The Gambling Revolution Powerd By Ethereum

  • Introducing

    Rouleth and BlockJack join forces to form — The leading Ethereum gambling platform

    We are excited to announce that Rouleth and BlockJack have joined forces to form the leading gambling platform on Ethereum,


    Having processed nearly 15,000 bets since launching in May 2016, Rouleth is one of the most popular decentralized applications on the Ethereum network today, offering its players provably-fair, real money roulette.


    Launched last month, BlockJack is the first playable blackjack game on the Ethereum mainnet, allowing for players to wager real money and verify that every action in the deal was random and fair on the blockchain.

    Together, the two form the most popular gambling platform on Ethereum! The Ethereum blockchain allows us to offer our players unique advantages that traditional casinos can not provide like trustless, instant payouts on winning bets. There is no need to deposit and users retain complete control over their funds the entire time while playing at

    What’s Next?

    First, we plan to improve upon our current offerings by introducing new features, speeding up the gameplay, and reducing gas costs. Multiplayer betting is a feature we are especially excited about, as it will add a social element to our games that is not currently present and give our players an experience closer to that found in a Las Vegas casino. We hope to have it ready to debut soon.

    Next, expect to see some additional games available under the brand. The first planned launch is Crypto RPS, which will allow you to wager on provably-fair Rock, Paper, Scissors. Also on our roadmap, is a new landing page at that better showcases our selection of games and provides tutorials to first-time users.

    Join Us On Slack

    Despite the new name, the Rouleth Slack lives on. If you aren’t already a member, come join us to learn more about the Winsome platform and how you can participate. See you there!

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