WINGS Forecast Testing Begins & Dev Change Log

  • Finally we bring you more information about the upcoming WINGS testing where we will be collecting data for tweaking the math model designed by Sergeui Popov, PhD that is being implemented by Stas Oskin and Artem Gorbachev, Phd.

    WINGS alpha forecasting math model testing

    The other week we announced that we will be testing the forecasting rewards math model by using real world data! We’ll be giving away up to $2500 worth of WINGS based on forecasting accuracy as well as $25 for users who are familiar with crypto but not familiar with WINGS. How will that work you ask?

    As we all know there has been a massive explosion of crypto-token based crowdfunding lately whether it’s a pre-seed, pre-ICO, ICO, pre-sale, ITO, seed funder, or backing campaign so there is no shortage of possible funding events and therefor valuations to forecast on. Of course, the rewards certainly won’t be as high stakes as the real deal but will be enough to make adjustment to our math model. Can an internet-enabled swarm of people accurately predict outcomes of ICOs? Time will tell.

    All WINGS donors and bounty participants who handed in their eggs will receive an email when testing is about to commence with a unique code.

    If you have a friend who has not tried out the alpha version of WINGS and is not a donor, please refer them to the forecaster job on Upwork, they will have some extra tasks like completing a first time user survey and possibly short interviews about their initial experience.

    Forecasting Instructional Video

    Big WINGS Development Change log

    Since our last update, the WINGS team continues to work non-stop to bring you a highly functional and simple platform where innovators, investors and forecasters to work together to build the future of business and technology. In this update, we’re going to cover changes to the User Interface (UI), to the smart contract system, forecasting mechanism and more.

    During the following weeks the team is going to be working on the smart contract system to make it more efficient, upgradable and flexible. The forecasting mechanism will also be developed in the course of the next weeks along with the last details for the WINGS node. Furthermore, new updates to the User Interface are also coming in the next weeks.


    Here is a complete log of the changes that were made over the course of the last two weeks, followed by a more detailed overview:

    UI Changelog:

    • The videos embedded in ‘story’ can now be seen: The videos that were previously not working on the story field can now be seen without restrictions.
    • Limit project title wrapping
    • Increased complexity of password during registration: Since security is a priority, creating a new account on WINGS will now require a stronger password.
    • Using ‘gulp-rev’ module to generate hashed file names for clearing cache on users browsers machines
    • Removed headers on profile pages
    • Fixed bug on “recover account”: The recover account tool was not working properly for some users. This bug is now fixed and the tool should work for everyone.
    • Fixed the forecast tooptip: The forecast tooltip was previously going out of screen. We have fixed this issue.
    • Unable to submit forecast in case when maximum goal is 2
    • Wrong error message when saving forecast

    Smart Contracts Changelog:

    • Common refactoring
    • Added comments system
    • Refactoring & updating milestones functional in progress

    Wings API/Node:

    • Specs reviewed & approved
    • Started work on Wings API backend code

    Wings Site changes:

    • Cosmetic updates
    • Added video

    Forecasting mechanism:

    • Wings Alpha Forecasting version

    WINGS alpha feedback

    If you have any questions or feedback regarding the latest developments, contact us at [email protected].

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