Matchpool - Making Human Connections updated info

  • Matchpool is a platform that creates human connections.


    To make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentivised based community platform that will enable anyone to open their own community inside the network. An internal reward mechanism will help facilitate connections in a positive way.


    Our vision is to build a platform for matchmakers by allowing anyone to create their own community ‘pool’ for free and invite their members to their pool. End users of our platform will be able to find connections on the app by joining the pools that best cater to their needs.


    We are building the first platform for mainstream matchmaking powered by a cryptographic token economy. Tokens (Guppies) can be purchased or sold with real money. Matchpool’s trusted algorithm rewards users automatically across the platform

    First Use Case


    It’s very expensive to create and maintain a dating app today and therefore there are very few niche dating apps which survive.

    Online dating apps use subscription based models that do not align with the interest of the user. A dating app wants to keep a user on the platform to optimize revenues. This conflict of interest creates an unbalanced and unfair system.

    Managers of niche social communities do not have a way to monetize their network.

    Rules & Rewards

    Anyone can open and manage their own ‘pool’ and become a community / pool owner. A pool owner can set their own ‘pool rules’ and terms. Pool owners are rewarded when they create matches inside of their pool.

    Use Cases

    Dating Membership Clubs Leisure / Lifestyle Businesses Recruitment Education Health

          The Matchlock

    Byusing our Matchlock feature, which keeps a 50:50 ratio between X and Y,
    every Pool in the platform remains attractive. If a certain number of X
    users enters the pool, then the matchlock will stop more X from
    entering until the same number of Y’s arrive. These Matchlock rules can
    also be parameterized to any use case where any arbitrary market
    polarity is required. Also there is no restriction for the X and Y side
    of the matchlock to be opposites in order to serve any community
    whatsoever. It is up to the Pool's founder to configure the matchlock
    parameters according to the kind of community they wish to create.

    Matchpool App

    Matchpool will implement a front-end interface, which will allow users to search
    for favorable pools in different areas, matched with different
    interests. Users can search various factors to see if something fits. In
    the on-boarding process, they will also be shown a list of pools in
    their area, which fits their particular demographics and interests.

    GUP Tokens & Matchpool Rewards

    Matchpool users will divide into two catagories – Joiners & Hosts.
    who wishes to enter a pool of their choice, will have to pay the pool's
    requisite entry fee, which will be defined at the creation of that Pool
    by the Pool's Host. In addition to this one-time registration fee, a
    monthly membership fee will be paid to the Pool. All payments will be
    held in an Ether based smart contract and will be processed using
    Matchpool's network own token Guppies (GUP). While in the Pool, nature
    will take its course and all members would be able to interact publicly
    on private channels in a way resembling Slack's interface.
    On the other side, users can also play the role of Hosts and Matchmakers.
    The host will be the one who opens a custom Pool and gets dividends from its revenues.
    or Helpers as they are defined in the system can propose matches
    between two other joiners who they believe would be good partners. Those
    two joiners are then notified and in case they both accept, the event
    is added to their public notebook, and the Matchmaker get rewarded.
    Both the Host of the pool and its matchmakers are entitled for shares of the Pools subscription and monthly fees, paid with GUP.

    first 200,000 Users will get rewarded with GUPs upon registration
    enabling them to make their first steps in the platform.  


    Dappletsare another way Matchpool users can get rewarded. These are basically
    add-ons created by developers who want add to the Matchpool protocol. In
    practice, Dapplets work similar to Slack plugins but can enhance the
    experience in a number of ways. One example would be a Dapplet, which
    implements “Tinder” functionality: users can swipe through other users.
    If one of their apps creates a match of some kind for example: if a
    "Blind Date" game creates a real match, then the Dapplet developers are
    rewarded similarly to Matchmakers.



    Matchpool ICO will take place in the 25th of March 2017 and last for 28 Days
    Last details of our Escrow service are being finalized and will soon be announced

    Matchpool Escrow partners

    All ICO funds pledged will be sent directly to a designated multiSig wallet
    requiring 2 out of 3 signatures in order to withdraw funds.
    will be withdrawn in line with pre-determined milestones. Matchpool team
    will be the first signatory while the other two signatures will be
    owned by our following escrow partners:

    Bitcoin Suisse AG is a privately owned registered Swiss legal entity in the form of a shareholder company specializing in alternative finances / non-banking assets outside of the traditional financial system and banking establishments. The Suisse firm also provide consulting and solutions based on decentralized technology currently driving a project to establish Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in all the large Swiss population centers.

    MME is an innovative consulting firm for legal, tax, and compliance. As a in all matters related to business law. MME is proud to be the only
    Swiss member of World IT Lawyers ( and of a network of specialists in cryptocurrency law. These
    international networks enable us to provide efficient cross-border service on the leading edge of the digital economy.

    ICO terms and bonuses

    We believe our first and early supporters should be rewarded for their support
    With that notion in mind, we decided on the following ratios of GUP to be rewarded in each time frame for every 1 ETH pledged:

    Since the number of GUP tokens distributed is
    limited to 60M (60% of total 100M in circulation), the total ETH
    expected to be raised assuming all tokens will be sold, will range from
    approximately 462K to 600K, depending on the time of funds being pledged
    and the relative bonus that applies to that stage. If and when all 60M
    GUP will be sold, the smart contract will cease accepting ETH and the
    ICO will be officially over

    In case
    that by the end of the ICO duration not all GUP tokens will be sold, the
    remaining unsold tokens will be distributed pro-rata between all
    In case a minimum cap of 30K ETH is not reached, all pledged ETH will be sent back to Participants sending addresses









  • The Matchmaking Economy

    A New Economy & The Future Vision of Matchpool.

    We’ve come a long way since the
    concept of Matchpool was formulated back in October 2016. Matchpool has
    been referred to as ‘The Airbnb for Online Dating’ which has raised a
    few eyebrows in the blockchain and tech spaces. The vision over the last
    few months of the company has grown into a much bigger elephant in the
    room. In this article I want to explain a new economy we are enabling on
    the Ethereum blockchain we call: ‘The Matchmaking Economy’.

    The ‘Reputation’ and ‘Sharing’ Economy modelled under the new ‘Matchmaking’ Economy.

    So what exactly is Matchmaking?

    A matchmaker introduces two parties together that exchange or transact value with one another. Traditionally, a romantic matchmaker comes to mind when you hear the term ‘matchmaker’, however matchmaking happens when two parties require a need and are introduced to each other, which fulfils that need. Whether it’s new love interest, a business introduction or a product recommendation, a matchmaker unites supply with demand or demand with demand.

    Matchmaking is inherent within the human species. We introduce our networks and communities to each other so both parties benefit. We introduce people out of love or connect people together as a service.

    Think about Uber and Airbnb as matchmakers, Uber matches driver with rider and Airbnb matches host with guest.

    Matchmaking Companies: Uber & Airbnb

    The users trust the reputation of the companies. They trust the reputation of the matchmakers because the matchmaker companies make their users accountable. Matchmakers want to make sure both parties have a positive experience with each other as their reputation is at stake. Airbnb attempts to mitigate any matchmaking issues and speed up matching activity (business) before users have received any reviews (reputation) by offering verification tools and testimonials from friends.

    ‘The Reputation Economy’: A visible reputation makes everyone accountable.

    Are you Trustworthy?

    Online reputation has changed how we behave, what motivates us, how our peers view us and ultimately whether we can or can’t be trusted.

    “Safety and trustworthiness, as it appears, are still issues in the world of collaborative consumption, but we’re moving towards a model that favours reputation: A reputation economy, if you will.” — Erica Swallow for Forbes Magazine.

    Reputation is the basis in which we trust a stranger party or share our assets with each other.

    Uber utilises cars. Airbnb utilises homes. Matchpool utilises Reputation.


    What is Matchpool & How Does it Work?

    A World of Matchmakers: On Matchpool, Anyone in the world can become a Matchmaker.

    Matchpool is a platform that enables anyone to create a ‘Matchmaking Pool’ or to find a match.

    A Matchpool member can jump into pools to find a person or service they require or can become a Matchmaker and get rewarded by matching other members together.

    We call Matchmakers, Poolmakers.

    Poolmaking: We call Matchmakers, ‘Poolmakers’. Poolmakers match users inside of their pool.

    Match & Win

    As a Poolmaker, you can match people together and earn credits, which are called ‘Guppies’.

    Your Pools, Your Rules.

    As a Poolmaker, you can customise your pool in a number of ways. Set entrance rules, configure your revenue streams and settings for pool members.

    Your Pools, Your Rules.

    Choose a Revenue Stream

    As a Poolmaker, you can earn credits, as a Pool member you can pay credits to the Poolmaker:

    Revenue Streams: Pay per Match / Subscription Fee / Entrance Fee.

    Matchpool Members can find Matches

    Matchpool members can search and join pools for anyone to connect with. Members will join certain pools that align with their needs. A member can trust a Poolmaker based on their reputation score.

    A Great Reputation goes a Long Way

    So hot right now: Reputation Thermometer

    As your reputation as a Matchmaker increases, the temperature of your pool increases. As a result, your rank on the platform goes up and you’re seen by Matchpool members as a more trusted Matchmaker. Reputation and accountability play a critical role in regulating the pools autonomously based on pool member feedback, which are generated by member match reviews.

    Guppy Credit: Introducing The Guppy

    Let’s Talk ‘Credits’, Not ‘Crypto’.

    Matchpool’s Guppy token integration will be so seamless within the platform it will just feel like a credit that you could buy on non crypto app. However, with Matchpool, you can earn credits and cash them out into the currency of the country. Our plan is to make this experience so good, is that it becomes second nature to want to exchange, pay and earn credits.

    Microtransactions: Guppies allow seamless micro-transactions between users.

    The mainstream world are still not ready for a tsunami of crypto currencies to enter their lives. The world is becoming more accepting of new technologies but when I mention I have a Bitcoin debit card to my peers, they still shudder with fear and uncertainty. The word Ethereum means nothing to Joe Bloggs on the street. However, if you call something a ‘credit’ or a ‘point’, then that’s accepted. A person can relate to credits and points, not crypto.

    Poolmaker View: Pool Shop allows Pool add-ons

    Pimp your Pool with Credits

    We are providing all Matchpool members with a free service. Matchpool members will be encouraged to join, subscribe and match for free inside of pools. Poolmakers will be charged a very small fee for opening a pool and can upgrade or configure their pools for their audience by installing free or purchasable add-ons from the Poolmaker Shop. When the Poolmaker delivers more value within their pool, they can decide on monetisation methods.

    Shop till you Drop

    Matchpool will offer shop add-ons for Poolmakers. Pool makers could download free and paid for add-ons to give their pools additional functionality. The Poolmaker shop will add a huge amount of value for both Poolmaker and Pool members.

    Matchpool iOS Demo:

    An Early Matchpool UI / UX Demo. Showcasing Matchpool ‘Introductions’.

    Next Generation Matchmaking: Introducing Introductions

    Is Matchmaking a Trillion Dollar Industry?

    The multi billion online dating industry is dwarfed by the growing $477 Billion recruitment and employment industry. Matchpool can facilitate matchmaking within employment and recruitment on a global scale. We can reduce the cost and time of hiring and also provide transparency and accountability for recruiters, employers and employees. Matchpool can enter any industry that requires matchmakers.

    Unlimited Opportunities for Developers

    Matchpool offers web developers the opportunity to create matchmaking applications on top of the Matchpool protocol. Later this year, developers can download the SDK from and plugin to the backend of Matchpool for free. Developers will not have to learn any solidity coding or how to create their own token currency.

    Think of our developer tools a bit like and You can join and create pools on the platform or you can download the developer tools at and create your own matchmaking application. You can design your application for a specific audience or niche. You quickly start earning guppy credits and will have free support from our dedicated developer team.

    Matchpool will be holding Hackathons in cities across the world. Our tour will be announced in April.

    You should join Matchpool as a developer here.

    Our Future Vision

    By enabling ‘The Matchmaking Economy’, our future vision is to create a world where people become more open to trusting one another. Matchpool offers everyone the tools to create trusted, accountable and reputable networks that will positively contribute to a world you know you can trust.

    About Author,

    Maximus Richardson

    Co-Founder of Matchpool. Designer. Product. Vagabond. Abstract Theories. Life Extension. Futurist.

    Go to the profile of Maximus Richardson

  • Matchpool Partners with Parity Technologies, Uport, SmartContract Japan & Bitproperty

    In the last several weeks we formed three very special partnerships with important names in the crypto industry worldwide. In this post we want to inform you about our new partners and the benefits of these partnerships:

    1 — Parity technologies

    Matchpool is working very closely with Parity Technologies on the smart contracts, security review and architecture of the protocol. Parity Technologies are the leading authority in solidity development, and in Ethereum software infrastructure.

    Matchpool’s partnership with Parity ensures we have the best company in the world helping us build the best software possible when creating products on a global scale.

    2 — Uport

    We visited the Consensys offices a week ago and talked with the engineers from Uport. We will implement their identity system inside Matchpool later this year when the platform has matured and will be adopted by larger amount of users.

    The Uport identity system is great and we welcome you to try the Uport iOS app and see how awesome it is . You can sign up to Uport here.

    Identity on Matchpool is one of the key components to the platform succeeding to ensure safety and verifying identity. Our partnership with Uport means we can decentralize identity, and can keep the users’ information safe and secure. We are very excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to work with these guys and furthering the possibilities of decentralised identity.

    3 — SmartContract Japan & Bitproperty:

    SmartContract Japan is the leading Blockchain venture studio in Japan. Bitproperty is a platform for real estate assets trading and representation on the blockchain. Bitproperty operates under SmartContract Japan.

    The partnership includes Bitproperty opening a Pool on top of the Matchpool protocol. Bitproperty represent the Japanese market exclusively and are Matchpool’s ambassador’s for Japanese
    partnerships and affiliations. Matchpool will be advisors o  Bitproperty’s advisory board.

    Japan is one of the major leading and emerging crypto markets worldwide and so we are very much looking forward to our partnership with SmartContract Japan and Bitproperty.

    Crowdfunding Campaign — 25 MAR 2017

    We welcome you to join our crowdfunding campaign in the 25th of march 13:00 GMT and take part in our project that will bring the Ethereum blockchain to the mainstream mass market.

    Want to Learn more about Matchpool?

    Visit our publication here.  Find out about ‘The Matchmaking Economy’ here.

  • Matchpool FAQ #2 — The cowdfunding


    • Is Matchpool gonna offer ads?

    No. Matchpool could offer adds but only as dapplets. Meaning the users will earn from it

    • Will I have to pay to access a pool ?

    Female participants will not pay for using any of the pools. Part of the pools will be free for man as well. It all depends on the specific pool payment rules

    • Will you have mobile support for this dapp? or will it be PC only?

    We will make a mobile version ready after the web version.

    • Can I be part of several pools at the same time?

    Yes you can join multiple pools.

    • How much sleaze is Matchpool going to allow?

    If pools are sleazy, they’ll have a low temperature score and bad reputation. sleazy users can be reported to the poolmaker and they’ll be banned.

    • How is Matchpool going to handle the fact that cultures have very different ways of matching people?

    We will work closely with the law in different countries so that we can make policies for all poolmakers worldwide. Poolmakers and pool members will be accountable within pools.

    • Where is Matchpool incoprorated?

    Matchpool is incorporated in the city of Zug, Switzerland.


    • Will the token sale be caped?

    Yes, it will be capped to Ethere value equivalent to $ 5 M.

    • Will the ICO be held only with ETH or also with BTC?

    Matchpool ICO will be done entirely by using Ethereum smart contract, and so will be held only by pledging ETH into the ICO smart contract address.

    • Will there be an Escrow service for the collected ICO funds?

    Yes, Our escrow partners will be MME legal firm & Bitcoin Suisse AG a shareholder company specializing in alternative finances. Both are well respected and experienced in that field.

    • When and how will I get my GUP tokens bought on the ICO ?

    The ETH each investor sends will go straight to the ICO smart contract where they will be held until the ICO ends. While sending your ETH, the smart contract will credit the sending address and later on will send back to the sending address the number a GUP’s entitled proportionally with the total ICO results. At the end of the ICO a further code check will be placed after which all GUPs will be sent to the sending addresses.

    • How soon can I trade my GUP tokens and on which exchanges ?

    GUP tokens sold during our ICO will be of ERC20 standard created through smart contracts, which basically means that listing it to an exchange can be easily done and probably won’t take too long. Specific exchanges will be later announced as it is way too soon and will not be responsible to announce it now. Of course there is always the possibility of trading bought GUP through Over The Counter deals on the forum and reddit. As the ICO being held through smart contracts, soon after the final code check each investor can redeem the token into his ETH wallet.

    • Is there a maximum amount of participants that can take part of the ICO?

    There is no restriction of max participation. However, since the ETH:GUP price is predetermined starting at 120 GUP per 1 ETH and ending at 90 GUP per 1 ETH, eventually the GUPs amount available for sale will be over.

    • Is there a Minimum amount of funds to be collected during the ICO?

    Yes, after long thought on this matter we have reached the conclusion that in order to produce Matchpool platform and App we will need at least 30K ETH. Everything beyond that will help us greatly delivering a better product in less time. In case the minimum amount won’t be reached the ICO smart contract will send all the collected funds back to the sending addresses.

    • Is there a Maximum amount of funds to be collected during the ICO?

    Yes, once again as the ETH:GUP price is predetermined, and there is a fixed GUP amount (60 Million), the total funds collected assuming all GUP tokens are sold will vary between 500,000 ETH — 666,667 ETH, depending on the actual early bird bonus applies at the time of the investing.

    • Will there be any refunds available after investing?

    In case the minimum Cap of 30K ETH will not be reached a refund will take place automatically. Otherwise the will be no such thing as all sales are final. We strongly recommend you to read all about the project in our medias and our White Papers and do your thorough due diligence before investing.

  • Puddles to Pools: Matchpool Goals, Milestones, Budget & Features

    In this post, we will outline Matchpool’s crowdfunding campaign goals, milestones and budget allocation.

    Considerations A couple of notes to consider before the crowdfunding campaign:

    Ethereum’s Recent Rise

    Ethereum recently rose to $45 and potentially could rise higher. Matchpool’s crowdfunding campaign is capped at $5 million USD, not 500k ETH. Before the crowdfunding campaign, Matchpool will adjust the amount of ETH against the current USD equivalent price.

    25 MAR 2017 — 13:00 GMT Crowdfunding Campaign

    For anyone interested in the crowdfunding campaign, please visit our website and leave your email. We will notify you before the campaign on how to contribute towards the funding. A decision has been made between the team and advisors to only accept Ethereum. We felt that being an Ethereum based project, we’d keep it simple and straightforward.

    Crowdfunding Live Streaming begins this Saturday 12:30 GMT

    We will be live streaming from 12:30 GMT at for a Q&A / AMA session for the first hour of the crowdfunding.

    Guppy Goals

    Goals in ETH will be changed based on the ETH to USD price at crowdfunding campaign commencement.

    Guppy Goal #1 — 30,000 ETH Minimum Viable Product — Matchpool Public Beta Release External Code Audit
    Guppy Goal #2— 100,000 ETH Matchpool Public Release Mobile Device Versions
    Guppy Goal #3— 166,000 ETH Developer Platform Further Use Cases

    Guppy Goal #1 — 30,000 ETH

    Matchpool MVP Public Beta

    Our minimum viable product (MVP) is in design stage currently. The budget to create the MVP is allocated towards salaries and expenses relating to technology required to run Matchpool in Beta.

    Matchpool will build the platform with game credits to showcase the platform like the final public release. Beta users of Matchpool will be able to try out the platform and use it. We will announce the Beta tester application before the crowdfunding. We want to launch this as soon as possible and are aiming for Q3 2017.

    External Code Audit

    The Matchpool Protocol will be audited externally.

    Guppy Goal #2— 100,000 ETH

    Matchpool Public Release

    The Matchpool Public Launch will be deployed with live Guppy Credits. All Matchpool member accounts that are created on the platform can now spend, send, receive, earn and withdraw Guppies. More information below in Features.

    Mobile Matchpool — iOS & Android

    As you may have seen in our mobile demos, we are very excited to be building native iOS and Android Matchpool apps.

    Guppy Goal #3–166,000 ETH

    Developer Platform

    The Matchpool Developer Platform integrates the protocol with Developer API Tools. The Developer Tools will be created for developers to create Matchmaking applications on top of the Matchpool protocol.

    Our developers can plugin to the platform free of charge and create matchmaking applications or create shop add ons for the Matchpool app itself. For more information on this, contact [email protected].

    Further Use Cases

    Matchpool will be continually building add-ons inside of the platform that will be available within the Pool Shop (Marketplace) and will be launching further matchmaking applications for use cases within different industries. Our partnerships with other Ethereum projects are currently in talks and some ideas combining Ethereum projects excite us. We will release further information on these as and when official agreements have been made with other projects.

    Guppy Milestones

    Milestones are the terms in which the crowdfunding is released to Matchpool when they meet specific project targets.

    Milestones for releasing escrow

    1. GUP Token Distribution 33% — Upon distribution of GUP token to investors. 33% of ETH raised will be released to the team in order to continue the development of the platform including among other hiring employees, acquiring facilities payment for external auditors advisors etc and to compensate the current team for the last 4 months work.
    2. Matchpool Web Public Beta — Upon launching Matchpool’s platform 33% of raised funds will be released to the team in order to continue the development of the Matchpool App both for Android and IOS.
    3. Matchpool App Release 33% — upon the release of the Matchpool App the remaining 33% of raised funds will be released for the team in order to cover development expenses and fund future development of additional use cases.

    The above milestones are provided in order to assure a certain level of trust by any of our future possible investors. Having said that, in case unexpected expenses shall accrue, or any certain event that was not foreseen by the team at the time, which will require additional costs in order to assure Matchpool’s project success, the decision to release any additional portion out of the raised funds, will be given to Matchpool’s independent Escrow partners.

    Budget Components

    Crowdfunding Campaign funds will be used for the following components:

    Based on a max cap of $5 million USD

    1. Payroll — Approximately 50K a month for 5 years — 3,000,000$
    2. Legal Expenses — Including incorporation, litigation and yearly retainers —$ 300,000 USD
    3. Office Expenses — $500,000 USD
    4. Research & Development Expenses — Including Servers, prototypes and testing tools — $300,000 USD
    5. Marketing Expenses — Including travel, exhibitions, articles, advertising, market penetration and PR — $400,000 USD
    6. Other Expenses — We have allocated a contingency budget to cover unexpected costs during the development process. This contingency budget is not allocated to one area of the work and acts as insurance. If not used, it will be proportionally distributed for further development — $500,000 USD.

    Please note that the above numbers are based on the team’s predictions according to their best knowledge at the time of publishing these figures. Some deviations may take place in the future.

    The Matchpool Application

    The Matchpool Protocol is the heart of Matchpool. On top of the protocol, we are building our first application. We will develop the application as a Matchmaking application first on our newly acquired domain name.

    The Matchmaking application will offer general matchmaking functionality and offer members to create pools and customise them as they wish. We will focus on Romantic Matchmaking when building the functionality inside of the first Matchpool application.

    General Purpose or Separate Use Cases

    We’re aware that merging use cases on one application may create some challenges from a social perspective. For example: Having one application where you can find a job, go on a date or socialise with a community will potentially turn users away. We will review and evaluate how users are using the platform. We will A/B test and gather feedback from the Public Beta Release. We’ll evaluate our results and continue in the direction that favours user acquisition and growth.

    Features — Goal #1

    Matchpool Minimum Viable Product — Note features here are an example of features we feel are critical for the end product. Features will develop and advance over time to make the best possible experience for the user.

    Sign Up

    Login & Sign Up Sign up with Facebook Location taken from Geo-Location of IP.

    Tutorial — ‘Introducing Pools’

    Walkthrough Tutorial on How to use Matchpool.

    Profile Creation

    Matchpool Member Profile Creation Select Profile Image Select 5 other images. Publish About Section Facebook Interests appear from FB Connect. Publish Interests independent of Facebook. Instagram Integration. Spotify Integration.

    Poolmaker — Pool Creator Page

    Pool About Section Pool Members View Pool Public Chat Pool Shop Pool Statistics

    Poolmaker — Revenue Options

    Free  Pay per Match Pay Subscription Pay Entrance Fee

    Poolmaker — Pool Settings Page

    Custom settings for editing  Invite & Search for Members to join Pool

    Pool Public Chat Functionality

    Public Pool Chat Messages can be sent on Public Chat. Public Pool Chat Messages can be ‘liked’ by other pool members’ chat messages. Public Pool Chat Avatars can be clicked to view Pool Members’ profiles.

    Pool Thermometer

    Algorithm Developed to measure reputation of Pool / Poolmaker.  Pools display ‘Freezing, Cold, Warm, Hot.’


    Pool Search Matchpool Member Search Interest or Category Search. Recommended Pools based on Interest. Hot Pools based on Popularity.


    View Game Credits Available. Send & Receive Game Credits. View Transactions.

    Pool Members

    Pool Members can match with each other via likes. Pool Members can switch introductions on / off


    Poolmakers can set a fixed price Pool Entry Fee Poolmakers can set a fixed price per Match Poolmakers can set a fixed subscription price. Poolmakers can ban pool members from pool. Poolmakers can buy add ons from the shop to customise their pool. Poolmaker can set Match Rules inside pool.

    Free / Paid Shop / Add ons

    Geo-Fencing Add-on Ice Breakers Questionnaire

    Pool Shop / Add-on Future Release

    Pool rules will get more advanced in later releases of Match Pool — Here are some examples of Poolmaker add-ons.

    Language Filter (Swearing / Anti-Troll) Exchanging personal information Buttons / Filters. Give personal contact information for GUP.  — Telephone, Skype, Facebook, Kik Setting the price (GUP) per match. Setting the price for Pool Pay for more visibility exposure in Pool Chat & Member View. Offer matching at half price (pay per match). Create time options in Private Pools, Eg: Each User must respond within 24 hours of each message. Pool Members must only communicate with picture messages. Pool Members can only send voice clips. Pool Members can only play word association for first 10 messages. Pool Members can only reply with 10 words or more sentences. Etc…

    Matchpool Member Preferences

    Set Location Distance — Between < 1 mile & 100 miles Edit: Looking for

    Match Request Options

    Pool Owners can send me match requests in Pools (Default Yes) Matchmakers can send me match requests in Pools (Default Yes) Matchmakers can send me match requests outside of Pools. (Public)

    Matchmaker Notifications

    Notify me when I make a match.

    Pool Notifications

    General Pool Notifications by Checkbox App Notifications (Default on) Email (Default on) My Pools (show Pools user has joined) Notifications on / off

    Features — Goal #2

    Matchpool Public Launch — — All GUP credits now live.

    Public Launch with Active Guppy Credits (GUP)

    GUP can be sent and received between Matchpool Members. GUP can be purchased inside the app via Paypal. GUP can be sold back into currency of country via Paypal. GUP can be used as a deposit for opening a Pool. GUP can be transacted between Poolmakers and Pool Members. GUP will be deposited back to Poolmaker when closing a Pool.

    Mobile Versions — iOS / Android

    Both Versions of Web Version developed for Mobile. The Matchpool team are working out the best approaches to work with Apple and Google AppStores.

    Features — Goal #3

    Matchpool Developer Platform & Further Use Cases —

    Matchpool Protocol for Developer Use

    Developer Community website API Keys FAQ Forums Tutorials Support Service

    Features — Note:

    The Matchpool features list will be evolving and improving throughout the development of the application. We also encourage feature requests so please join our slack channel: ‘features’ to make any new requests or suggestions.

    Further Application Use Cases & Add-Ons

    Further applications created and built on top of Matchpool Protocol. Any service that uses matchmaking in business matchmaking for commission.

    Recruitment— A Recruitment Application / add-ons built on the Matchpool Protocol. Using the same principals as Matchpool but developed with recruitment as the focus.

    Property — A Property Application / add-ons built for Real Estate agents built on the Matchpool protocol. Using the same principals as Matchpool but developed with property sales and rental as the focus.

    General Agency — An Agency Application / add-ons that are more suited to other agency based matchmaking.

    DevPool — Matchpool Hackathons

    We are planning to host a series of DevPool events in several cities around the world. We aim to onboard and recruit developers, product ideas and keep Matchpool at the forefront of matchmaking innovation.

    Thank you for reading. You should get in touch with us on:

    Slack Telegram Facebook Twitter

    The Matchpool Family.

  • Matchpool Cap: $ 5 Million USD in ETH

    In this article we want to explain shortly what our cap is and the initial
    creation process of the coins. We are getting a lot of questions from

    asking us what our ETH cap will be after the recent Ethereum rise.

    Is the cap still 500k ETH?

    The answer is: No, we only need a maximum of $5 million USD for the project and we are not going to raise more than this initially.

    When will the ETH cap be determined?

    The ETH cap will be determined by the ETH price on Friday.

    How the cap being determined in the smart contract?

    The cap will be determined by the amount of guppies that can be created and not by the amount of ETH that the contract will get.

    The contract can create 60m Guppies and it does this based on the price steps — The price steps set the cap:

    Lets take a few scenarios :

    ETH price at $30

    The ETH cap will be $5 USD/30 = 166,666 ETH. Hence the price of the first hour will be 360 GUP for 1 ETH. (Calc by 60m GUP/166,666 ETH)

    ETH price at $40

    The ETH cap will be $5m/40 = 125,000 ETH. Hence the price of the first hour will be 480 GUP for 1 ETH . (Calc by 60m GUP/125,000 ETH)

    ETH price at $50

    The ETH cap will be $5m/50 = 100,000 ETH. Hence the price of the first hour will be 600 GUP for 1 ETH . (Calc by 60m GUP/100,000 ETH)

    What matters:

    What’s important for the end investor is the cap — the value of all the coins together.

    What will happen if only a portion of the GUP are sold?

    If only a portion of the guppies are sold, it means that less guppies will be created and hence there will be less guppies in circulation. This is a good thing because it creates GUP scarcity.

    In that case — will the team price would stay the same ?

    No — The team price will be determined as a % of the total supply and not as a % from 100m GUP.

    Are the Team’s coins locked?

    Yes — all the team member’s coins are locked for a 12 month period.

  • Matchpool World Tour

    After a long couple of months of travelling, speaking and pitching around the world, I wanted to summarise all the places that Matchpool has been, what we achieved, who we met and the partnerships formed.

    New York

    28th February 17 — 1st March 17

    As soon as I arrived to New York, I went to visit our advisor Jake Brukhman (Founder of CoinFund). We prepared for the Meetup the next day and we talked about Matchpool. I met fund managers, investors , and crypto community members.

    On the 29th, I spoke at Coinspace in Brooklyn. I learnt a lot from my first live Q&A. I have published FAQ’s from Q&A sessions on our Medium.

    Washington DC

    1st March 17 — Day Visit

    After I left New York, I went to visit my friend Matt McKibbin, who is the organizer behind D10e conference, along side Brock Pierce.

    In DC we gave a talk in a Meetup that Matt had kindly organized two days prior to my arrival. It was great to see a thriving crypto community in the DC area, and to see more guys and girls in the crypto space.

    Puerto Rico

    3rd March 17–5th March 17 — Coin Agenda Conference

    The conference in Puerto Rico was very interesting, we met Anthony Di Lorio (Founder of Ethereum) , Brock Pierce again (Blockchain Capital) , FBG (The largest crypto fund in China), Jani Valjavec (Co-founder Iconomi) and Bitproperty (A leading Real Estate Blockchain Company in Japan).

    Left: Speaking at Coin Agenda (Puerto Rico). Right: On panel at EEA (New York)

    I gave three talks and pitches for Matchpool. The feedback again and connections made were invaluable from some of the leading figures in the space.

    Back to New York

    6th March 17–9th March 17 — Meeting Consensys, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance more talks:

    On the way back from Puerto Rico I had a more successful trip back in New York— I took part in the opening conference of Eastern Economic Association (EEA). The EEA discussed bringing Ethereum into the corporate world. I met with Joe Lubin (Founder of Concensys) amongst others. After the conference, I gave a talk at the Ethereum NYC Meetup. At the end of the three days I met with Consensys and formed the basis of our partnership with Uport.

    Left: At the Concensys Offices NYC. Right: At Ethereum Meetup NYC.

    Beijing , China

    11th Match 17–13th March 17 — Meetings with Chinese Exchanges , Ethereum fans and talk.

    As soon as a arrived in Beijing, I with Guo, who helped me get around the country. Guo is a partner at FBG, who are assisting Matchpool in China.

    In Beijing, I had a couple of great meetings with Yunbi and Yunbao exchanges. We are happy to announce that the GUP token will be traded and backed by both exchanges.

    Left: In Beijing: A big thank you to my Host Guo. Right: Meeting with Yunbi & Yunbao.

    Shanghai, China

    14th March 17–15th March 17 — Meeting crypto project for collaboration , spoke at a big blockchain conference

    As soon as we arrive to shanghai we met QTUM, a new blockchain platform that has currently raised $12 million USD successfully and is a good alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. We spoke about supporting the Chinese market and making a dual-launch in China.

    We met Antshares shortly after — Antshares are another smart contract platform. They helped us introduce Matchpool to the Chinese community — We are organising an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on WeChat soon and considering future collaborations.

    After this, we did a talk at a Meetup in Shanghai that attracted over 100 people.

    The day after was amazing — Matchpool took part at Blockchain Fintech China Conference (lots of buzz words, I know) and I delivered a pitch in front of over 350 people.

    Left: Enjoying a futuristic looking Shanghai. Right: Speaking at FinTech China.

    Tokyo, Japan

    16th March 17–18th March 17 — Meeting with Smart Contract Japan, and spoke at a Meetup attended by over 200 people

    I was very welcome in Japan. Everyone was so humble and kind .

    We were hosted by Smart Contract Japan, they are some of the biggest Ethereum & OTC traders in the world and have introduced us to Bitproperty. Bitproperty is a blockchain project that aims to democratize the Real Estate market in Japan and enables anyone to buy a fraction of a Real Estate asset. Everything will be denominated by the internal token that represents the Real Estate assets.

    We signed a deal on a partnerships, which enables them to open pools for Real Estate investors and property holders. On our side we will help them to build the crypto architecture required for their DApp.

    Left: Smart Contract Japan & Nikola Stojanow (Aeternity) & Matchpool Advisor Lior Zysman — Right: Yonatan presenting in Tokyo.

    Future Crowdfunding & MME Incorporation:

    Now I am on my way to Zug, Switzerland, where I’ll stay until our crowdfunding campaign on Saturday— Our crowdfunding campaign is $5million USD and the Ethereum price will be denominated based on that on Friday. You can read more about the cap here.

    Matchpool Crowdfunding this Saturday

    We are very excited for the crowdfunding this Saturday and invite you to take part in our amazing journey. We will be hosting a live stream whilst the crowdfunding commences at 12:30 GMT on on Saturday 25th March.


    Yonatan Co-Founder & CEO Matchpool.

    Slack Telegram Facebook Twitter

  • matchpool crowdfunding campaign— very basic questions/answers

    • Starting date: The ICO will start on Saturday 25, 1:00 PM GMT
    • Ending date: The crowdfunding campaign will last 4 weeks OR until our CAP is reached

    Crowdfunding CAP

    it will be capped to Ethere value equivalent to $ 5 M. The ETH cap will be determined by the ETH price on Friday. We are not going to raise more than this initially.

    Crowdfunding minimum amount

    A minimum collected fund has been set at 30’000 Ether. In case the minimum amount won’t be reached the crowdfund smart contract will send all the collected funds back to the sending addresses.

    Matchpool token

    The Matchpool token is called GUP. Participants need to pledge Ether into the smart contract token exchange to get GUP. You will not be able to use Bitcoins.

    Power hour

    These are early hours where you can buy GUP at discount price.

    The first hour of the crowdfunding campaign will be a Power Hour. During the Power Hour, 33% discount will be given,After that, the 22% discount will be given and will stay there for 3 days, and then decrease 11% and after 2 weeks it will be 0% discount

    When and how to get the GUP tokens

    Ether sent to smart contract are held until the crowdfund ends. This smart contract credit the sender address and will send back to this address the number a GUP’s entitled proportionally with the total crowdfund results. At the end of the crowdfund a further code check will be placed after which all GUP will be sent to the sending addresses.

    How soon and where can I trade GUP

    As the crowdfund is being held through smart contracts, soon after the final code is checked, each investor can redeem their tokens (credits) into his ETH wallet.

    GUP token are ERC20 standard and will be listed in exchanges. These will be later announced. Once listed, trading these token will be a simple affair.

    Will there be any refund

    Except the case the minimum is not reached, all sales are final

    How much GUP will be sold

    • 60 million during the crowdfund
    • 18 million during the first two years

    Total Currency shall reach 100 million GUP


    • At the end of the four week period, token transfers will be locked for one month.
    • All the team member’s coins are locked for a 12 month period.

    Smart contracts

    All smart contracts can be viewed on Matchpool github.

    Places where to talk live about the ICO

    • Reddit

    Matchpool discussion on /r/EthTrader

    Reddit AMA — Ask Me Anything

    especially the #ICO channel

    Will there be an Escrow service for the collected ICO funds

    Yes, Our escrow partners will be MME legal firm & Bitcoin Suisse AG a shareholder company specializing in alternative finances. Both are well respected and experienced in that field.

    Where is Matchpool incoprorated

    Matchpool is incorporated in the city of Zug, Switzerland.

  • How to Send Ether to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign in 10 Easy Steps.

    How to Send Ether to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign in 10 Easy Steps.

    This is a layman’s guide for those who want to send their Ether to Matchpool’s crowdfunding campaign. The tutorial explains how to contribute from

    This is for non-technical and semi-technical crypto-enthusiasts that have Ether lying around that want a quick guide to investing into Matchpool and other Ethereum based projects. I wanted to make this the easiest guide online and hopefully save newbie investors like myself nail-biting moments before crowdfunding campaigns or ICOs start.

    Where is your Ether?

    If you have Ether, it will be held in a wallet somewhere. You cannot send your Ether from an exchange or a third party service like Bittrex, Poloniex or a Coinbase wallet for example. If it is sitting in a third party wallet like one of these services, you will need to create a new Ether wallet and transfer your Ether out of your exchange / third party wallet into a new wallet before sending them to Matchpool or another Ethereum crowdsale.

    Where can you send Ethereum from?

    For the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign, you can send Ether from (Quick), Mist and Parity.

    Make a Wallet on MyEtherWallet (Quick):

    1 — Go to MyEtherWallet

    Go over to Leave Tab open.

    2 — Go to Strong Password Generator

    Go to Strong Password Generator in a new Tab and a click Generate Password and copy password.

    3 — Open a Spreadsheet

    Open a Microsoft or Google Spreadsheet either offline or online. If you do keep any spreadsheets offline, I recommend then turning them into a password protected ZIP file. If leaving passwords online, I recommend using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on all logins.

    4 — Paste your Strong Password

    Paste you super strong password into the ‘Enter a strong password’ box in MyEtherWallet and click ‘Generate Wallet’ and into your spreadsheet.

    5 — Download your Keystore File

    Your Keystore file is required to upload back to MyEtherWallet, so don’t lose this and back it up online or on a hard drive or two.

    Optional Note: You can download and print your wallet (so you can be sent funds easily) and you can save your Encrypted Private Key as a JSON file.

    In your spreadsheet now, you should have something that looks like the images below. Your Address, Password, Encrypted Private Key and Keystore all safe on your computer and backed up — Remember to back up. Seriously.

    Safe and sound: MyEtherWallet Address, Password & Encrypted Private Key

    8 — Send Ether to your Newly made Ether Wallet.

    I will send my Ether from my third party wallet at Coinbase to my new (created above) Ethereum Wallet address:


    Now you need to login to your new wallet at MyEtherWallet to see that the Ether has been transferred successfully and to transfer on the funds.

    9 — Login to your New Wallet

    Go back to MyEtherWallet and click ‘Send Ether & Tokens’. Check the box ‘Private Key’ and copy and paste your Encrypted Private Key from your spreadsheet to this box. Then click ‘Unlock’.

    10 — Make sure your Ether has Transferred Correctly

    When you’ve logged in you should see something like this on the left:

    10 — Send Funds to Matchpool Crowdfund Wallet

    When you’ve seen the funds are in your new wallet, you now need to look at the right hand part of the screen and write in the Matchpool Wallet address:

    ***** Note: Address will be added on SAT 25 MAR 2017 *****

    Write this in the position of the ‘To Address’ where the zeros are below. Type the amount of Ether you wish to send. You will have to send less Ether than the total you have in your wallet to pay for ‘Gas’ which pays the ‘transaction fee’. MyEtherWallet suggests a gas of 21000. If the Ether amount fails to send, you may have to increase the Gas to a higher amount.

    If all works correctly, you should see:

    When you click ‘Send Transaction’ it gives you one last chance before sending — double check the Matchpool Wallet address is correct before sending:

    ***** Address will be added on SAT 25 MAR 2017 *****

    Congratulations, you’ve contributed to Matchpool.

    Thank you for contributing to the Matchpool Crowdfunding Campaign. You can see the total progress of the campaign at

    How to check your contribution?

    Go to and in the top right box, write your new Wallet Address and press search. You will see your contribution transaction.

    Your Guppies are safe.

    For more information on when you can trade your Guppies, please look at our article here. For more FAQ’s on Matchpool, please check our FAQ on Medium.

    Need Assistance?

    Going mad? Struggling? We’re on hand to help. Message us in Slack and a member of the Matchpool Team will help you out. If you haven’t signed up to Slack, click here to join our group or jump in the Telegram chat.

    Important Note:

    Please make sure if get assistance from an official Matchpool Team member — One of the verified community managers on our Team will be happy to help. Matchpool are represented by the following Community Managers:

    Arnaud Gaboury Ram Avissar Katherine Bai — China

    Thanks for Reading. Please feel free to get in touch if you think anything in this article could be improved — I need more tea.


    Maximus Richardson

    Co-Founder of Matchpool. Designer. Product. Vagabond. Abstract Theories. Life Extension. Futurist.

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