Announcing the partnership between The Ambia Fund and Project Radium

  • Greetings,

    Today, we are happy to announce a cooperative business partnership between the team at the Ambia Fundand Project Radium.

    You may view Project Radium’s profile on the Ambia Fund website here:

    The Ambia Fund is a cryptocurrency and blockchain investment group that is well known for leading the cryptocurrency Belacoin and social media platform Belacam. Under their guidance in the past 4 months, Belacoin has positioned itself as an upstart leader of the cryptocurrency community, with Belacam looking to take on competitors such as Instagram and Steemit. In a similar way, Project Radium plans to compete with the likes of Factom, Tierion and Eris through our SmartChain services and custom blockchain deployments.

    The current intent of the business partnership is as follows:

    • Exploring Seed Investment Potential in Project Radium
    • Enhancing Belacam’s Security with Project Radium’s SmartChain Services
    • Establishing the Ambia Fund’s Position in Blockchain Consulting

    The Ambia Fund’s goals include:

    • Assisting and Advising Project Radium’s Team on Raising Seed Capital
    • Researching Implementing Project Radium’s SmartChain Services into Belacam
    • Connecting Project Radium with other Supportive Institutions
    • Sharing, Evaluating, and Learning From each other’s Business Practices

    We look forward to growing this mutually beneficial partnership in the months to come.

    Until next time,

    The Project Radium Team

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