[ANN] MyBit Decentralized Asset Management

  • MyBit revolutionizes asset management by enabling the secure administration of ownership via a decentralized, golden source ledger.

    It effectively removes single point of failure risk, reliance on third-party escrow agents, and much of the friction in traditional systems.

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    What is MyBit? 

     MyBit is a decentralized asset management platform designed to add an ownership layer to the internet.  Our goal is to change how ownership is recorded to make the process of registration, transferring, and querying both cost-effective and fast.  By utilizing Blockchain technologies in our core application stack it creates a unique opportunity for managing assets and ownership which is more secure, efficient, and reliable than any other solution for digitalizing assets and ownership.  Similar to how the internet streamlined and secured the transfer of information (communication technologies), Blockchain enables for asset ownership (and transfer) & core business functions.  The Blockchain is often heralded as the world’s first internet-scale open platform for value-exchange.  By utilizing a decentralized model, a single point of failure risk is removed.  Data is governed and maintained by network participants (nodes) and all data is fully replicated across all network peers.  Also, Democratic principles are ingrained in the core (code) of the platform providing all participants with a voice regarding the future of the application.  This results in innovation at the foundational level.  

    Phase 1 (Facilitating p2p transactions and securing personal assets) 

    The phase 1 release facilitates the process of registering physical assets onto the Blockchain so they can securely and easily be managed from one location.  Then MyBit extends that technology by offering Smart Contract powered trusts.  These virtual trust funds enable users to manage to whom ownership of their high-valued physical assets will be transferred in the event of death or other “trigger event.”  This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of setting up trusts to distribute one’s assets.

    Phase 2 (Enabling both financing and revenue streams for AI) 

     The phase 2 release focuses on the emerging AI market.  AI is going to take a lot of jobs away from people and cost companies a large amount of capital to upgrade their systems and acquire expensive AI hardware. MyBit Enterprise is a solution for capital light companies that will need to invest large amounts into AI infrastructure and people whose jobs will be replaced by AI who still need a viable method to generate income.  The platform provides companies with viable financing solutions through tokenized fractional assets, enables new methods of income generation for the average person; and strives towards sustainability by managing this vast amount of data and activity with minimal resource consumption.

    Why MyBit?

    In an increasingly digital age it is imperative that money and assets can flow freely and securely on a global scale transcending borders. This streamlines business functions creating unparalleled efficiencies.

    As Bitcoin (or other Blockchain-derived means of monetary exchange) begins to play a bigger role in the world economy, it further increases one's ability to securely transact quickly and affordably.

    The next piece of the puzzle is enabling the same for the transfer of assets. With the combination of communication, money, and assets flowing freely on a global scale it unlocks further potential of the internet and fundamentally changes economics as we know it.


    Register Assets:

    Link any phsyical or digital asset with your Unique Blockchain Identifier (UBI) to embed proof of ownership into the immutable Blockchain in perpetuity.

    Transfer Ownership

    Easily buy, sell, or transfer ownership of any asset without the counterparty risk associated with escrow agents and brokers in traditional transactions.

    Verify Authenticity

    Verify the authenticity of an asset in seconds by querying details via MyBit to avoid relying on third-party verification services that are costly and inefficient.

    Secure Assets

    Govern assets with computer code that is guaranteed to execute exactly as programmed thus reducing overhead costs associated with asset management.

    Trace Lineage

    Easily access production and ownership history in a transparent, linear view which eliminates data gaps in asset history to further secure transactional commerce.

    Reduce Risk

    Greatly reduce the risk of securing assets and conducting business by removing the need for third-parties and intermediaries to govern, secure, and facilitate transactions.

    ICO Details

    Full information coming soon.  Anticipated launch date is the last week of March.  Escrows will be Brave New Coin & Collin Lahay from BitRated.  Early-bird incentives and money mechanics should be finalized very
    soon.  Please stay tuned for finalized details.

    Token and Profit Sharing Model

    Registering and transferring assets will incur a cost of 1 MyBit Token (0.01 ETH) This fee will cover the Ether/Gas required to interact with the.
    network.  Any excess will be distributed proportionately to token holders based on their holdings.Smart Contract Trusts will incur
     a small monthly subscription cost to maintain.  This residual revenue  will be distributed proportionately to token holders based on their holdings.

    Funds Allocation

    • 10% Legal and Compliance
    • 50% Salaries, Expenses, Rewards
    • 15% Marketing
    • 5% Crowdsale Expenses
    • 20% Reserves for Unexpected Expenses and/or Delayed Monetization


    Anyone can participate during the crowdsale from March 1, 2017 to April 14, 2017.  To join, please register an account on https://mybit.io.  Currencies that will be accepted include BTC, ETH, ETC, Monero, Dash, and more to be added.

    Token Distribution

    -10% to Founders

    -20% to Foundation

    -70% ICO Participants


    White Paper:










  • MyBit Crowdsale Launch is here!

    Thank you for registering for the upcoming MyBit crowdfunding campaign set to officially go live in the next few hours at 00:00 GMT +0 (London) and run for 30 consecutive days.   The first tranche of coins totaling 4,500,000 MyB are set at a 25% discount.  Please review the MyBit Deal Sheet located in the footer of the ICO Dashboard for full details and specifications.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the price you will receive due to the smart contract processing orders as they come in (speed of placing orders is important, but if you are tuned into our Slack channel with orders ready to go when the official launch is announced, you should be fine).   An AMA will be held tonight on our slack channel, https://mybit-dapp.slack.comhttps://slackin.mybit.io.   If you are having issues logging into the platform, please clear your browser’s cache and reload the page.  If after that, you are still encountering any problems, Slack is the best option for fast communication to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.   Below are helpful links and documentation regarding the MyBit platform.

      Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or for guidance through the crowdfunding process. Cheers, MyBit Team

  • MyBit opens registration for token sale + How To Join Guide

    We have some exciting news for you! Our Journey commenced back in November 2016 when our idea was first conceived. Since then we’ve published our white papers, designed the architecture, nearly finished our Ethereum TestNet Demo…and now we have reached our next milestone.   We are delighted to announce the launch of the Token Sale!   We aim to secure funding to: finalize the development of the MyBit platform, conduct pilot studies, and bring the product to market — this is a community effort, and with your help, this will be made possible.

    What is MyBit?

    MyBit is an innovative platform that levels the playing field of raising and utilizing financial capital by simplifying the traditional financing model, and decentralizing the investment process across several industries.

    The platform eliminates the need for:
     -Onerous paperwork required by lending institutions.
     -Large financing fees.
     -Tedious middleman relationships that stand in the way of unleashing the full power of peer-to-peer lending. 

    For the first time in the history of finance, MyBit allows users to get
    involved in revenue generating projects of all sizes in a
    crowd-funding-like cryptocurrency environment.

     MyBit is:

    Easy-to-use.   The cryptocurrency framework provided through the public Ethereum platform allows users to fund initiatives and receive funding through the MyBit token.

    By purchasing the MyBit token through our simple user interface, users can invest in various clean energy development projects and receive a fully liquid ownership stake which entitles them to revenue distributions.

    On the other side of the transaction, users can request funds to finance projects through our intuitive project on-boarding platform.     Secure.

    utilizing the power of smart contracts, and decentralized blockchains,
    the MyBit token and the entire financial transaction framework is
    equipped with unparalleled security. Smart contracts are digital files
    that are regulated and executed by computers; they do exactly what they
    are coded to do, and cannot be changed without others knowing as a
    result of the public nature of the blockchain ledger.


    We live in an exciting time where the entire financial system is being challenged by the emergence of new digital currency technologies that dwarf traditional monetary models in terms of security, and efficiency. MyBit is on the forefront of this revolution, and we are inviting you to join us.    MyBit is flexible. Despite speaking at large about utilizing MyBit to finance renewable energy projects, MyBit is actually agnostic and can be used to fund revenue generating assets such as -self-driving cars, charging stations, real estate, satellites. You name it. If it generates revenue, MyBit will be standing by to finance it.    Starting on July 17th, MyBit will be beginning its TokenSale, giving you the chance to get in on the ground floor of our financial revolution. MyBit tokens will be available for sale through our website (http://mybit.io) for only 30 days.

     How does a TokenSale work? 
    will be offering a percentage of our cryptocurrency through the
    TokenSale. Buying the MyBit token allows you to participate on the
    network. Once our platform is up and running, these tokens will be able
    to be used to invest in renewable energy projects, AI infrastructure,
    peer to peer lending, and machine to machine payments, among other
    All of the funds raised through the TokenSale will be
    held in a Brave New Coin escrow, and only released to MyBit under the
    condition that it meets the development and fundraising goals laid out
    in the smart contract. Failure to do so on our part means the money is
    returned right back to you! You can read more about the TokenSale and
    our development goals in our WhitePaper, which provides an overview of
    the entire company and everything we hope to achieve in the short and
    medium term. 
    Utilizing a TokenSale to finance the next stage of
    development of our company is highly preferable to traditional capital
    models for several reasons:

    Risk: Due to the nature of the smart contract governing the sale, the funds are held in a secure escrow and only released to MyBit if the target capital amount is reached after 30 days. Otherwise, the funds are sent right back to the investor automatically. No hassle. No risk.   Liquidity: The financial asset behind the TokenSale framework is a cryptographic token! Whereas traditional financing models for early stage companies require large venture capital firms to make long term bets, the TokenSale makes it easy to use the coin framework to create a market where users can buy and sell their tokens freely and securely.   Community: Creating and offering a public token allows us to create a vibrant community of early stage users. Our TokenSale is an inclusive process where anyone with a passion for technology, innovation, clean energy, and progressive thinking can get involved. It also doesn’t require a huge financial commitment; the crowd-funding nature of the token structure allows us to raise capital from millions of people around the world.

    The MyBit token is subject to the laws of supply and demand. As our
    community grows, and therefore the demand for the token grows, so will
    the value of each outstanding issuance. The earlier you join us, the
     Ready to get involved? Here’s how to join us:

    Step 1: Buy Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) if you have not already.
    Using these digital currencies as our primary means of transaction
    allows us to bypass the headache of converting and translating
    traditional national currencies. 
    Step 2: Create an account at MyBit.io and log-in!

    Step 3:
    Follow the instructions on your dashboard to send money. Your account
    will be credited with MyBit tokens within seconds of initiating the
    Step 4: Once the TokenSale ends, you will be able
    to withdraw your tokens to any major Ethereum Wallet. (Some of our
    favorites include Mist, and Parity, but you can choose whichever you
    Thank you for your interest in MyBit and welcome to
    the future! We look forward to welcoming you into the MyBit community as
    we strive to revolutionize the financial system and bring a new type of
    investment opportunity to the general public.

    One that is forward thinking, bold, innovative, and downright exciting!

  • MyBit Web 3.0 Meets Energy

    Intro to Web 3.0

    Although nomenclature for the web continues to be opaque, its development over the years can be generally categorized into three distinct phases — each building on the one before it.

    Web 1.0, or the “read” phase, was about connecting information and getting on the internet. Web 2.0, or the “write” phase, is about connecting people into a web of social participation and allowing them to publish content. The next stage, Web 3.0, or the “execute” phase is just beginning. It is about dissolving the frameworks of websites, web apps and owned data and replacing it with shared data that can be accessed by services and smart contracts that can present and process that data in meaningful ways to the user. Web 3.0 will be a “read-write-execute” web.

    Energy — The Next Generation

    The next generation of energy will increasingly move away from fossil fuels and be anchored in renewables: solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. It will also move away from its current centralized energy grid in favor of a decentralized and ultimately distributed one that is cleaner, more efficient, more resilient, and lower cost.

    The disaggregation of the current investor owned utility (IOU) monopolies is inevitable. One only needs to look to the breakup of the telecom industry as proof of the benefits gained when entrepreneurial creativity is granted access to a monopolized industry. Competitive business models, product sets and services emerge that drive down costs and expand capabilities. Think landlines to wireless.

    Web 3.0 Meets Next Generation Energy

    The powerful combination of technology and renewables will be explosive — in a positive way! By combining the network technology ingredients of blockchain and smart contracts with smart phones and wireless communications, individuals and small businesses can crowdfund their purchases of renewables and sell excess capacity directly to their neighbors, their communities or to their utility company.

    Startup company, MyBit.io, is developing an opensource, decentralized application platform that connects individuals to investors worldwide for the purpose of purchasing revenue generating assets such as solar panels. No Banks, no attorneys, no middlemen required.

    The platform uses Ethereum based smart contracts to manage the collection and distribution of funds between all parties: investors, asset owners, solar panel manufactures, installers and utility companies. MyBit eliminates financial barriers by providing worldwide access to previously untapped capital from the masses and establishes trust between parties, enabling anyone in the world to participate in the distributed energy revolution.

    For more information on MyBit.io, visit their website at https://mybit.io/.


    As Web 3.0 connects with a decentralized energy industry, expect massive amounts of creativity from the fringe. Entrepreneurism will flourish yielding new forms of products and services that result in a cleaner, better, cheaper, and more resilient energy grid. The technology is here, and now, and with a cooperative effort, a new electrical energy structure is possible that will not only benefit developed countries but expedite the electrification of 1.2 billion people worldwide who have none. This will be life-changing — changing their lives for the good and providing countless new opportunities where there are few. “The Peoples’ Grid” — energy for the masses by the masses will become a dominant socioeconomic, environmental and political manifesto in the near future. And when it does, everybody wins.

    Written by Thomas Pollan (COO, MyBit.io)

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