vDice Development Update — Q1, 2017

  • We’ve been busy, not only developing the vDice platform, but ensuring our position in the market. This is the full update for Q1, 2017.

    vDice on Mobile:

    With reference to our initial development roadmap, we did not plan for mobile implementation. Roadmaps change and evolve. Blockchain technology moves quickly. We must adapt with it.

    No one would doubt the importance of Dapps on mobile. This is particularly true for a betting Dapp like vDice. So we’ve been focusing a lot of energy and resources on that in Q1.

    Our biggest markets coincide with mobile’s biggest markets. vDice needs to be on mobile. Game implementations need to be user-friendly, intuitive and accessible.

    The two leading development platforms for Dapps on mobile are Inzhoop and Status. We continue to work with both to ensure the best implementation of vDice for mobile users.

    Inzhoop is live. You can play all vDice betting smart contracts, on your mobile, today. Status is in testing. There is a vDice test contract on Ropsten, being used to test the implementation. The main-net version of vDice, through Status, will go live in Q2.

    vDice Further Games:

    The vDapps platform is for independent, 3rd party developers. They can leverage the vDice brand by showing-off their ETH Dapps through vDice.

    We are seeing a lot of new developers with limited blockchain experience (but good development experience generally) who are starting to work on Dapps. And they are very interested in support from vDice.

    If you’re already awesome with .sol then you might want to try your own platform. But otherwise, you are coming to vDice for support.

    It takes a little longer to help these developers with training and security intricacies of this new technology (Ethereum). But they love learning.

    There are two separate independent developers working on Dapps that show great promise at the moment. They’re talented and completely new to blockchain.

    That is what we are seeing in the market at the moment. The ETH price rise will only exacerbate that trend.

    Next Game Release:

    We are pleased to confirm this game is scheduled for release 2nd week of May. Next game release is just waiting on finalisation of new, secure, cutting-edge, randomness feature.

    We have decided not say what type of game it is. This is in the best interests of staying ahead of the competition. What we can say is that it is a familiar ‘casino-style’ game. It will be gorgeous, in true vDice style.

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