Ethlance Dev Update - March 14th, 2017

  • Joe Urgo

    CEO at, Director of Operations at Ethlance

    After a brief hiatus for travel, development efforts are back underway, with multiple features shipped since our last update. Here’s what’s new.

    Email Notifications

    Users now have complete control over their email notification preferences, as well as some additional options. Job seekers can choose to receive a message when new openings are listed that match their skills, with the ability to control the frequency of the emails, ranging from monthly to instantly. Use this functionality to ensure you never miss an opportunity that suits you.


    Employers and candidates can now send messages back and forth before a proposal has been accepted. This provides a convenient way for users to discuss a potential collaboration without leaving the platform.

    While we recommend exchanging contact information if comfortable so you can avoid having to pay gas costs every time when sending a message, we understand many of our users highly value their right to privacy. This feature will allow users to remain anonymous while maintaining the ability to negotiate contracts on the platform.


    To give everyone a chance to try out Ethlance, whether they have any ETH or not, we have deployed a version on the Ropsten testnet. That can be accessed here.

    If you need some testnet ether, download and open the MetaMask extension in your Chrome browser and make sure you are connected to the Ropsten testnet in the top left of the window. Once on the correct network, click ‘Buy’ then ‘Go To Test Faucet’ to complete your request.

    Ethlance On Status

    As a result of being deployed on the testnet, we are now capable of being integrated into Status. We have made numerous mobile optimizations to make sure everything renders correctly and put in a pull request with their team to be added to the list of default Dapps in their next release.

    If you have yet to give Status a try, be sure to sign up for their private alpha here. It’s one of our favorite decentralized applications around!

    Video Tutorials

    We have added a series of video tutorials to help new users get up and running on Ethlance. They cover everything from installing MetaMask in Chrome to paying an invoice and leaving feedback after a completed job. These videos can be found on our How It Works page.

    New Job Listings

    We are pleased to announce that JAAK is now hiring via Ethlance. Founded by Vaughn McKenzie, Freddie Tibbles, and Viktor Tron; JAAK is seeking to revolutionize the way digital media rights are distributed and exchanged.

    They are currently looking for a Solidity Developer and a Front End Developer to join their team. If you missed our profile of their project last week, be sure to check that out here.

    Join Us On Slack

    Like what we are building and want to contribute? Do you have any suggestions for us or feature requests you would like to see implemented? Join us on Slack and let us know!

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