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    Official merchant directory: [](


    Algorithm: scrypt PoW DELTA

    Transaction confirmations: 6

    Total coins: 1680M

    Premine reserved for development, marketing and funding of community projects:170M (10%)

    Premine stats: [](

    Starting diff: 0.00244

    Block reward: 100 NLG

    Block time: 150 seconds


    DELTA is the most advanced diff algorithm that has been developed by the Gulden development team

    to keep our blockchain running smooth and to give our dedicated miners better value.

    Multi/Jump pools have changed the game and DELTA is our answer to them.



    Solo Mining








    Block explorers


    LiteBit EUR-NLG

    Bittrex NLG-BTC

    Bleutrade NLG-BTC


    Gulden for iOS from Gulden on Vimeo.

  • Gulden-V1.6.2 Minor RPC improvements Release

    Small RPC and GuldenD fixes for services that are integrating the new 1.6.x account systems.
    Bring back two RPC commands that were removed in initial 1.6 release, these commands have been modified to work with the Gulden accounts system.

    getaccount "Guldenaddress"
    getaddressesbyaccount "account"

  • DELTA switchover — New Gulden for iOS and Android wallets available

    Interim Gulden for iOS download

    The new interim Gulden for iOS wallet has been uploaded to cater for the changes to DELTA, this is not the 1.6 update for iOS which is coming soon.

    Gulden for Android

    A new update has been released for Gulden for Android for the same reason as iOS.

    DELTA update:

    At block 437500 the new updated version of the DELTA diff algorithm will kick in, we are excited for the changes we have made and expect a positive impact to be made on the blockchain overall. We will monitor the changes over the next few weeks
    and provide feedback on DELTA’s performance. The changeover is expected to occur around 4pm GMT +1.

    Gulden for iOS 1.6 update:

    The iOS wallet is undergoing far more changes then the Gulden for Android wallet which was already at a good place, besides adding the 1.6 features we are also updating the underlying code base and sorting out the bugs that been picked up over
    the last few months.

  • Gulden New Version v1.6.3 Release

    Very minor RPC improvements and bug fixes.

  • How important is that backup-phrase? It’s crucial

    We’ve heard the craziest stories of people losing access to their Gulden by not having their backup phrase somewhere safe. Despite numerous on-boarding warnings and tips readily available, keeping your backup-phrase — essentially the key to your money — seems a bit weird. Though, it’s not and it’s increasingly important to take it seriously.

    Here are a couple of the most common mistakes. Don’t fall pray to these mistakes.

    “Oh I’ll do it later”

    Nope, do it now. Lose your phone or crash your laptop and don’t have your backup-phrase? You lose access to your money. There is nobody that can help you without your backup phrase. You are now completely responsible for keeping your money safe. No bailouts on this one.

    “I’ll just take a screenshot”

    Note that a screenshot is still on your phone or laptop, upon a crash you lose the screenshot. If you have an auto-sync with a cloud-service then you might get lucky retrieving the right screenshot. Though, it’s not advised as many apps have access to your photos. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox and many — many more. Don’t show anyone your backup-phrase. Remember, it’s the key to your money. If someone else has the key, they have access.

    “Ah, someone will just be able to access it anyway”

    No. You and you alone have access to your wallet. The backup-phrase is there to make sure that you can get access when your device breaks, gets stolen or you simply get a new one. Without the backup- phrase your money cannot be retrieved. It’ll be locked. So neither you or anyone else can access it.

    “My devices never crash or get stolen”

    Until they do. Just be safe and save the phrase. It’s your only chance to access your money and retrieve it from the blockchain to access it from your new device.

    “I can prove I bought Gulden!”

    Of course you can, it’s on the blockchain. That doesn’t mean you have access to your money, that’s what your backup-phrase is for when you lose your device or when it crashes.

    Let’s just say that the backup-phrase consisting of 12 carefully generated words, shown to you upon first opening your wallet is very important. Haven’t written it down yet? You can still find the Gulden backup phrase while/if you have access to your wallet now. Be sure to keep it safe!

    For desktop:

    My accounts > Settings > Backup > Show backup phrase

    For mobile:

    Menu > Settings > Backup phrase

  • Gulden (NLG) Release New v 1.6.4

    CMDFLAG - Add new command line flag '-coinbasesignature' to make it easy to add coinbase signatures to generated blocks (predominantly meant for testnet) CMDFLAG - Add new command line flag '-accountpool' to increase the default account look ahead size. (Needed in some cases to find accounts on rescan when large account gaps are present) UI - Add a special warning if the users wallet.dat is readonly (instead of displaying a generic/scary 'corrupted wallet' message) UI - Improvements to send dialog, improve handling when user tries to send amounts equal too or larger than available balance. UI - New menu item for importing private keys. UI - New menu item to allow users to easily rescan without having to use command line flags or mess around in RPC console. UI - Improve the way rescan (and other actions that require progress) display in the program. UI - Fix a bug where transaction screen would sometimes show transactions for all accounts instead of just the active one. RPC - Modify createaccount command so that it can also create legacy accounts. RPC - New commands for read only (watch) HD accounts. getreadonlyaccount, importreadonlyaccount. RPC - New command for read only (watch) HD seeds, getreadonlyseed. RPC - New 'deleteaccount' command RPC - Modify 'move' command so that it can handle -1 as input for the amount field, passing '-1' will calculate the available balance in the account for the confirmation level passed and transfer all of it. RPC - Merge a bug fix from user 'mezrin' for 'dumpwallet' command. RPC - Fix a bug in command 'gettransaction' where transaction would not show if 'rpconlylistsecuredtransactions' flag was set to false. CORE/RPC/UI - Support for read only (watch) HD accounts. CORE/RPC/UI - Support for read only (watch) HD seeds. CORE - Assorted other minor bug fixes.


    Gulden-1.6.4-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz 89619e12f78de796392c9c0d676ed26bf6c3eec847abac70b91974c8ce9ede34

    Gulden-1.6.4-aarch64-linux.tar.gz dbefef37164ea93320237a00d101c741867f560096cfbecd1dda106ffd28f2ae

    Gulden-1.6.4-arm-linux-eabihf.tar.gz a46ea20ec942b453b0a7b842c2352528f2e42443a655d8a082b5eca87bab2de2

    Gulden-1.6.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz 974d91740f4111e8bdc9edcbc03afc0a2cfeca990cf489f141682162a9544a41

    Gulden-1.6.4-i686-linux.tar.gz 2279a059ac588b0e4ea2a32a3729d5ae3cc622273b3d7ad3ba8910b907eb32a9

    Gulden-1.6.4-x86_64-linux.tar.gz b0c45617de66098876cae116e4f43436a57a639dd5082fee9a5a0b053ab5df02

    Gulden-1.6.4-osx.dmg 7743e6bff7b917ae8fae92b898e628e8b3748395f14528a1d11c5ee125fe7e9d

    Gulden-1.6.4-osx.tar.gz 62c269b659f0820a13820a84bee6857663baf375a7647530f970f66a5601c60a

    Gulden-1.6.4-win32-setup.exe a79ff071a79ca2da0fbb32f032a9d21c0c87ddda32dc6c3811e44a5a7809a76e 45464a35c4e82b3198a861fe1d2dccfcf1b5bec6708914e69f343b0c86bdb4ad

    Gulden-1.6.4-win64-setup.exe 0da3210b45ec79108887a25329010ffff0afc07e505d93be1d7e7f54cd12b487 4220560330c86f2cd08d860c0d9ed926b2ee65587124660766c54802a0457cfa


  • GULDEN (NLG) Release V

    Minor bugfix release


  • Gulden (NLG) Release New Wallet v1.6.4.5

    Fix "run on boot" links that were broken by testnet changes and other minor "run on boot" corrections.


  • GULDEN (NLG) Release v

    RPC - Fix an issue introduced in which can cause users running
    with "-disablewallet" to experience RPC freezes when calling certain RPC


  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v1.6.4.8

    Minor maintenence release.

    UI - Introduce a new informational widget and other minor UI
    improvements that make it move obvious to users that the wallet is not
    yet available during initial sync.

    UI - Add a new menu item for setting the currency.

    UI - Fix a crash in the send dialog on machines with no network connection.

    UI - Remove bitcoin payment option from send screen

    CORE - Update checkpoints, static difficulties, static seeds and other
    static information to help assist new users with better syncing


  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v1.6.4.9

    Minor update release for servers only.

    • Flush sync state to disk a bit more often on initial sync.
    • Apply a small ban to outdated peers to stop them from flooding us with connect attempts.

  • Gulden February Development Update - Testing on Gulden 2.0, A new era for the codebase, Mobile wallets & More

    A quick thanks to all community members who are patiently waiting for the 2.0 release, we know the wait is difficult but it will be worth it.

    Gulden 2.0 Testing on Gulden 2.0 continues, with both SegSig and PoW² looking pretty stable and solid.

    January revealed some performance issues in the underlying codebase that are not directly related to PoW² but have been made more obvious by it; One specific example being that the wallets struggle with large number of transactions, in the past this affected only a small group of users, but with a larger userbase participating in witnessing it has become clear that this will need to be addressed.

    It also became obvious in the last testing phase that we needed better tools for our testers to use in order to test various parts of the system, a lot of work has been put into improving the RPC and UI to make this possible. It also became evident that we need to improve the RPC in preparation for fantastic community initiatives like GDash; When we initially started on PoW² we envisaged that at first we would put out a basic in wallet witnessing system and that later we would put out further releases expanding it to support witnessing from other devices like RPi and other user friendly options. Our community however has surpassed all our expectations and eagerly rushed ahead to develop several of these options, it is fantastic to see how vibrant and solid our community has become.

    This however means we need to have full support from the get go, there has been some additional work to ensure that pretty much all aspects of the witnessing system will be ready for the first release.

    February has seen us address all of the above, as well as other things, at this point the dev team is busy putting the finishing touches on the UI; watch out for some sneak previews to follow!

    With this finalised we will be doing one more testing drive, the most extensive one yet after which we hope to be ready to release, though as usual we put quality above all else and will not release something until we are 100% sure it is ready.

    A new era for the codebase During the PoW² development we have also come to the exciting realisation that it is time to change the way we do things.

    In the past we treated Gulden as “Bitcoin with some changes”, all Gulden code was written with this mind set in mind, with a lot of care and attention paid to keeping the code as similar to Bitcoin as possible. Including all sorts of clever tricks to avoid doing renames in the codebase etc. This had the advantage of allowing us to keep up with Bitcoin changes as easily as possible, and is the sensible way to do things when the amount of changes is small. However it did also make all coding work more difficult.

    As the amount of differences we have made has grown, the advantage of this has become less and less, and the work to do it more and more. We have come to the realisation that at this point, toward the end of PoW² and SegSig development – we can proudly say that Gulden is no longer “Bitcoin with some changes” but rather we are our own project.

    And so the time has come to cast aside this old way of doing things and instead fully embrace the new. From now on we will no longer attempt to track the Bitcoin codebase but instead we will be freed up to improve on it wherever we want, this will help us develop faster and better quality in the future, there are many changes we want to make and some of them are already underway.

    We will still keep track of what the Bitcoin project is doing and keep an eye on improvements and bug fixes they make, and adopt them where appropriate, so there will be no loss of benefit in that regard.

    New developer Some of you will have seen our advert for a network developer; an appropriate person for the role has been identified, and with the above codebase restraints out the way is hard at work on several projects we have had planned for quite some time now.

    These projects are necessary in order for the Gulden project to grow further, in the December/January growth spurt it became evident that the Gulden network is outgrowing what the Bitcoin codebase is capable of and that further change would be necessary.

    We are very excited to have another developer to assist with the core code, and are hopeful that after the success of these initial projects we will be able to keep him around to help with various other ongoing projects.

    Mobile wallets Our mobile developers are still hard at work behind the scenes improving the code in the mobile wallets, once the code is up to standard new mobile releases will be more frequent with lots of usability improvements to follow; watch this space.

  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.0


    This release incorporates three new major feature branches, which combined involve over a year of intense development effort:

    • PoW² - See for technical information Highlights include: Ability to lock funds for a period of time and earn rewards while securing the network. Drastically enhanced network security.

    UI - New "witness overview" dialog with info and statistics on witness accounts, complete with a graph showing current and predicted earnings. UI - New "witness fund" dialog, with estimate to help pick the right weight when funding an account. CORE - New blockchain consensus rules for a PoW² driven blockchain with determistic witnessing. CORE - New address type for two key witness accounts CORE - New account types for witnessing, including special behaviour (hardening) of the witness key chain so that witness keys can be shared without compromising wallet security. CORE - New witness-only account types for linked witnessing between main wallet and a backup witness device. CORE - Automatic witnessing of incoming blocks in exchange for rewards RPC - New commands: View a statistical/informational snapshot of the witness system for any block in the blockchain - getwitnessinfo "block_specifier" verbose mine_only Create a new witness account - createwitnessaccount "name" Lock funds into a witness account - fundwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amount" "time" "force_multiple" Add funds to a witness account and/or extend the lock period - extendwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amount" "time" Add funds to a witness address and/or extend the lock period - extendwitnessaddress "funding_account" "witness_address" "amount" "time" Export a URL for creation of a linked "witness-only" account - getwitnessaccountkeys "witness_account" Import a "witness-only" account from a URL that has previously been exported - importwitnesskeys "account_name" "encoded_key_url" "create_account" Split a witness account into multiple witness addresses; Lock period is not changed this exists for the benefit of users whose weight is too large for the network - splitwitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" "amounts" Merge multiple identical witness addresses into a single one; Only works on identical accounts i.e. ones that have previously been split - mergewitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" Renew a witness account that has expired due to failiure to witness - renewwitnessaccount "witness_account" Change the witness key on an account where the key may have been compromised or as a periodic precaution - rotatewitnessaccount "funding_account" "witness_account" Change the witness key on an account where the key may have been compromised or as a periodic precaution - rotatewitnessaddress "funding_account" "witness_address" Set a witness account to compound all or part of the earnings it receives (phase 4 only) - setwitnesscompound "witness_account" "amount" Check the compounding settings for a witness account - getwitnesscompound "witness_account" Set an address or script other than the default for witness reward payout - setwitnessrewardscript "witness_account" "address_or_script" force_pubkey Get the current address or script that has been set for witness reward payout - getwitnessrewardscript "witness_account" RPC - GetBlockTemplate support for mining in conjunction with phase 3 witnessing.

    • SegSig - A new transaction format. See for technical information. Highlights include: Solving of malleability issues; More compact transactions (over 50% in some cases) leading to increased network capacity for peak transaction periods; New transaction types (for PoW²); Extensible transaction types for future development.

    CORE - Implement fixes for transaction malleability CORE - Implement new more compact transaction format CORE - Implement two new transaction types "StandardKeyHash" and "PoW2_Witness" CORE - Implement version scheme allowing easy future creation of additional compact special purpose transactions CORE - Witness based version bit activation, for better control of future updates. Feature activation can now be controlled by "miner voting", "witness voting" or a combination at developer discretion.

    • Sonic - The sonic project involves multiple changes to the p2p networking stack within Gulden. Highlights include: A switch to boost::asio for the networking stack to replace the old select() based networking code; Multiple improvements to the initial chain synchronisation process, including reverse header synchronisation, making it drastically faster; Removal of limitations to how many peers a server can handle, which helps solve scalability/congestion issues on the network in peak usage periods.

    • Non exhaustive list of additional general changes. UI - Gulden desktop client gains an automatic update check to alert users of updates. Update check is cryptographically secured to ensure that it cannot be tampered with. UI - Improved handling of wallet alerts/warnings through a new warning dialog. UI - New "all" button on send coin screen to send all funds. UI - Major reworking of send coin screen including improved Nocks integration and many other bug fixes. UI - Improve handling of small window sizes; hide some window elements on smaller windows when necessary. UI - Add localisation for the loading/splash screen when wallet first opens. CORE - Improved handling of "private key" imports. CORE - Major performance improvements for wallets with lots of transactions. CORE - Major performance improvements for wallets with lots of accounts. CORE - Performance improvements when creating new accounts. CORE - Numerous other performance improvements throughout the wallet. CORE - Major reworking of application life cycle management (open/close); so that it is faster and more consistent across applications. This forms the first step of our future "Unity" project, and fixes various crash at exit bugs and possible sources of wallet corruption. CMDFLAG - Add a -windowtitle command flag, primarily intended to be used to assist with testing so that multiple program instances can be easily distinguished. CMDFLAG - Add a new -disableui flag to start with just a RPC console (and wallet); Useful for some types of debugging. RPC - New command 'getaccountbalances' return a list of individual balances for all accounts. RPC - New command 'listunspentforaccount' as account specific counterpart for listunspent. RPC - New command 'rescan' to trigger a wallet rescan (Same as Tools>rescan via UI). RPC - New command 'getrescanprogress' to view the progress percentageof an ongoing wallet rescan. RPC - New command 'getimmaturebalance' as conterpart to 'getunconfirmedbalance' RPC - Add account capability to 'sendmany' command. RPC - Modify 'listaccounts' command to take an optional second paramater to filter on account state. Add a new "state" field to the output and clarify better the difference between "type" and "HD_type"

    And many more changes and bug fixes, for a comprehensive list view the commit history on our github repository.


  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.2

    UI - Implement an improved "new account" page; which makes witnessing more visible as well as better displays and advertizes various other capabilities of our wallets. UI - Resolve a minor issue where old Legacy accounts were incorrectly hidden by UI in some circumstances, due to an old already fixed issue that was in some older 1.6.x wallets. CMDFLAG - Add a new command line flag "-resyncforblockindexupgrade" for the benefit of some devices that may be having trouble upgrading. CMDFLAG - Add a new command line flag "-reverseheaders" to allow control over whether to use reverse headers or not. CORE - Various code quality improvements; travis now running with '-Werror -Wall -Wextra' for first time.


  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.6

    CORE - Stability fix for a minor crash issue some users might otherwise experience in phase 3. UI - Some very minor localisation and UI cleanups UI - Fix a balance display issue WALLET - Implement detection for an issue with incorrect HD index counter incrementing that may have affected some users in past versions of the software. Users who are affected are in no immediate danger but should be warned to rectify the issue regardless. NET - No longer advertise or establish outgoing connections to outdated (1.6.x) peers but allow incoming connections from them.

    Source Code:

  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.9

    CORE - Major witness validation performance improvement and memory usage reduction due to partial chain cloning CORE - Move some invalid block logic earlier in the block check process, this should help address some issues users have been experiencing as well as further stabalise the network. CORE - Simplify phase2/phase3 checks now that we know the final blocks where they activated; This will help performance in various ways and simplifies the code. CORE - Some minor performance improvements UI - Fix an underlying issue that was causing a "scary" looking message dialog to occasionally pop up and bother some users. UI - Fix an issue with witness earnings graph display for units other than "blocks" CMDFLAG - Add a new flag limitdeltadiffdrop=n for mining pools, larger mining pools should set this to 0. Medium pools 1-6, very small pools can leave it off. CMDFLAG - Add new "minimallogging" flag for the benefit of users with limited disk space e.g. pi users

    Source Code:

  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.10

    RPC - Make "getrescanprogress" command more responsive.

    UI - Fix an issue with "orphaned" witness earnings incorrectly showing as part of account balance.

    UI - Add a user alert message if number of witnesses on the network
    drops below 100 as a precaution to help keep the number of witnesses

    UI - Fix a bug with wallet rescan progress display.

    UI - Another fix to prevent "Failed to calculate witness info for
    candidate block" dialog from showing in situations where it isn't really

    UI - Fix an issue some users were having with unlocking wallet.

    UI - Fix an issue where the receive coins dialog would, when creating a
    new account, in certain instances temporarily show the address for a
    different account.

    UI - Allow emptying of non-witness funds if normal funds are somehow sent to a witness account address.

    UI - Fix a small glitch where empty wallet balance would occasionally display as -0.00

    UI - Fix a transaction view issue where "locked from" transactions were occasionally displayed as "received from" instead.

    RPC - Fix a small issue with one of the weights being output incorrectly in getwitnessinfo command.

    RPC - Add some additional PoW² related output to 'getblock' and 'getheader' calls.

    RPC - Fix an occasional/intermittent issue where getblocktemplate would fail when called by mining pools

    CMDFLAG - Default "minimallogging" flag to on for arm and aarch64 architectures.

    CORE - Fix a block relay issue that combined with other factors was occasionally leading to temporary chain stalls.

    Source Code


  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.12

    UI - Improve visual look of the "all" button in the send coins dialog.

    UI - Fix a problem with increasing memory consumption over time that was affecting some users.

    UI - Fix an issue where emptying an "unlocked" witness account first required restarting the wallet.

    UI - Fix an issue where an "unlocked" witness account would show incorrect statistical information.

    CORE - Reduce memory footprint and improve performance of witness validation.

    Source Code:

  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.15

    Minor maintenance release for macOS Mojave users.
    UI - Option to hide status bar when synchronised (default enabled). Disable to always show status indicators.

    Source code

  • Gulden (NLG) Release Wallet v2.0.0.17

    RPC - Introduce new debug command verifywitnessaddress

    UI - Update styling and graphics

    Source Code:

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