign  250M — for founders & developers & legal teams & marketers & early contributors

    but, for the legal reasons, STAR token needs to be

    1 Billion STAR token holders rewarded from 100% revenue
    125M — for crowdsale
    50M — for early purchasers bonus
    12.5M — for bounty marketing campaign
    62.5M — for founders & developers & legal teams & marketers & early contributors
    750M — for Starbase company as hard-lockuped tokens.

    As you can calculate, there is no changes for STAR purchasers value.

    About the 1st open beta STAR bounty campaign participants, they will have 4 times value but we don’t change the STAR amount of them.

    But from the next campaign, 1 STAR will be considered as $0.04 and the amount of STAR you will get be about 1/4 amount.

    We would like to be transparent and make the best platform for innovative projects to launch. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

    [email protected] or


    Tomoaki Sato

    Starbase Co-Founder, Crowdfunding/Sourcing platform by using global blockchain tokens.

  • Starbase Early Purchase Mechanism

    Nobody knows the value of the project, but higher risk taker should get more. Early purchasers are a missing piece in the current crowdfunding approach.


    - Starbase thinks the value of the project decided by market is better than the value decided by the founders of projects. (e.g. Fix price, and fix total amount of tokens.)

    [Traditional Crowdfunding]

    Early purchase mechanism is important for projects to do marketing their ideas and develop alpha-products and services.

    Traditional way of “early purchase” of crowdfunding projects (like on Kickstarter) before the public crowdfunding is to make promise with friends or families and raise money before that.

    And some of the raised money used for marketing and development and the left money will go to the crowdfunding place.

    [Token Based Crowdfunding]

    In token based crowdfunding era, we can have early purchase mechanisms more easily than traditional crowdfunding promise based early purchase.

    Fundraisers can gather early purchasers by accepting Bitcoin or Ether payment and issue tokens or write records of early purchases on contract on blockchain.

    And fundraisers can attach more amount of tokens for early purchasers for rewarding their taking higher risks than crowdsale purchasers.

    [Starbase Case]

    Starbase uses early purchase mechanism for rewarding early purchasers of STAR and do development and marketing before the STAR public crowdsale.

    However Starbase (or any projects) can not know how much they can raise from crowdsale, so we are using the following calculation for early purchasers.


    Tomoaki Sato

    Starbase Co-Founder, Crowdfunding/Sourcing platform by using global blockchain tokens.

  • Starbase 2nd Bounty Campaign Announcement

    Announce to hold 2nd bounty campaign.

    As we mentioned before, we will hold the 2nd bounty campaign from April 15 to April 23.

    Please check the following detail plan below and ready for the next campaign.

    You can prepare for bounty campaign from today such as learning Starbase services, writing an article on your blog, facebook, etc.

    You may think it is little bit difficult to get STAR on 2nd bounty campaign, however, you may get a lot of STAR more than you expected.

    We are looking forward to enjoying the next campaign with you all. (In this campaign we’ll talk 1 STAR as $0.04)


    (5 STAR($0.2)) — 1 time Like on Starbase Facebook page’s post. (5 STAR($0.2)) — 1 time Post Comment on Starbase Facebook page’s post.

    Notes :  1. Only posts through April.15-April.21 are effective. Posts before April.15 are not effective.


    (25 STAR($1)) — Follow @StarbaseCo on the Twitter. (5 STAR($0.2)) — 1 time Retweet Starbase Twitter page’s tweet.

    Notes :  1. Only Tweet through April.15-April.21 are effective. Posts before April.15 are not effective.


    (50 STAR ($2) ) — Join Starbase Slack Community

    [Newsletter] (Bottom of the website)

    (50 STAR ($2)) — Subscript Starbase Newsletter

    [Write an Article on your blog] (200 STAR ($8)) — Write an article about Starbase Project in your blog. (technically,financially, legally, any topics) (100 STAR($4)) — Get more than 25 like in your article. (600 STAR($24)) — Get more than 100 like in your article. (1400 STAR($56)) — Get more than 200 like in your article. (???? STAR) — Starbase marketing team special awards.

    Notes : Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Blog. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until 4/21, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    [Write an Article on your facebook page] (100 STAR($4)) — Post an article about Starbase Project on your Facebook page.(technically, financially, legally, any topics) (50 STAR($2)) — Get more than 25 like/comment/share in your article. (300 STAR($12)) — Get more than 100 like/comment/share in your article. (700 STAR($28)) — Get more than 200 like/comment/share in your article. (???? STAR) — Starbase marketing team special awards.

    Notes :  Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Facebook account. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until 4/21, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    [Write an Article on your Twitter Account] (25 STAR($1)) — Tweet about Starbase Project with hash tag “#Starbase” in your Twitter account. (technically, financially, legally, anytopics) (25 STAR($1)) — Get more than 25 like/RT in your Tweet. (150 STAR($6)) — Get more than 100 like/RT in your Tweet. (350 STAR($14)) — Get more than 200 like/RT in your Tweet.

    Notes :  Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Twitter account. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until 4/21, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    All STARs are provided in order of arrival.  In the case of these bounty menus are updated, we will let you know here.

  • Starbase Signature/Avatar Campaign Bounty Phase: 2

    Starbase Signature/Avatar Campaign Phase two Starts from 2nd may and will End on 2nd July (2 Months)

    Join other Bounties here:

    For any question related to bounty Email us: [email protected] and Join us in Slack: Or you can send us Private message through bitcointalk forum as well.

    No You Can Earn “STAR” by Wearing Signature and Avatar in Forum. Help us to spread the word and Get a Bounty as Reward.

    Payment will be in the Following Ratio: (Per Week) (Payment will be Paid in STAR token based on ICO rate: 1 STAR = 0.04$)

    Jr Member: 5$ in STAR/week Member: 10$ in STAR/week Full Member: 15$ in STAR/week Sr Member: 20$ in STAR/week Hero — Legendary Member: 30$ in STAR/week

    (Full member and Above can get an Additional 50 STAR tokens Reward for Wearing Avatar)

    Terms and Rules:

    1: User Must Write a Minimum of 7 Posts Each Week. 2: Posts must be constructive and on-topic. spamming, off topic and low quality posts will not be counted. 3: Most must be at least 75 Character long. Less than 75 Character posts will not be counted. 4: Joining with more than 1 account is not allowed. user found to be using multi account will not get paid. 5: User can leave the campaign after a week and get payment of the specific weeks. but user must inform the manager (jamalaezaz) before leaving.  6: Follow all Terms and Rules, breaking of any rules will make you disqualified.


    To Join Signature Campaign Add Signature code of your Account Rank and Fill the signup form:

    Spreadsheet of All Participants:


    1:  2:

    Signature Codes:

    Get from here: Or Copy from Below:

    Jr Member:

    [center][url=]☆▬★ Starbase ★▬☆ Global Token Based Crowdfunding / Crowdsourcing Platform ☆▬★ “Internet of Value” ★▬☆[/center]


    [center]▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ [url=]Starbase[/url] ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [url=]Global Token Based Crowdfunding / Crowdsourcing Platform On Blockchain[/url] ▬▬▬▬ ★ [url=]''Interne... of Value’’[/url] ★ ▬▬▬▬[/center]

    Full Member:

    [center][url=][b][color=#2F18A3]▬[color=#3B23B1]▬[color=#462EC3]▬[color=#553CD4]▬[color=#6249DF]▬[color=#7158EB]▬[color=#8069F6]▬[color=#9783FD]▬[color=#A999FD]▬[color=#BDB0FA]▬[color=black]★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ [font=candara][color=#01060A]S[color=#001626]t[color=#002139]a[color=#002F52]r[color=#013F6D]b[color=#02538E]a[color=#0166B0]s[color=#0075CC]e[/font] ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★[/color][color=#BDB0FA]▬[color=#A999FD]▬[color=#9783FD]▬[color=#8069F6]▬[color=#7158EB]▬[color=#6249DF]▬[color=#553CD4]▬[color=#462EC3]▬[color=#3B23B1]▬[color=#2F18A3]▬ [font=candara][color=#00184D]Glo[color=#032266]bal[color=#062A79]Tok[color=#0B348E]en B[color=#153F9C]ased[color=#214BA7]Cro[color=#2B56B4]wdf[color=#3865C7]und[color=#4875DA]ing /[color=#3764C6]Cro[color=#2954B4]wds[color=#1D47A2]our[color=#153B8F]cin[color=#0C2E78]g Pl[color=#03236B]atf[color=#083086]orm[color=#0C3898]On B[color=#1240A7]loc[color=#0E3791]kch[color=#092C7B]ain[/font] [color=#8069F6]▬[color=#9783FD]▬[color=#A999FD]▬[color=#BDB0FA]▬[color=#F26101]★ [font=candara][color=black]’’Internet of Value’’[/color][/font] ★[/color][color=#BDB0FA]▬[color=#A999FD]▬[color=#9783FD]▬[color=#8069F6]▬[/b][/url][/center]

    Sr Member:

    [center][table][tr][td][size=7pt]★[/size][/td][td][size=12pt]★[/size][/td][td][size=10pt]★[/size][/td][td][size=16pt]★[/size][/td][td][size=8pt]★[/size][/td][td][size=20pt]★[/size][/td] [td][url=][font=candara][size=26pt][b][color=#01060A]S[color=#001626]t[color=#002139]a[color=#002F52]r[color=#013F6D]b[color=#02538E]a[color=#0166B0]s[color=#0075CC]e[/b][/size][/font][/url][/td] [td][url=][font=courier][size=2px][color=#305BD0][color=#587DEF] ▄▀[/color] [color=#587DEF] ▄█▄▀[/color] [color=#F18E38] ▄[/color][color=#587DEF] ▄███▄▀[/color] [color=#F18E38] ▀▀█▀▀[/color][color=#587DEF] ▄████▄▀[/color][color=#4D6CCA] ▄▄▄▄[/color] [color=#F18E38] ▀ ▀[/color][color=#587DEF] ▄ ▄██████▄▀[/color][color=#4D6CCA] ▄▄██▀▀▀[/color]  ▄█████[color=#587DEF]███████[/color][color=#103BB2]███[/color][color=#4D6CCA]█████████▀[/color]  ▄█████████[color=#587DEF]██[/color][color=#103BB2]███[/color][color=#4D6CCA]█████████▄▄▄▄[/color]  ▀▀ ▄█████[color=#103BB2]███[/color][color=#4D6CCA]██████████▀▀▀▀[/color]  ▄▄████████[color=#103BB2]███[/color][color=#4D6CCA]████████▀▀▀▀▀▀[/color]  ▄█████████[color=#103BB2]███[/color][color=#4D6CCA]██████████████▀[/color]  ▄██████████[color=#103BB2]█████████[/color][color=#4D6CCA]███▄▄[/color] ▄█████████████████████[color=#103BB2]█[/color] ▀█ ███████████████████▀██▄  ▄███▀▀▀ ▀██████▀ ███  ▀▀▀ █▀█▀ ▀  █ █  █ █[/color][/size][/font][/url][/td] [td][size=20pt]★[/size][/td][td][/td] [td][right][url=][font=candara][size=14pt][b][color=#00184D]Glo[color=#032266]bal[color=#062A79]Tok[color=#0B348E]enB[color=#153F9C]ased[color=#214BA7]Cro[color=#2B56B4]wdf[color=#3865C7]und[color=#4875DA]ing /[color=#3764C6]Cro[color=#2954B4]wds[color=#1D47A2]our[color=#153B8F]cin[color=#0C2E78]g Pl[color=#03236B]atf[color=#083086]orm[color=#0C3898]On B[color=#1240A7]loc[color=#0E3791]kch[color=#092C7B]ain[/b][/size][/font] [color=#1A038E]▬▬[color=#240D99]▬▬[color=#2F18A3]▬▬[color=#3B23B1]▬▬[color=#462EC3]▬▬[color=#553CD4]▬▬[color=#6249DF]▬▬[color=#7158EB]▬▬[color=#8069F6]▬▬[color=#9783FD]▬▬[color=#A999FD]▬▬[color=#BDB0FA]▬▬ [color=#F26101]★ [font=ubuntu][size=10pt][b][color=#333]”Internet of Value”[/b][/size][/font] ★[/url][/right][/td][/tr][/table][/center]

    Hero Member -Legendary

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  • Starbase was at ICTSpring and going to Blockchain Expo Europe on 1st June.

    From 9th — 10th we were ICTSpring in Luxemburg as a selected startup.

    And met several famous blockchain world people.

    We have some attractions(this photo is not..)

    We pitched, but lost the competition.

    Next, on 1st June, we are going to Blockchain Expo Europe, in Berlin as a speaker/exhibitor.

  • Starbase 4th Bounty Campaign Announcement

    Hi everyone and welcome to Starbase bounty campaign announcement page.

    Starbase is planning to hold a token sale in July. We’re checking for token sale pages, legal compliance, white paper, etc for STAR sale success.  However, before starting the sale, Starbase marketing team will announce that we will hold the 4th bounty campaign.

    As you see the bounty menu below, we add “Suggest Improvement” as a new opportunity to get STAR.

    Through 3 times bounty campaigns, Starbase and bounty hunters collaborated each others for blockchain wolrd’s success. In this 4th campaign, we’d like to request for your help to improve Starbase for token sale success.

    All suggestions are welcome. We will check all your voice, and make every effort for the biggest event in July.

    [Suggest Improvement]

    Web page:  Scope: Including Crowdsale page, Whitepaper, etc… all pages.

    (100 STAR) — 1 time suggestion.

    (100 STAR) — Adopt suggestion.  Example: Correcting a small mistake such as spelling mistake, change expressions to be understood easier, etc.

    (250 STAR) — Adopt suggestion.  Example: Change contents to be understood easier, add a new content, etc.

    (500 STAR) — Adopt suggestion.  Example : Suggest new design,

    (1000 STAR) — Adopt suggestion.  Example: Find a bug, point out critical error, etc.


    (5 STAR) — 1 time Share on Starbase Facebook page’s post.

    (5 STAR) — 1 time Post Comment on Starbase Facebook page’s post. Notes : 1. Only posts through June 10 — June 18 are effective. Posts before June 10 are not effective. Notes : 2. We will check “Share” manually. Please claim the bounty from”Other bounties” on your Dashboard.


    (25 STAR) — Follow @StarbaseCo on the Twitter.

    (5 STAR) — 1 time Retweet Starbase Twitter page’s tweet. Notes : 1. Only Tweet through June 10 — June 18 are effective. Posts before June 10 are not effective.


    (50 STAR) — Join Starbase Slack Community

    [Newsletter] (Bottom of the website)

    (50 STAR) — Subscript Starbase Newsletter

    [Write an Article on your blog]

    (200 STAR) — Write an article about Starbase Project in your blog. (technically,financially, legally, any topics)

    (100 STAR) — Get more than 25 like in your article.

    (600 STAR) — Get more than 100 like in your article.

    (1400 STAR) — Get more than 200 like in your article.

    (???? STAR) — Starbase marketing team special awards. Notes : Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Blog. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until June 18, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    [Write an Article on your facebook page]

    (100 STAR) — Post an article about Starbase Project on your Facebook page.(technically, financially, legally, any topics)

    (50 STAR) — Get more than 25 like/comment/share in your article.

    (300 STAR) — Get more than 100 like/comment/share in your article.

    (700 STAR) — Get more than 200 like/comment/share in your article.

    (???? STAR) — Starbase marketing team special awards. Notes : Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Facebook account. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until June 18, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    [Write an Article on your Twitter Account]

    (25 STAR) — Tweet about Starbase Project with hash tag “#Starbase” in your Twitter account. (technically, financially, legally, any topics)

    (25 STAR) — Get more than 25 like/RT in your Tweet.

    (150 STAR) — Get more than 100 like/RT in your Tweet.

    (350 STAR) — Get more than 200 like/RT in your Tweet. Notes : Steps to get bounty are as following. 1 : Write an article on your Twitter account. 2 : Claim the bounty from”Other bounties” in Dashboard. (Bounty may increase/decrease depends on its contents) 3 : If your article gets more than 25 like until June 18, please claim bounty for “Get more than 25 like in your article.”

    All STARs are provided in order of arrival. In the case of these bounty menus are updated, we will let you know here.

  • Starbase - Partnership announcement with Bancor protocol

    Yesterday, there was world record breaking token crowdsale by Bancor protocol.

    Bancor protocol website

    Bancor protocol is smart token protocol which enables tokens to have more liquidity by creating the reserve on smart contract and the price discovery mechanism.

    List of highest funded crowdfunding projects (

    Compared to TheDAO (4weeks) and Star Citizen(+ 1 year), Bancor Protocol raised $150M within 3 hours.

    Starbase’s mission

    Our mission is to make everyone easy to challenge, but we know some of the problems, such as when individuals, small businesses want to make tokens for their fundraise, their tokens are difficult to be liquidated on exchanges, because they don’t have enough incentive to list tokens which is estimated to have small trading volume.

    But by using Bancor protocol, the liquidity problem can be solved.Everyone can issue tokens and sell it by ensuring “You can sell this token always with the reserve contract”.

    That is strong promise by smart contract of token issuer, Starbase will provide Bancor standard opensource protocol for projects or individuals who want to issue tokens as option.

    Bancor Starbase partnership

    Congratulation Bancor team!

  • Developing Smart Contracts at Starbase

    Tools of trade and Guidelines

    photo by Grant Bishop

    At Starbase we are creating blockchain applications that will impact the way that individuals and organizations raise funds and hire personnel for their projects. We have high hopes that some projects funded via the Starbase platform will add a positive mark in the universe.

    Before this grand vision occurs though, we are working diligently on the technology that will make it happen: smart contracts. We are a startup building on the Ethereum virtual machine that means that we are blockchain driven. This blog post is a brief overview of the tools of trade and guidelines we are using to develop the technology at Starbase which will ultimately serve you.

    Smart Contracts

    Blockchain software is similar to hardware in the sense that once it is produced it cannot be changed. Imagine getting hold of a defective iPhone. The experience is not pleasant. The same is for smart contracts as once it is deployed it immutable. Deploying smart contracts generally means that you are dealing with the company’s or other people’s money so in order to create a smart contract, you got to make sure it works. At Starbase we have various contracts that we create and improve on daily. And for that we use smart contract tools such as Truffle.

    Truffle Framework

    It is true that Ethereum development experience and tools are not on par with the reality in other programming languages such as JavaScript or Ruby. But gradually it is getting there. The Truffle framework is an example of a great tool that help us in our smart contract development needs. It is the swiss army knife of the Ethereum smart contract community and it allows Starbase for ease of contract deployment on the blockchain as well as unit testing our smart contract code. It is the bedrock tool for our deployment workflow which goes as following:

    1. Build tests on Truffle and interact with contract using TestRpc.
    2. Create the interface and test.
    3. Deploy to testnet.
    4. Internally and publicly test the interface on the testnet.
    5. Deploy to mainnet as ‘beta’ and test the heck out of it on the mainnet.
    6. Deploy to mainnet as production release.

    Testing FTW

    We have on average a 1:20 ratio of smart contract code to unit testing lines. It is paramount that the smart contract code is well tested. As mentioned earlier, contracts on the blockchain world cannot be changed. Granted that there are upgradeable techniques for contracts but a best practice around it has not been established yet and even if it was here already, you would still want to spend time testing obsessively any contract code of yours. The basic guideline for testing that Starbase have is to not write untested code, ask at least a different engineer to review recently produced code, and not to reinvent the wheel for solutions that are proven and thoroughly tested.

    Speaking Things Into Being

    This guideline is based around “speaking things into being”, that is to say, not creating things and then describing them later.

    This approach has a variety of benefits.

    • If we can’t clearly describe something, we probably don’t actually understand what we’re trying to do. This will be reflected in the contract. Exploration and experimentation are encouraged — just not in commits.
    • By putting documentation and testing first, we ensure that we always have an up-to-date specification for the system. This helps us stay focused on what we’re doing rather than how we’re doing it. How will always change quickly. What will change as well, but less often.
    • By creating a common language together, our mental map of the system will remain more accurate. When changes need to be made, it is easier to see and discuss how concepts relate rather than how cogs of a complex machine relate. Our understanding should drive our structure, not vice versa.

    This is the high level vision of the tools and guidelines we use and abide by here at Starbase. We believe we are building something truly special and invite all to take part of it and claim their piece of the universe by launching their project in the soon-to-be-made Starbase platform.

    Our crowdsale is estimated to occur at the end of July 2017 and more info will be released soon on our site. Join us also on our Slack channel and for those that enjoy long and good read, here is our whitepaper :-).




    A curious mind, joie de vivre practitioner

  • STAR Token Crowdsale Starts on November 1st 2017 at 12am UTC

    We are excited to announce the start of the Starbase token crowdsale on November 1st at 12am UTC. After a successful token pre-sale which raised $8M, we are ready to proceed with crowdfunding (with a total hard cap of $10M).

    In order to comply with increasingly strict regulatory requirements, efforts had to be made to manually perform KYC/AML verification on investors after the pre-sale, which caused some delays. To streamline this procedure during the crowdsale, Starbase will be using PICOPS ( to perform these KYC/AML checks. A small fee of 0.024 ETH will be charged per new user by PICOPS. The good news for investors is that the minimum buy-in will now be only 0.1 ETH (instead of USD5000 during the pre-sale).

    You can verify yourself and your ETH address at PICOPS before the crowdsale. If your ETH address is already verified by PICOPS, you do not have to re-validate. Nonetheless, we are currently adding a feature on our front end for you to check if your address has been verified by PICOPS, in order to eliminate confusion during the crowdsale.

    Starbase takes security seriously, which is why our smart contracts related to STAR token as well as for the Starbase contribution period have been fully audited by DLT labs (see blog post for details). The audit on these smart contracts reinforce our confidence that we are on the right track.

    The crowdsale will start on Nov 1st 2017 12:00am UTC and last until Nov. 16, 2017 12:00 am UTC

    (or until the 10M total hard cap is reached)

    · Contributions to be made via the Starbase Crowdsale tool:  more details at

    · Bonuses:  1st 20% — 20% bonus  2nd 20% — 15% bonus  3rd 20% — 10% bonus  4th 20% — 5% bonus  5th 20% — 0% bonus

    · Minimum buy-in is 0.1 ETH.

    · A fee of 0.024 ETH is charged by PICOPS for the KYC/AML procedure for each new user. If your address is already validated by PICOPS, then no fee.

    Following the crowdsale:

    · Bounty tokens will be awarded one week after the crowdsale is completed.

    · The STAR token should be transferable and exchangeable by the end of November, two weeks after the crowdsale is completed.

    · Two exchanges (HitBTC and Etherdelta) have already confirmed they will list the STAR token.

    Best regards from the Starbase Team.

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