• PABYOSI COIN is a new concept of digital currencies that maintained the benefits of digital currencies and complement the disadvantages of digital currencies.
    The only digital currency that Keeps assets such as gold or dollars. Features of asset growth, fast and convenient payment functionality, including a foreign exchange transactions
    With a 100% guarantee worth the risk-free investment and will provide an annual interest of 3% of the account balance of your wallet. It also provides increased profits and interest due on the value of the PABYOSI COIN.

    Coin Information:

    Total coins: 31.5 billion coins

    Block Rewards: 5993.15 more

    Block target: 1 minute

    Difficulty retarget: 26400 blocks (15 days)

    Mining method: X11 POW / POS

    Genesis block open:March 1, 2016

    PABYOSI COIN Window wallet:

    Keep the PABYOSI COIN, wallet that can transmit and receive interest.
    The interest of 0.1% per annum for the deposit balance will be paid.
    Try right now experience the convenience of PABYOCI COIN after download

    Exchange: C-CEX


    Through an PABYOSI COIN ATM available real-time domestic and international remittances.
    It supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The Buying & Selling of PABYOSI COIN can be used freely and easily.

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