Radium Update #25 — The Plan

  • These last few months have been busy at the Radium HQ. The organizational restructuring has effectively been fully implemented except for a few loose ends we plan on addressing soon. The Radium SmartChain has gone into its beta phase and work is being done towards the mainnet release. A lot has also gone on behind the scenes in preparation and implementation of the organizational restructuring.

    This update is a short and non-extensive list of what we have planned at Radium for the next few months.

    The Next Few Months

    • Radium SmartChain v3.0 “Mercury”: The beta testing phase for the Radium SmartChain is going smoothly. The community has identified bugs and design issues which we have rectified and implemented in our BETA 2 version. There are still some things that need to be sorted out and we plan on adding some new features not currently included in our beta. We still do not have an exact date as to when this will be released but we expect it to be soon.
    • Radium Core v1.4.6: We plan on releasing a core wallet upgrade in the next few months which will include some minor improvements as well as some “house-keeping” changes to reflect the changes in organization. This will be the last 1.4.x version and any future v1.5.x releases will most likely include a major bitcoin core code rebase. You can follow the progress on this here.
    • Marketing & Promotion: Recently we have been in contact with some graphic designers with the intention of designing some infographics explaining what the SmartChain is and how it works. We are also working on a RADS vs. FCT comparison and a few other ideas we are considering. Once the SmartChain has been released we intend to start marketing the utility and benefits the software provides. This will be done through Project Radium as part of their bid to get some business users using the SmartChain. Radium Core will also be marketing to the crypto community at large through media articles and general education.
    • Radium Bot: Our Radium tipping telegram bot is currently not being taken full advantage of. We plan on upgrading and adding some new features to our bot in an attempt to make it more useful for telegram users with a specific focus on the Radium community. This will include a /news command pulling links for the latest blog posts, a /blockchain command which will provide some basic statistics about the blockchain (including statistics like current stakeweight and staking difficulty), blockchain search functionality and more! We will also be working on fully integrating the functionality provided by the SmartChain directly on Telegram through RadiumBot.
    • Radium Core Website: The website is one of the primary information channels available for new and existing users. As such we would like to update some of the features on the website. Primarily we would like to update the documentation to reflect some of the changes implemented on the Radium SmartChain. Following that we may include some more blockchain network statistics.
    • Community Initiatives: We would like to continue encouraging community initiatives such as the SmartChain Wiki and other projects. Goblynn has volunteered to update the Wiki but if anyone has any ideas for community based projects please tell us on Telegram so we can assess whether we are able to provide any support or direct help.

    The Future

    The development process obviously doesn’t end when the above points have been accomplished. We have many more plans for the future including SmartChain v3.1 which as mentioned will include new functionality including but not limited to editable identities, signable contracts and blockchain voting. We also have very preliminary plans on a new service which will leverage the functionality of the SmartChain to build a crypto space oriented use-case.

    –The Radium Team

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