•                                                                           BITCONNECT COIN LAUNCHES NEW ANDROID MOBILE APP  


    One of the newest and hottest digital currencies on the market certainly needs to travel on the largest digital communication networks, so today Bitcoinnect Coin (BCC) announces the launch of their mobile Android app. This is the beginning of many user-friendly mobile features for BitConnect Coin owners, as an exciting cache of new BCC user features is coming to market in 2017.

    According to digital currency industry rating authority CoinMarketCap, BitConnect Coin reached the Top 20 in market capitalization value for the first time on last week, passing $10 million USD in overall value. Each BCC also reached $2.00 USD in value. To put this in perspective, it took BCC less than four months to reach $2 in value, per coin. It took Bitcoin more than two years to do the same. Now, with a new Android app, these milestones are just the beginning.


    “With our new Android app, you can send and receive BitConnect coins, app will keep you up to date with latest bitcoin and crypto currency news,” says BitConnect’s Lead Developer, Satao Nakamoto. “We will add currency exchange and Bitcoin lending features in the near future. The upcoming IOS app will launch after the Android app.”

    With the BitConnect coin, users can expect a new level of empowerment through an open source platform connecting users socially and financially to a secure protected community of investors and lenders. BCC owners can also connect with your community and increase your wallet when coin price increase exponentially, allowing one to gain interest.

    Later in 2017, the BitConnect Coin will see more innovations and convenience features added. This includes the BCC Mining and Staking Pool Launch, providing a way for the community to earn, a BitConnect Coin reward with mining & minting, plus a new mobile wallet app & paper wallet. The BitConnect coin will also gain its own “Smart Card” in 2017, bringing all of the everyday usability you demand in a digital currency. has become simply the world’s fastest growing online Bitcoin community, yielding its own digital currency, among other exciting user benefits. For more information on BitConnect Coin, visit

    Download App:

  • Bitconnect Android App 1.0.2 version Launched                                                                                                

    BitConnect 1.0.2 version launched with Coin Exchanger,Bitcoin and BCC Balance Info ,Bitcoin wallet and Nevigation Update.
    Send and Receive payments anywhere in the World quickly.Quick block execution time ensure unparalleled speed to conventional remittance and payment system.

    Update your Bitconnect App from Playstore.

    It's free and takes just a few seconds.

    Whats new ?

    ->Send and receive BTC instantly with anyone in the world.
    ->Simple view of BitCoin transaction history
    ->Users Friendly Dashboard
    ->Improved security and pin protection

    Download New Updated Version of Bitconnect Android app :

  • Hi, Whats your opinion on BitConnect Coin,Today ? Still the same ? I want to invest in it . Please reply. 

  • @Diego

    Just sign up and read how to invest in bitconnect and all investment opportunity is profitable. try atleast once.

  • Another good update from Bitconnectcoin,it is really of the fast rising coin in terms of price now it $51.95 just see Coinmarketcap and community  of this coin, we can easily tell it by checking it's alexa ranking,

  • @Diego

    BitConnect is Constantly growing and good for investment.

    See the Growing story of BitConnect , As per my opinion BitConnect is profitable currency


  • This is an awesome app.Easy to use and usefull to connected with bitconnect.Thank you to give this android app. because of this app we can connect with btconnect any time and anywhere

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