Bitshares (BTS) GUI Release v2.0.170303

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    New features

    • API node hopping: fallback to next API server if current API is down
    • API latency checks: all known API servers are regularly polled for latency, the ranking is used for fallback attempts
    • Notifications for confirmed transactions instead of second OK button
    • Big Russian language update
    • Delay Chat component appearance, default user name is now the first account in the user's wallet
    • Add empty input warning to WithdrawModalBlocktrades
    • Persist BlockTradesGateway deposit/withdraw setting

    Bug fixes

    • Remove redirect from / to /dashboard
    • Store referral account in localStorage, fixes account creation referrals
    • Fix brainkey sequence sync issues with account creation failure, add reset/decrement methods, resolve process_transaction properly on trx inclusion
    • Trigger account ref lookup immediately on AccountStore loadDbData, fixes slow Dashboard load
    • Fix for MyOrders incorrect amounts
    • Fix Exchange insufficient funds message
    • Fix order cancellations not updating properly
    • Filter out OPEN.X coins that are currently unavailable from preset list
    • Modify app init Chain to better handle sync error redirects
    • Add missing getFee method for SimpleDepositWithdraw

    Binary checksums

    bitshares-light_2.0.170303_amd64.deb sha256: 198e3265b08562030c52a24ad205c6ffcb35165e4753e8c1dc8d51282b50afb5

    BitShares-light_2.0.170303.exe sha256: af74c7bb8c70a58b3f7bde91e10bfe6371f547fb333252133fcadec4840eda9d

    Compiled html/javascript sha256: f4d882e631f0730c10f20cfd9b59529f7973ece5d0b0ce5594335b6fa6c099f5 Uses browser history, requires nginx/apache server with special configuration for HTML5 history API. sha256: 80be5b5a52fc2cb71113fd6f14c1d7183574fd66eba47253ffd11c49f47b12e5 Uses hash history (#/ in the URL), requires no special configuration.

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