[ANN] BOScoin Issuance Schedule Update

  • We’ve made some changes to the coin Issuance schedule! We started with a fixed supply of 9.99 billion BOS over the course of 141 years. However, due to concerns over the value of the coin, we decided to reduce the total amount to 5 billion BOS over 100 years.

    Total Issuance Share Changes

    We also slightly lowered the proportion of the overall freezing reward and increased the share of the confirmation reward.

    The following is a quick overview of each issuance type.

    1. Initial Development Budget(10%) : This is the amount of BOS that the system will start with. The initial development Budget can also be divided as follows.
    2. Commons Budget Issuance(36%) : The Commons Budget is for managing the public budget of the ecosystem. It can be used for sustaining the continuous development of the software, marketing BOScoin, and developing the network as a whole.
    3. Freezing Reward(18%) : The freezing rewards are coins issued when users freeze coins. When a user freezes coins, they receive a freezing reward similar to interest on a savings account.
    4. Confirmation Reward(36%) : Confirmation rewards are the block confirmation rewards. These rewards go to the node operators.

    Further details can be found in ourwhitepaper.

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