{ANN} BitDollars (BTDS) | POS/POW|X11

  • About BitDollars:

    The goal of BitDollars is to educate people on the corrupt global monetary system that is in place today and give people an alternative to easily switch to. Providing 10% APR eliminates the need for banks as they are the primary source of increasing the current money supply. In addition bitdollars like bitcoin have 8 decimal places which means the value of one BTD can reach $1,000,000.00. 

    Present day systems include a debt based currency that gives its shareholders a return leaving the rest of society as economic slaves. These national debts are not necessary and put in place by those who wish to control people and governments. Visit MoneyLie.com or watch the video playlist to the right to learn more.

    In Contrast BitDollars Gives

    • 10% APR for holding it not the owners of the Central Banks or their partner banks.
    • Up to 35% to affiliates
    • 35% to causes that help promote positive world changes


    • Secure Transactions 

    Built on industrial strength blockchain technology your funds are anonymous and safe

    • Fast Transaction Time

    Who likes waiting? BTDS transactions are instant so you can get on with your day.

    • Income Function

    Created to live off the interest with 10% APR you can save your BTDS and only spend the interest.

    • MLM Rewards

    Spread the word and we will share the love up to 5 levels deep.  Up to 35% goes to affiliates.

    • Supporting Just Causes

    Together we will decide what causes to help support around the world. 35% goes to causes.

    • 10% POS/POW Hybrid

    Everyone mines. BTDS are created through POS in the wallet and POW by X11 algorithim.

    BitDollar Specs

    1. Type – POW/POS 
    2. Decimal Places – 8
    3. Hashing Algorithm – X11
    4. Difficulty Retargeting Algorithm – simple
    5. Time Between Blocks (in seconds) – 120
    6. POW Block Reward – 8
    7. The block reward will cut in half every 6,000,000 (22.831 years) blocks.
    8. Premine – 30,000,000
    9. POS Yearly Interest – 10>#/li###
    10. Minimum Stake Age (in days) – 30
    11. Maximum Stake Age (in days) – 90

    Premine Fair Distribution


    30,000,000 BitDollars Premined

    • 5,000,000 Introductory Sale
      • 35% To Affiliates
      • 35% To Causes
      • 30% To Promote BTDS
    • 5,000,000 Rewards Distribution
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      • Facebook Like, Share, Subscribe
      • Mine on BitDollarsPool.com
      • First Sale Affiliate Bonus
      • Broker Deals With Exchanges
      • Integrate BTDS With Software or Service
      • Help Create Value Through Your Idea
    • 20,000,000 for sale of POS%
      • 35% To Affiliates
      • 35% To Causes
      • 30% To Promote BTDS

    Affiliate Program

    • 5 Levels 

    • Monthly Payouts In BitCoin 

    • Coupon Codes 

    • Banner Ads 

    • Lifetime Referrals 

    • 360 Day Cookies

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