YoGold The Opportunity Unlike Any Other In History coin by Yocoin (Ethereum smart Contract)

  • The Opportunity

    The owners and upper management hired the new development and marketing team to help create avenues for YOCoin members to prosper in many different ways through the evolving cryptocurrency industry. They would be called YoVentures and would be available in limited positions. Once they are sold out, they will never be available again. The first YoVenture is incredible and we are happy to announce what we have to offer all our dedicated and active YOCoin members. The first YoVenture is called YoGOLD and it is the absolute first of itТs kind being introduced to the cryptocurrency industry. We are opening the doors to YOCoin members for a very short period of time to get involved on a new cryptocurrency at a reduced cost before the rest of the World can get access to this very exclusive token! The WorldТs first legitimate gold backed crypto-token! Sure we all have heard the desire to have an actual gold backed cryptocurrency but up until now there hadnТt be one introduced that had a solid legitimate plan of action that actually grew the coinТs value over time. We are happy to announce we have developed such a token and you are the very first to get the chance to be involved. As with any new entity that catches on and becomes popular, the first people to seize the chance to be involved usually prosper the most as you will witness here. So we introduce to you, YoGOLD! NEW YoGOLD will now pay commissions for the life term of the YoGOLD mining project.

    YoGOLD the Token

    YoGOLD is a crypto-token created on the Ethereum Smart Contract structure that is backed with physical gold. The purpose of this crypto-token is to work as a storage of funds that grows in value based against mining. It was created for people that wish to leave their beneficiaries a commodity of value that they can claim without an issue and turn it into any fiat money, bullion or cryptocurrency of their choice or to use it as a safe haven for their hard earned money. By backing the token with both crypto-mining servers and physical gold, the price will only increase in value and the token will increase in demand making YoGOLD a very valuable commodity. The token will be of a very limited run of only 50,000,000 tokens and will never issue above that amount. Every purchaser of YoGOLD will receive a certificate of the registered purchase in Gold Leaf and will be physically mailed the certificate for purchases over $100.

    How it Works

    As stated previously, YoGOLD is an Ethereum Smart Contract based crypto-token which has been issued to 50,000,000 units only. Each token is presold before being launched and delivered in the online exchanges. The funds that are collected from the presale is then used to finance cryptocurrency mining servers. These servers will be used to mine the top 100 cryptocurrencies on a 24/7/365 basis. These mined cryptocurrencies are then exchanged for Bitcoin and then used to purchase physical gold from BullionVault.com on a monthly basis. This gold will then be stored at the BullionVault and an audited report will be published on a monthly basis showing the total gold count that YoGOLD has accumulated. Over time this will drive the value of YoGOLD up on the exchanges which will represent the current market value of YoGOLD. The servers mine cryptocurrencies which is then immediately traded for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is used to purchase physical gold bullion and is stored in vaults at BullionVaultТs locations globally.

    How to Make Sense of the Math

    The magic to this YoGOLD token is in how the math works! In the presale period of YoGOLD the money from the sold tokens is invested into the infrastructure to mine the 100 top trading cryptocurrencies. This includes the servers which cost between $1,900USD to $5,000USD, the software, the staffing, the accountants, etc. Each mining server returns 100% of itТs cost within a period between 5 months and 1 year depending upon the cryptocurrency being mined. YoGOLD will diversify between all of the top 100 cryptocurrencies which means we will have to run several different kinds of mining servers. Currently there are just over 116,500 members in YOCoin. This means if all existing members of YOCoin purchased YoGOLD tokens during the pre-sale period, each member would only be able to purchase 429 YoGOLD tokens. If we sold all of the allotted YoGOLD tokens in the presale period to active YOCoin members, that would fund the YoGOLD project with $50,000,000 USD. If only 50% of those funds were used to purchase servers at an average price of $3,450 USD, this would give YoGOLD 7,246 mining servers which will provide a minimum of $25,000,000 worth in mined cryptocurrency per year. This $25MM in mined cryptocurrency will be divided in two. 50% will be used to purchase physical GOLD, 10% will be paid as commissions into the YOCoin downline, and 40% will be used for operations, expansions and upkeep.

    The Balance of Funds 

    25% will be used towards operations and upkeep will cover expenses such as hydro costs, keeping the servers operating and current so that they are always mining, insurance and staffing. 10% will be used to expand by purchasing more servers each month. By doing this YoGOLD provides a long term path to growth and success without failure. Both the mining servers and the Gold acts as the growing asset that fundamentally backs the YoGOLD token. Essentially this means YoGOLD will grow in physical asset value of 35% or greater per year and never dropping below itТs initial value!

    Why YoGOLD?

    YoGOLD is the answer to many that believe the WorldТs financial systems will soon come to an end as we know it but is also a willable gift to any beneficiary shall you pass on from this life. YoGOLDТs wallet hosts your beneficiaryТs information, gold_barsalong with yours and can be claimed with proof of your passing shall that ever happen. We know that is a little dark but there has been a need for such a commodity. This is not the only reason for YoGOLD thoughЕ If the governments deem cryptocurrencies to be illegal in the future or the WorldТs fiat money system collapses, YoGOLD is redeemable for the physical Gold held in storage. No other cryptocurrency or crypto-token can make these claims! This will be the first of itТs kind and will become the GOLD Standard of Gold backed cryptocurrencies and tokens. Not forgetting to recap the fact that YoGOLD will grow in value by a minimum of 35% per year!

    The Pre-Launch and Delivery


    The management at YOCoin is proud of the members we have in YOCoin and we know the growing pains can be a headache sometimes so we wanted to make the very first YoVENTURE one for the record books and reward you all for your efforts thus far.

    We all know how hot the cryptocurrency markets are becoming and with a new crypto-token such as this being released, selling it will be the easiest thing you will ever do…

    For the next few days ONLY, we are allowing active YOCoin members to pre-purchase YoGOLD tokens.

    You can buy them in any increments and will be sold for $1 USD each in the presale period.

    The pre-sale period is not expected to last very long as it is better for all YoGOLD buyer if we sell the majority for $2 per token opposed to $1 in the pre-sale period for obvious reasons.

    YoGOLD tokens will be delivered between November 17###sup/sup### and 24###sup/sup###. At the same time, YoGOLD will be released on the C-CEX exchange and the new Yo-Ex exchange where it will commence trading.

    We are positive that YoGOLD will sell out very quickly between the pre-sale and the crowd funding campaign and well before it reaches market.

    Once the token is sold out, this very same page will become an information portal that will provide the up to date audit on how many servers we have mining, how much gold is in storage and the current market price for the YoGOLD token.

    Basic training will also be provided so that anyone can understand how to read the buy/sell charts, how to sell their YoGOLD, how to claim their YoGOLD, how to set up your YoGOLD pocket vault and more.

    Don’t hestitate on buying your YoGOLD because as the old saying goes…

    You snooze, you lose!

    Buy Your YoGOLD Tokens Now for ONLY $1 Each!




    More Details: Coming Soon!

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