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  • Matchpool Alpha DevPlan

    Diving into Matchpool: DevPlan

    The Matchpool DevPlan is a brief overview of the platform’s development over the coming months. We’ll be documenting our progress along the way and are are really excited to release the Alpha to the Matchpool community. If you have any questions about the platform, feel free to ask in slack FAQ. If you would like to sign up as an Alpha or Beta for Matchpool, please sign up at

    Matchpool Alpha

    We are already in the process of making the Web Alpha version of Matchpool and we’re confident on the deliverables and roadmap outlined below.

    Alpha DevPlan Roadmap

    Q2 2017

    Idea generation: Requests Market Studies Competitors

    Assess market: Segments & size Growth potential Customer needs Legal issues

    Business Analysis: Cost/Benefit Resources Required Capital Expenses Probability/Margin

    Q3 2017

    Product Development: Technical Specs Product Design Prototyping Testing & QA

    Q3 2017

    Matchpool Web Alpha Launch Become an Alpha Tester at (Note: Times are estimates and may change)

    Create a Pool: Matchpool Web Alpha will offer users to create and open Pools.


    Main Features —

    Create a Profile Create a Pool Post a Discussion in a pool Upload Photos to the Pool Like and Reply on a Post Joining a Pool  — Data Analytics and Customer Studies from large number of human interactions through the discussions and the chat sessions.

    Technology —

    Node.js PostgreSQL React.js

    Please Note Matchpool Web Alpha will not include GUP exchange between users until Public Launch. All Pools will be free to join and free to create in Alpha. Matchmaking & Introductions will be introduced in Beta.

    Pool Talk: Post a Discussion, Add Photos, Like & Reply in Pools

    Matchpool Web App Public Alpha

    Q2 2017

    Deliverables: Product Specification Completed Architectural Design Infrastructure Development Back-End Development Admin Console Development Client Side Development Testing QA Testing

    Q3 2017

    Deliverables: Alpha Version Launched Become an Alpha Tester at (Note: Times are estimates and may change)

    Please Note Matchpool Web Alpha will not include GUP exchange between users until Public Launch. All Pools will be free to join and free to create in Alpha. Matchmaking & Introductions will be introduced in Beta.

    Thank you for reading

    Or Demri — CTO Matchpool

    Join Matchpool

    If you’ve enjoyed this article and want to jump into Matchpool, we’d love to hear from you. Matchpool is currently hiring developers and interested in partnering with other Ethereum developers. If you like building great products and would like to work with our team, send a message to: [email protected] or join our #devpool channel in Slack.

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  • Matchpool How to View your Guppies

    Find your GUP

    Thank you for contributing to Matchpool. We received a handful of messages about contributions sent from different popular wallets and exchanges. We acknowledge not knowing where your funds are can be unsettling so this post aims to make sure every contributor can get a status on their Guppies and view them in MyEtherWallet.

    Our recommendation was to contribute to the crowdfunding via MyEtherWallet, Mist or Parity. If you sent ETH via MyEtherWallet, view our guide: How to check your GUP in MyEtherWallet.

    Contributing from Other Ether Wallets

    For contributions sent from other popular wallets, you will have to export your Private Key or Keystore (UTC/JSON) File, which you can then upload or paste into MyEtherWallet at View Wallet Info.

    Once you have imported your Private Key or Keystore (UTC/JSON) File to MyEtherWallet with your password, click ‘Show All Tokens’ on the left and your GUP will be listed like the image below.

    Ledger Nano S

    1. Go to MyEtherWallet & ‘Send Tokens’ tab. Plug your Nano S, select the Ethereum App and go to the settings of the app to activate ‘Browser Support’ and ‘Contract Data’.
    2. Select the Base address you wish to manage (The Ether address you contributed with)
    3. You can now view, receive and send tokens from your Nano S from MyEtherWallet.
    4. Note that when you sign a token transaction on your Nano S, it’ll display a value of 0 (zero), a ‘WARNING data present’ and the destination address will be the token contract address (not your recipient address).

    Website Support Article


    1. Open the Developer Menu. If you are on macOS, the Developer menu is under Exodus (To the right of the Apple in the menu bar). If you are using Windows or Linux, it can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D. (For new users this means holding the Control key with the Shift key at the same time and then pressing D — essentially you are pressing 3 keys at once.)
    2. Decide what asset you want to view the private keys to. In this example we are going to export the private keys for Bitcoin. These steps are the same for the other assets.
    3. Choose Developer > Assets > Bitcoin > Export Private Keys
    4. Your private keys will be exported to a folder on your Desktop titled “exodus-exports

    Website Support Article


    1. Jaxx’s EthereumWallet gives you the option to export a JSON-format backup file containing your wallet details.
    2. To do so, hover your cursor over the downward arrow at the top of your EthereumWallet screen. If the JSON (Keystore File which you can upload to MyEtherWallet) is still generating, it will look like the image below:
    3. Once the load is complete, you can download the JSON and upload it into another service.

    Website Support Article

    Mist & Parity

    1. Go to Contracts and navigate to ‘Watch Contracts’.
    2. Then choose ‘Custom Contract’ and press ‘Next’.
    3. Add the Contract Address: 0xf7B098298f7C69Fc14610bf71d5e02c60792894C
    4. Copy & Paste the Contract ABI you can find in the link below:
    5. Copy & Paste the address you sent your Ether from in the ‘balanceOf’ choice and then click on the Query button.

    Exchanges & Custodial Wallets

    We have sent messages to exchanges regarding contributions that came from exchange wallets. Due to high volume of support requests to exchanges, we still do not have direct answers from their support teams but we are speaking with them personally as we are working towards listing GUP on the public exchanges. Exchanges include Bittrex, Bitfinix, Poloniex, Coinbase.

    Coinbase & Freewallet

    We have investigated Coinbase & Freewallet as they claim they are wallets on their site, however their basic wallets are managed by the company and not the users. We have had a reply from the Coinbase support team below.

    Hi Matchpool Team,
    Danielle here, with Coinbase Compliance. Your case has been forwarded to my attention and I have reviewed all prior correspondences.
    As you may know, digital currency funds stored on Coinbase and GDAX are stored in custodial wallets for which the private keys are managed by Coinbase/GDAX on behalf of our customers. Accordingly, customers holding funds in their Coinbase or GDAX account are unable to access the private keys associated with their public keys. This is an intended security feature which has always existed for our services. For more information, please see:
    Accordingly, we are unable to retrieve any ERC20 tokens (i.e., “Guppies”) associated with our customers’ public keys, as doing so would present significant platform security issues. Regretfully, this means that Matchpool ICO participants who sent funds from either their Coinbase or GDAX accounts to the Matchpool ICO address(es) are unable to retrieve Guppies associated with their Coinbase and GDAX public keys.
    Should you have any further questions or need anything else, we are here to help.
    Danielle | Coinbase Compliance

    We understand a small number of contributors have sent Ether from Coinbase & Freewallet. We will continue to do our best to further communicate with these companies to retrieve contributions, however we cannot promise that they are recoverable.

    View your GUP in MyEtherWallet

    Once you have exported your Keystore (UTC/JSON) File from your Wallet, you can upload it to MyEtherWallet. When you have uploaded it, you will see the wallet and the amount inside.

    To view your GUP token amount in MyEtherWallet.

    Follow our article on medium to see your balance of GUP.

  • Matchpool Survey #2

    Thanks for participating! We are collecting interesting data about our communities! We will be giving away 1 LTC token 72 hours after the opening of this survey to a randomly selected participant.

  • Matchpool Bridging the GUP for Mass Market Adoption between Digital & FIAT Currencies

    We’ve had a very productive month since the crowdfunding and have our first of several announcements: Matchpool Partners with Changelly so you can Buy Guppy with FIAT Currencies.

    No Fuss: Buy & Exchange GUP with Changelly.

    Buy & Exchange Guppy onChangelly

    We’re happy to announce our partnership with Changelly. Changelly allows people to purchase or exchange Guppies at the best rates. Changelly also allows people to buy Guppies with FIAT currencies. GUP is now integrated on Changelly and you can exchange popular digital currencies with Guppy. Note: FIAT currencies will be working next week and a Changelly widget has been added to theMatchpool website.

    The Future of Exchange

    My prediction is that within a year or two, exchanging FIAT currencies with digital currencies will become a much more accepted and a mainstream way to exchange currencies. Changelly will continue to innovate and will ensure Matchpool has the best currency exchange rates on the market and the technology that will sit inside our platform, ready for mass-market adoption.

    Changelly recently surpassed Shapeshift in volume this week and so we see a bright future with Konstantin, CEO at Changelly and his team.

  • Alpha #01: Creating Pools on Matchpool

    It’s been just over six weeks since the crowdfunding and we’d like to share the first in a series of video demos of the Matchpool Alpha.

    Frictionless Pool Creation

    In this weeks video, we’re showcasing the creation of Pools on Matchpool. Pools are quick and easy to create. We will be testing and optimising the user journey throughout the Alpha and Beta builds so Pool creation and management is a frictionless experience.

    Inviting Pool Members

    We are building prompts that notify Poolmakers to invite their community via email and other social networks. The quicker a Poolmaker can build their Pool and bring their community onboard, the quicker they will feel a sense of ownership over their pool and Matchpool will retain the Poolmaker. The Poolmaker acquires more members and Matchpool achieves network effect when new Pool Members become Poolmakers.

    We would love to hear your feedback and comments so feel free to message us in Slack.

    This Week

    The Matchpool team are at Consensus 2017 today. We’re pumped to be meeting some of our partners and be apart of the 2,400 people in attendance. If you’re attending and would like to meet up this week, we’d be delighted to meet members of the community there.

    Next Video

    Our next video demo will be on: Requesting to Join Pools & Accepting New Pool Members.

    Alpha-Lavista –  Maximus

  • Matchpool’s partnership with Jaxx Wallet

    Jaxx Wallet, meet Guppy

    Decentral’s Jaxx Wallet integrates Guppy Token.

    We are very happy to announce Matchpool’s partnership with Jaxx Wallet by Decentral. Jaxx users are now be able to hold Guppy Tokens inside of Jaxx. We were introduced to the Jaxx by Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem. Charlie was recently appointed Director of Business & Community Development at Decentral. Thank you to Charlie and the team at Jaxx for hosting the Guppy and providing a very smooth integration.

  • Matchpool (GUP) Weekly Roundup: Alpha Progress

    Since the Alpha release last week, we have noted all the responses and have had over 250 Alpha users test the platform.

    We’re currently working on fixing, improving the Alpha. The bugs you have submitted in the community forum have been forwarded to the product team and are being reviewed, prioritised and fixed. Several suggestions for improvements have been accepted by the team and will be included in the next release, Alpha 1.1, which will be a much improved and revised version. After Alpha 1.1 is released, we’ll be working on new features and aim to release an Alpha 1.2 with a revised and advanced discussion and in a further Alpha release, matchmaking functionality. 🎉

    The plan is to gather bugs reported and suggestions from the community throughout, and update the website as soon as the development of all the features have been completed and tested with a flawless user experience.

    Once the development team have completed the features in the Alpha phase, we’ll work towards our Beta release, including the blockchain functionality that enables the use of the Guppy tokens within the platform, and much more. ✨

    We are announcing a new contest! Every week, the owner of the pool with the most members (excluding pools owned by team members) will be awarded with 50 Guppy tokens! (limited to one win per user).

    The ‘Uppy your Guppy’ contest is still up and running! Check out the forum post now to participate in our alpha feedback & suggestion contest, with two prizes of 5,000 Guppy each! There’s one more week left so hurry up and if you want to participate. We will announce the two lucky people who sent us the most insightful suggestions and feedback to date.

    Interested in winning Guppy tokens and helping the Matchpool platform grow and develop? You can also participate in our Alpha bug hunting contest and earn GUP.

    Our community forum has been growing and we really appreciate your feedback and contributions to it. If you haven’t already, please consider checking out our forum for interesting conversations, competitions, and updates directly from our team at:

    The Matchpool Team

  • Matchpool Announcing the Guppy Alliance

    Greetings Community,

    Matchpool strives to build a platform and an ecosystem that encourages social interaction while enabling both experts and thought leaders to have financial interaction with their audience via sale of premium content.

    But, we want to expand the scope of platform’s potential. We are in a new ecosystem called Ethereum and our purpose is to help Ethereum to reach mainstream adoption. We want to help tech platforms begin to use cryptocurrencies. In this post, I will outline the details of the Guppy Alliance and how its fits with that vision.

    The purpose of the Guppy Alliance is to join forces with socially oriented tech companies and encourage them use our cryptocurrency, the Guppy, both internally and externally with their platform or their product .

    Companies involved in our Alliance will recognize great value with the opportunity to enter into the cryptocurrency space with small risks and low costs. These companies can also benefit by showing their audience/clients that they are forward thinking company and open to adopting new technologies. In addition, we will allocate a certain amount of Guppies Tokens to companies that join our Alliance. This will give them the initial interest to join.

    CALL TO ACTION: We are looking for companies who meet the following criteria:

    1. They are a social oriented platform: Games companies, Dating platforms(all forms) or social networks that interact with individual users.
    2. They have more then one product in production.
    3. They are encouraging innovation and changes in their organization .

    We believe this Alliance will help the Ethereum Ecosystem and Matchpool Ecosystem in particular to grow and will accelerate our vision to turn the internet into more decentralized and fair space.

    Please feel free to approach me with every question or suggestion you have in mind.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

    Yonatan Ben Shimon, CEO Matchpool

  • Matchpool Magazine — #004 - Launch XGUP, Matchpool & Snip collaboration & More

    The Future of News. Matchpool & Snip Collaboration, New Full Stack Developer Meir Cohen, Alpha to launch XGUP on Ropsten Testnet in the next week.

    Matchpool & Snip

    Matchpool has been following the progress of Snip and is happy to announce a collaboration between ourselves and the popular crypto news publication.

    Snip is the place to read short and concise content about tech, sports, entertainment, politics, and everything else. On Snip you can browse your personalized feed full of snippets, created by their community of writers.
    Snip News Feed

    Matchpool members will be able to refer new article writers to Snip’s pool. After a writer has joined Snip and published their first article, the referrer will receive Guppy Tokens or Snipcoins as a reward.

    New Development Wizards: Meir & Asaf

    Raise a glass for Meir Cohen and Asaf Eliyahu, new members of the Matchpool family. Both Meir and Asaf boast impressive skills in front end engineering and software engineering and we’re very excited to have them onboard in our Tel Aviv offices.

    New Development Wizards: (Left to Right) Meir Cohen & Asaf Eliyahu

    Matchpool to Launch XGUP

    Before the launch of GUP, we are going to release XGUP Token on the Ropsten Ethereum Testnet. We are trialing XGUP inside the application and gathering feedback and bugs before officially launching GUP. More information will be on this in our next post on what you’ll be able to do with XGUP and new updates in the Alpha.

    XGUP to launch on Ethereum Testnet (Ropsten)

    Thanks for reading. For more information, please visit the rest of our blog. Any questions? Sign up to our community forum. Or contact us in our Slack and Telegram accounts. @matchpool

    The Matchpool Team

  • Matchpool - Community First, Technology Second — $QGUP and our Atomic Swap Implementation Explained

    Our top priority is, and always will be, to serve the $GUP community by maximizing value for all contributors. That is why when the community talks, we carefully listen and adapt accordingly.

    When we originally considered the $QGUP effort, the primary benefit was creating more value for our token community, made possible by creating a new token and spreading it among the existing $GUP holders. After openly discussing with our community, we realized that our timeline might have caused some $GUP holders to miss the deadline — and we can serve them better.

    Accordingly, we are announcing that we have decided to extend the claim date. We are extending the claiming period to a year from now (December 1st 2018) — there will not be a single $GUP holder that wants a $QGUP, and will not get it. Further, the unclaimed tokens will still exist, but will remain locked — to be clear, we will not use these $QGUP tokens.

    The $QGUP claim will be based on the current blockchain snapshot .

    P2P GUP : Qtum Exchange

    Also, thanks to a little technological wizardry, we were able to find another way to serve our community’s interests. We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer $GUP and $QTUM holders a P2P value exchange between them, thus increasing the $GUP liquidity.and its now under security audits . We are hopeful this advancement will bring even more value to the $GUP token, and to the Cryptosphere as a whole.

    As always, we will be happy to answer any questions and gather your continued feedback. Thank you for your ongoing trust and support!

    Matchpool Team.

  • Matchpool Roadmap Jan 2018

    Take a look at our first month of announcements in our January 2018 Roadmap

    We warmly invite you to stay up to date in the Matchpool Announcements channel or say hello in our Telegram Community Channel 📢

    We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Cryptmas and enjoy the new year’s celebration.

    From all of us here at Matchpool,  Thank you for making 2017 so special. 🎉

    Matchpool HQ.

  • Matchpool Adds Atomic Swap to its Arsenal

    Atomic Swap paves the way in exchanging tokens between chains.

    What exactly is an atomic swap?

    Atomic swaps, or atomic cross-chain trading, is the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, without the need to trust a third-party.

    A relatively new technology, atomic cross-chain trading aims to revolutionize the way in which users transact with each other. For example, let’s say Alice owns 1 Qtum but would like 1 Guppy instead. She’ll have to make an exchange, right? Well, with atomic swap, if Bob owned 1 Guppy but wanted 1 Qtum instead, he and Alice would be able to simply make a trade!

    And in order to create trust and prevent all sorts of problems like one-way trades (Alice accepting Bob’s 1 Guppy but then failing to send over her 1 Qtum), atomic swap utilizes what is known as hash time-locked contracts (HTLCs) — genius really.

    What’s this useful for?

    Over the last few years we’ve seen a large number of decentralized exchanges (DEX). The main purpose of these exchanges was to exclude the third party from the trading (p2p trading without a broker), a purpose that wasn’t really achieved mainly because of the inability to quickly execute trades outside of the blockchain it was built upon.

    The recent blockchain hype has led to a surge in currency prices. The overall market for cryptographic currencies this week surpassed $700 billion. Such an increase in market cap is always accompanied by the high volatility of the currencies, and such volatility requires traders to be able to execute cross-chain transactions immediately, which is not fully possible on DEX today.Those limitations have resulted in very poor adoption and limited trading volume on DEX platforms.

    Atomic swaps are the future P2P exchanges field

    The main advantage of the atomic swap in the P2P exchanges field is that from now on, traders in DEX can trade coins from other chains and actually “lock” the price of a currency traded on another network immediately, thereby being less exposed to the risk of coin volatility, making them a real P2P exchange. By providing P2P exchanges to users and traders, liquidity is guaranteed and never relies upon a central exchange . We remove the middleman and begin exchanging P2P, decentralized, just as it should be with cryptocurrencies.

    The last few months have been very exciting for atomic swap and its impact on the blockchain community. Companies like Komodo, Litecoin, Vertcoin and Decred have all successfully implemented atomic swaps, and many of us can say that Charlie Lee’s announcement of the Litecoin/Bitcoin atomic swap is one of the most important developments in the cryptocurrency world.

    Charlie Lee, Litecoin CEO announces successful atomic swap between Litecoin and Bitcoin

    Matchpool has developed the implementation of GenericSwap, which will be the first contract to offer an exchange of Qtum, Ethereum and ERC20-based tokens across Ethereum and Qtum chains. This is a a groundbreaking step on the way to P2P exchange and this step may lead to another huge win if we can influence other companies to make an effort and develop open source solutions for the community.

    Now for some Technicalities.

    Atomic swaps involve each party paying into a contract transaction, one contract for each blockchain. The contracts contain an output that is spendable by either party, but the rules required for redemption are different for each party involved.

    Before a cryptocurrency can successfully support atomic swaps it must meet the following fundamental requirements:

    Hash time-locked contracts (HTLC)

    Hash time-locked contracts (HTLC) ensure that the atomic swap process is completely trustworthy by ensuring both parties fulfill the requirements of the trade.

    HTLCs require the recipient to acknowledge receiving the payment ahead of a predefined deadline by generating cryptographic proof of payment. By failing to do so, the recipient risks losing the right to claim the payment and the sender is entitled to receive back the funds.

    To implement a HTLC on a transaction to occur between two different blockchains, it is necessary for both blockchains to share the same cryptographic hash function, such as SHA-256.

    Now, let’s go back to Alice and Bob

    Alice owns 1 Qtum and she just heard about Matchpool and Guppy so she wants to sell her 1 Qtum in exchange for 1 Guppy. We also have Bob who owns 1 Guppy and wants 1 Qtum instead.

    After agreeing to the terms, Alice generates a secret key on the Qtum blockchain and pays the intended trade amount into a contract transaction.The contract output can be redeemed by Bob as long as he knows the secret key. If Bob does not redeem the contract transaction in the time allotted, the contract expires and the contract output can be refunded back to Alice’s wallet.

    Bob (the counterparty) creates a similar contract transaction to Alice’s but on the Ethereum blockchain and pays the intended Guppy amount in the contract. In order for Bob to create his contract, Alice does not need to reveal her secret key, but she must send Bob the cryptographic hash of the secret key (which can be made public). However, for Alice to redeem the payment she must reveal the secret key, and therefore, once Alice redeems the payment, Bob will be able to as well.

    In this example, Bob’s redemption period will be longer than Alice’s in order to eliminate Alice’s advantage of knowing the secret key. If the funds were not redeemed within the redemption periods and both periods ended, each contract creator can be refunded.

    Once each side pays into a contract on each blockchain, and before the allotted time expires (during which neither side can refund), Alice redeems Bob’s Guppy contract, and thereby revealing the secret key to Bob. The secret key is then extracted from Alice’s transaction, thereby providing Bob with the ability to redeem Alice’s Qtum contract.

    This procedure is atomic, meaning with a timeout, as it gives Alice and Bob a limited amount of time to redeem their coins on the other blockchain before a refund can be performed.

    Download and try Atomic Swap via GitHub

    Join our Community here  Join our Announcements here Send us Feedback here

  • Matchpool Launches Uppy! A New Bounty, Voting & Reward System

    We’re just a few weeks into the new year and we’re working on multiple exciting new projects that mutually benefit one another. Uppy has been officially deployed on Ethereum mainnet.

    We’d like to announce a new product that we’ve been working on for the last few weeks — a bounty, voting and rewards system we call “Uppy”.

    What is Uppy?

    Uppy (Up-Guppy) is our shiny new system that incentivises the Guppy community with bounty rewards by enabling $GUP holders to vote up or down, and to actively participate in the development of the $GUP ecosystem.

    How Does it Work?

    In Brief:

    1. A community contributor announces their Matchpool development project.
    2. Community members submit development bids for the project using $GUP.
    3. $GUP token holders vote for the winning proposal.
    4. The winning bid receives 90% of the $GUP received in payment for the project.
    5. 5. The $GUP holders who voted for the winning project receive an equal split of 10% of the $GUP received for the project.


    In an effort to grow support for the Guppy-holding community, this bounty and voting system supports application development contests, marketing and product direction, all led by the Matchpool community.

    How Uppy Works

    1. Project host announces project details and requests development bids to build out the application.
    2. Project host locks away an ‘x’ amount of $GUP.
    3. Anyone can upload a proposal providing a solution for the application — such as a marketing campaign, development of a product, or an organization strategy.
    4. Guppy owners vote on the best proposal by staking their Guppies — the more $GUP they have the more voting power they possess. (The $GUP will be locked for a month).
    5. After the contest has run for one month, there will be two prizes: one will be for the winning proposal and the second will be for the winning voters — the people who voted for the winning proposal.

    Uppy Links

    Submit your first proposal on Uppy Contract code on GitHub

    Ethereum Contract Address


    Future Competitions

    We will soon announce our first internal competition complete with a large reward of thousands of dollars worth of $GUP. The $GUP holding community will be able to submit project bids and compete against one another for the prize.

    Exciting stuff!  Stay tuned, $GUPpers!

    Matchpool Team

  • Matchpool Roadmap for year 2018

    For everyone who’s been wondering what we’ve been up to at Matchpool, just scroll down and take a look!

    We are officially publishing our 2018 roadmap here on the Drop, and on ourwebsite to let you all know that we’ve been super busy and not for nothing — we’ve got some very cool things in the works! 🚀

    And, as with most fantastic things in life, our roadmap is dynamic and could very well change at any time. We don’t anticipate this happening, but wanted to put it out there just in case!

    Thirsty for more? Stay up to date in the Matchpool Telegram Community Channel 📢 Thanks for reading!

    The Matchpool Team 💧

  • Matchpool’s GupPay API Now Integrates with Apps and Online Shopping

    Matchpool’s GupPay can be integrated with games, marketplaces, and so much more.


    Attention app developers and e-commerce hosts: you can now integrate the $GUP within your mobile app or e-commerce site, attracting $GUP holders as new customers.

    Why is the GupPay API revolutionary?

    The cryptocurrency community is growing exponentially every single day, and as it grows, buyers want to be able to use the currencies they hold for online and in-app transactions. You can keep your business current by hopping onto the crypto bandwagon. If you don’t want to be left in the “old news” section, then we suggest getting on board with the crypto community ASAP.

    How does it work?

    When a $GUP holder pays for services, products, or tokens within your app or website, three things happen: First, a payment address is generated, second, the user receives a receipt notification via email, and third, a credit is immediately applied for the user to make currency transactions on your platform.

    What sort of apps and platforms can benefit from this integration?

    Games, marketplaces and any e-commerce or service site with payment functionalities. Soon, mobile and web games such as Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds will accept $GUP, as well as Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and Netflix. Open-source software like WordPress and all-in-one e-commerce platforms like Shopify, have hundreds of thousands of developers that will be able to build and create widgets that accept $GUP. The API is so simple to implement.

    What are you waiting for? Integrate $GUP API with your app or site and start accepting $GUP today.

  • The Official Matchpool Q&A

    Yonatan answers the first round of community questions!

    Last week we announced in You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, that Yoni would be holding a Q&A session and answering questions from the community. Here’s Yoni answering some of the first few we received.

    Can we get a better vision map and more regular updates from Matchpool?

    Our vision was and always will be about the Pools product in its different forms. We’re building it and aim to build more versions of it. Regarding more regular updates, that is exactly the reason we’re holding this Q&A session— so we can make sure the community knows what we’re up to and to make sure that we know what the community is thinking. We want to get more feedback from you and know exactly what the expectations of the community are so we can be aligned. We will provide more frequent updates on Medium and other channels to make sure everyone knows what’s going on here at Matchpool.

    What about QGUP and GUP?What is the value of QGUP and what is the difference between it and the value of GUP?

    Guppy is the utility for all of the Matchpool products, in particular the Pools product. QGUP started as an experiment to prove our Atomic Swap system and after much discussion, we decided to focus 100% on bringing more utility to the Guppy.

    When will GUP be traded on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese exchanges? (like Binance, huobi, okex, bithumb?)

    The Guppy is a traded coin. Right now it is being traded on a few different exchanges — in Korea and the US. We hope it will be traded on more exchanges in the future.

    What’s the status with the Airdrop?

    The airdrop and lottery were completed successfully and we are very pleased with the results. Let me give you some stats:

    We expanded our community from 2K to 20K people

    We expanded the number of token holders to more than 20K people

    We distributed 500K GUP

    I look forward to continuing this conversation so please submit your questions so we will be able to answer more in our next session.


    In other news, I’ll be at Consensus Summit in May so come say hi!

    Join our telegram group for updates!

    Thanks Guys!


  • Matchpool Development Update For July 7th, 2018

    Matchpool Community Development Update #001

    Related image


    Greetings community! We are happy to release our first official development update for our platform! We want to make these updates as frequently as possible to ensure the community knows where we stand from a development stand point.

    Major Releases:

    • August 15th — Android App Launches
    • Including all iOS app functionality.

    July 17th Update

    • NEW: Login and signup redesign Feature
    • NEW: Display pool information for non logged in users Feature
    • 3–5 bug fixes relate to: - Facebook login not working (sometimes) - Send Intro Request Bug - Search Functionality Bugs

    July 24th Update

    • NEW: Pool join request list functionality Feature
    • NEW: Add Telegram login and signup Feature
    • NEW: Add images to chat Feature
    • 3–5 bug fixes relate to: - Facebook login not working (sometimes) - User Profile Image in Chat Bugs

    July 31th Update

    • NEW: Add recommended pools functionality Feature
    • NEW: Add pinned messages functionality Feature
    • 3–5 bug fixes relate to: - Pool Sharing - Image Up-loader Bugs

    Thanks for reading,

    Matchpool Team

  • Matchpool’s API Announcement!

    Get the details on Matchpool’s API!

    Matchpool API

    We’re excited to announce the creation of the official Matchpool API! We’ll be releasing full documentation in the coming weeks. Our main goal in mind was to give developers and programmers the tools to create interesting and useful projects using Matchpool’s services. We’re Looking forward to seeing what cool projects our community can come up with!

    API token request: Matchpoool will be issuing users their API token to allow users access to authenticated endpoints. If you wish to get an API token, you can email [email protected] and we’ll send you your token!

    Example — Requesting information on pool with ID 8.

    New Weekly Series

    After the release of our API, we’ll be launching a new article series. Each week, we’ll delve into new use cases that use the Matchpool API for various functions and features. Projects could be anything from building a Matchpool Reddit or Discord bot to incorporating Matchpool into Telegram. We’re looking forward to this series and hope to see our community take part with their input on new ideas!


    We look forward to seeing what our community can do with access to our API! We have plenty of API-connected projects to release during our new series over the next few months to give you a good jumping-off point.

    Check out our suite of applications!

    Thanks for reading

    Matchpool team

  • Feature Update — Deputizing pool admins and displaying Guppy balances!

    Matchpool development — weekly feature update 23/9–29/9

    Report — September 28th

    This week, the team worked to add two great features to the Matchpool platform: Deputizing uses to admin status and displaying a user’s live Guppy balance. The team also worked to remove several small scale bugs to improve general performance on the platform. We hope you enjoy the new feature additions this week!

    Feature round-up

    1. Display live Guppy balance  2. Deputize admins to better manage pool

    Feature addition — Displaying Guppy balance

    Users can now view their live Guppy balance next to their profile image.

    Feature addition — Deputizing admins

    Owners can now deputize admins within their pools to better manage their pool. Admins will be able to accept join requests and approve matches, but they will be restricted from changing pool details.


    This week we focused on two crucial features that would greatly improve the user experience. By adding the ability to deputize members to better manage and organize the pool, leading to a better overall experience. We also wanted to add the ability to display a user’s live Guppy balance. Check back next week for more details and updates from our development team.

    Check out our official applications!

    Thanks for reading,

    The Matchpool Team

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