POSWallet Newsletter #1 blog by Michael Douranos

  • Dear Users and Supporters of POSWallet.com, we desire for you to have the best info on all the updates and Events that we are planning to release soon on your favorite Platform! That’s why a Newsletter with all the latest updates on POSWallet will be send to you every Month.

    Always remember that there is no other platform out there, that offers a complete self sustaining Ecosystem that contains a Proof of Stake Wallet for all POS Currencies, a complete CryptoCurrency Exchange with unique features, its own Currency (POSW Coin), Dividends which are paid every month to POSW Coin holders…and so much more!

    Amazing Growth of POSWallet!

    Read more about how POSWallet has exceeded all expectations and it’s seeing amazing growth every day that passes with detailed charts from google analytics here: http://bit.ly/2llk8jE and be amazed!

    POSWallet + ICOtimeline Competition

    POSWallet.com and ICOtimeline.compartnership has brought great results and in order to celebrate this success, we organized a great Competition for our Community with 10 lucky Winners and with the amazing prize of 200,000 POSW Coins! The Competition is designed in such a way so that everyone can participate with the most entries possible! More entries equal more points, equal more chances for everyone to be among the Winners. More details about the competition and instructions on how to participate are on the following link: http://bit.ly/2l5f7f7

    PoSW coin: the Fuel of the PoSWallet Ecosystem

    PoSW Coin is not just a simple coin like the majority of coins out there. It’s not only used for trading in several exchanges like LivecoinYobit,CryptopiaNovaexchange etc, but it’s what makes PoSWallet’s Ecosystem alive by using it for every single action, operation and function within it! Everything from fees, memberships, referrals to the exchange voting system, are being paid in PoSW Coins. More details about your favorite currency here: http://bit.ly/2lHL5xc

    POSWallet Android App

    One of the most anticipated features of POSWallet is the release of its own Android App! The App is already downloadable on Google Play, but only for test reasons. Over the next days it’ll reach its final form and it’ ll be available for everyone to download it. More details and photos of the app here:http://bit.ly/2lw2lBG

    POSWallet.com Store

    Yeah it’s true! We are making an online POSWallet Store where you ‘ll be able to purchase various POSWallet products like, t-shirts, hats, stickers and others that’ll be a surprise until it’s completely ready. Of course you’ll be able to pay with POSW Coin and other currencies!

    POSWallet Exchange

    POSWallet Exchange is almost ready and we are running the final tests, in order to ensure maximum safety for the users. POSWallet Exchange will begin with Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) pairs. Fasten your seatbelts an get ready for some real trading because more pairs are coming with much more coins!

    Livecoin.net Enlisted POSW Coin

    POSWallet was accepted in Livecoin, which is one of the Highest Volume Exchanges out there, with more than $4,5 Million of daily volume! Livecoin is supporting POSW Coin with some very attractive Trading Pairs:POSW/BTC(Bitcoin), POSW/ETH(Ethereum), POSW/CRBIT (Creditbit),POSW/ICN(Iconomi). More Hot trading pairs are on the way like: POSW/USD, POSW/EUR, POSW/RUR, POSW/DASH, POSW/XMR, POSW/LTC!

    Stay tuned for our next Monthly Newsletter and also wait for our next wekkly update on Weekly Report #4! You’ ll find all previous POSWallets Weekly Reports here:

    Weekly Report #1: http://bit.ly/2lSbeH6

    Weekly Report #2:http://bit.ly/2moVmer

    Weekly Report #3: http://bit.ly/2lw2lBG

    Articles about POSWallet here:http://bit.ly/2lHL5xc,http://bit.ly/2llk8jE

    WebSite: https://poswallet.com/

    Slack invitation:https://poswallet.signup.team/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/POSWallet




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