Ardor Release Testnet v2.0.2e

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    Release 2.0.2e





    This is an experimental release for testing only. Source code is not provided.

    Change log:

    This release introduces an incompatible networking change in bundler rates
    propagation and is therefore a mandatory update for all Ardor testnet nodes.

    Improvements in bundler rates handling and APIs:

    The GetBundlerRates API now also returns the bundler account and the remaining
    fee limit for each bundler as currentFeeLimitFQT.

    The new GetAllBundlerRates API returns all bundler rates known to the node, for
    all child chains, subject to optional minBundlerBalanceFXT limit on the bundler
    effective Ardor balance.

    The new BlacklistBundler API allows manual blacklisting of bundler accounts.
    Rates advertised by such accounts will not be added to the local list of known
    rates each node maintains. Blacklisting of bundler accounts is also possible
    using the new nxt.blacklistedBundlerAccounts property.

    Bundler rates are now broadcasted every 30 min instead of once an hour.

    The new nxt.minBundlerFeeLimitFXT property allows skipping bundler rates that
    are announced by bundlers with lower remaining current fee limit, default 10

    Added peer authentication and encryption framework for the peer networking, to
    be used for permissioned blockchains.

    Added Bundle action for child chain transactions in the UI. Added visual
    representation of transaction bundling and confirmation status.

    Client UI and peer networking bugfixes and improvements.

    Updated H2 to version 1.4.194.

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