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  • Gulden







    Official merchant directory: [](


    Algorithm: scrypt PoW DELTA

    Transaction confirmations: 6

    Total coins: 1680M

    Premine reserved for development, marketing and funding of community projects:170M (10%)

    Premine stats: [](

    Starting diff: 0.00244

    Block reward: 100 NLG

    Block time: 150 seconds


    DELTA is the most advanced diff algorithm that has been developed by the Gulden development team

    to keep our blockchain running smooth and to give our dedicated miners better value.

    Multi/Jump pools have changed the game and DELTA is our answer to them.



    Solo Mining








    Block explorers


    LiteBit EUR-NLG

    Bittrex NLG-BTC

    Bleutrade NLG-BTC


    Gulden for iOS from Gulden on Vimeo.

  • Gulden-V1.6.2 Minor RPC improvements Release

    Small RPC and GuldenD fixes for services that are integrating the new 1.6.x account systems.
    Bring back two RPC commands that were removed in initial 1.6 release, these commands have been modified to work with the Gulden accounts system.

    getaccount "Guldenaddress"
    getaddressesbyaccount "account"

  • DELTA switchover — New Gulden for iOS and Android wallets available

    Interim Gulden for iOS download

    The new interim Gulden for iOS wallet has been uploaded to cater for the changes to DELTA, this is not the 1.6 update for iOS which is coming soon.

    Gulden for Android

    A new update has been released for Gulden for Android for the same reason as iOS.

    DELTA update:

    At block 437500 the new updated version of the DELTA diff algorithm will kick in, we are excited for the changes we have made and expect a positive impact to be made on the blockchain overall. We will monitor the changes over the next few weeks
    and provide feedback on DELTA’s performance. The changeover is expected to occur around 4pm GMT +1.

    Gulden for iOS 1.6 update:

    The iOS wallet is undergoing far more changes then the Gulden for Android wallet which was already at a good place, besides adding the 1.6 features we are also updating the underlying code base and sorting out the bugs that been picked up over
    the last few months.

  • Gulden New Version v1.6.3 Release

    Very minor RPC improvements and bug fixes.

  • How important is that backup-phrase? It’s crucial

    We’ve heard the craziest stories of people losing access to their Gulden by not having their backup phrase somewhere safe. Despite numerous on-boarding warnings and tips readily available, keeping your backup-phrase — essentially the key to your money — seems a bit weird. Though, it’s not and it’s increasingly important to take it seriously.

    Here are a couple of the most common mistakes. Don’t fall pray to these mistakes.

    “Oh I’ll do it later”

    Nope, do it now. Lose your phone or crash your laptop and don’t have your backup-phrase? You lose access to your money. There is nobody that can help you without your backup phrase. You are now completely responsible for keeping your money safe. No bailouts on this one.

    “I’ll just take a screenshot”

    Note that a screenshot is still on your phone or laptop, upon a crash you lose the screenshot. If you have an auto-sync with a cloud-service then you might get lucky retrieving the right screenshot. Though, it’s not advised as many apps have access to your photos. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox and many — many more. Don’t show anyone your backup-phrase. Remember, it’s the key to your money. If someone else has the key, they have access.

    “Ah, someone will just be able to access it anyway”

    No. You and you alone have access to your wallet. The backup-phrase is there to make sure that you can get access when your device breaks, gets stolen or you simply get a new one. Without the backup- phrase your money cannot be retrieved. It’ll be locked. So neither you or anyone else can access it.

    “My devices never crash or get stolen”

    Until they do. Just be safe and save the phrase. It’s your only chance to access your money and retrieve it from the blockchain to access it from your new device.

    “I can prove I bought Gulden!”

    Of course you can, it’s on the blockchain. That doesn’t mean you have access to your money, that’s what your backup-phrase is for when you lose your device or when it crashes.

    Let’s just say that the backup-phrase consisting of 12 carefully generated words, shown to you upon first opening your wallet is very important. Haven’t written it down yet? You can still find the Gulden backup phrase while/if you have access to your wallet now. Be sure to keep it safe!

    For desktop:

    My accounts > Settings > Backup > Show backup phrase

    For mobile:

    Menu > Settings > Backup phrase

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